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Essence Festival


  • Essence Festival
    March 23, 2011

    Do anybody know what day Trey is performing?

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on Mar 23, 2011 - 11:13AM

Do anybody know what day Trey is performing?

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lol oh okay @kg.sunshine

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Thanks guys.. I need to know ASAP.. I'm torn between what I need and want. If I knew what day he was going to perform then it would make it more easier for me to decide!!

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They don't have all that up yet. takes them a while to post the full line up and day by day break down. I need to know bad too tho!

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i wish i knew the date as well but im pretty sure its not the 4th because the festival is
July 1st-3rd i hope someone from TA get the info to us sooner than later....

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trey is performing July 4,2011 in NewOrleans, LA. @ The Essence festival. Tix go on sale in April.. are sure they will post something where Angels can preorder tickets if they would like to attend.....For any ANGELS who plan on attending Plz began to book rms now I can guarantee that by Mid May all hotels and motels will b already reserved and booked up so to be on the safe side get 1 now ppl began to book rms 1-2yrs i advance to assure that they will somewhere to slp uless you relatives/friends down there whom u can stay with....

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LOL. Nah, I meant I didn't get a response from TreyAngels. You know what, truthfully, I don't know who I emailed, but I emailed them b/f & they answered a question. This time, I didn't get a response...

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you asked him??

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I never received a response.