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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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I got my eye on Jasmine o_0 she suspicious ummmm hmmmmm

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Entry 23 cont'd
I'm starting to feel a little bit better. The stuff Eric brought back for me really worked. I was beginning to get worried. I can't miss that business dinner tonight. I know one thing, I'm never eating jalapenos again. I think that is what made me sick.
When Eric and I met up with Jasmine at the restaurant, she had already ordered her drink and appetizer. She had insisted that we try some of them as soon as we sat down. Eric declined, stating that he would rather have his own plate of appetizers.
"Just try one, girl. You gon love 'em. They spicy, but you're Cajun, right?" Jasmine asked me as she placed one on a napkin for me. It was a mini cheese and jalapeno roll. It smelled good.
"Cajun? No. My father is Creole. But I don't mind spicy food." I answered.
'Oh, so your mother is Indian, I mean Native American?" Jasmine asked me.
I told her that my mother is African American.
"Is she mixed with anything?" Jasmine asked.
I shook my head. "Not that I know of."
"Oh, well she's pretty. CoCo looks a lot like her." I agreed. Everyone says that about CoCo. I take after Daddy's side.
"You're pretty too. I guess you already know that." Jasmine said. She lowered her eyes. A second later she smiling again.
"Girl, eat. These jaunts go hard!" She sounded like Trey.
I ate the mini roll in one bite. Instantly tears came to my eyes. I sniffed and reached for another napkin.
"Here, drink this." Jasmine quickly handed me a glass of iced tea. After a minute or so, I was ok again.
I saw Eric eyeing Jasmine suspiciously. He asked her what was in the mini rolls. Jasmine cut one open and said that it was just some kind of cheese, jalapeno peppers and bits of sausage.
"I'm alright." I assured him. The tiny thing had a huge kick, but it was delicious. Jasmine told me to keep drinking the tea, because it took the sting off from the hot peppers.
I ate about two more, ordered my drink and my salad and that was all I had. Well, I won't eat much at dinner. I need to rest.

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lmao she entered the contest hahahaha smh thats ashame lol

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Entry 23 cont'd
I told Dan and the others that I'd catch up with them later on at the restaurant where the dinner was to be held. Jasmine drove Eric and me to the hotel, and it turned out to be the same hotel she was staying at. I went to the front desk to check in. When I was handed my key, I waited for Jasmine to tell me that she was on the same floor, right next door to me. Now that would have really freaked me out. She wasn't right next door to me. She was two floors down from me. Eric and I were sharing a Deluxe room with two Queen sized beds and a view of the City.
Jasmine told me that her room faced the river. So much for more coincidences.
I told Jasmine that I wanted to change my clothes. It was a little cooler in Chicago than it had been in New York. As we walked to the elevators, Jasmine said,
"If you call Trey while you're up there, tell him I said to behave himself on that date."
"What date?" I asked.
"The date from the contest. Oh boy, don't tell me you don't know about it!" Jasmine looked alarmed.
I had to think for a minute, then I remembered. The win a day with Trey contest.
"That's not until tomorrow." I told Jasmine.
"I know, it's all over his fan website, and those blog sites you like to go to. Every body's excited about who the winner could be." Jasmine seemed excited, too. So much so, that I had to ask her.
"Jasmine, did you enter that contest?"
She didn't quite look me in the eye when she answered me.
"No. That's for his fans. I mean, I'm a fan, but not like that. I mean I know him. Personal friends aren't allowed to enter those kinds of things, right? Anyway, what would be the odds that I'd win?" Jasmine tried to hide the look of embarrassment she had written all over her face.
When the elevator came, she told me that she would wait for me in the hotel's restaurant. I told her to give me about fifteen to twenty minutes.
As soon as the door closed, Eric started laughing.
"Yo, shawty got it bad for your dude. You better watch her."

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Essence....Yu Preggers, Girl??

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I think Essence might be PG??? Ummm just a thought...she's always emotional & all **light bulb goes off**

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Jasmine did it!!!!! Please dont miss ur dinner!!!!

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Entry 22
Oh man, I feel so sick. It had to be something I ate at lunch, because I felt fine when I got off the plane. I flew into Chicago with my boss, Dan Tremble, and six other co-workers, all Heads of Department in the firm. On the plane, Dan congratulated me on my progress with the firm. He told me that this week I would really get to show my skills and great work ethics to our new clients. He thanked me in advance for making him proud of me.
Now I feel like I'm going to let him down. The business dinner we're going to have tonight will be the ice breaker both our new clients and our firm needs to get aquainted and start off warm and friendly.
My attendance is especially important because our new clients represent several brands that need copyright protection. I run a tight ship as Head of my depatment, and every client we've worked with for the last six months have done nothing but express their gratitude for our tireless effort and support. I really don't want to let Dan down now.
Of course I didn't come all the way out here on my own. My travel companion for this trip is Eric. After Charles gave him the rundown of that crazy night, Eric jumped at the chance to accompany me.
"Hell, I might need to renegotiate my contract for some early vacation time. I just need to catch you doing something crazy and -"
"I'll tell Daddy you made me do it.' I cut him off. We were only playing. I've grown fond of these guys. They're kind of like the brothers I wish that I had.
I don't mind having Eric as my shadow on this trip. His hulking presence commands respect, and when we're out together, people step out of our way. Secretly, that makes me feel important.
I had to send him out to get me something for my upset stomach. He should be back any minute. I'm still trying to figure out what made me sick. All I had was a salad. It could have been those appetizers, though I only had a few.
Jasmine met us at the airport in her rental car. Eric and I traveled to the hotel with her.

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essence do not trust tht girl man she up to something's picture

essence better stay away 4rm jasmine SMH

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Entry 21 cont'd
I wanted to yell out, "I knew it, I knew it, you tramp!"
But I kept my cool. Trey doesn't want her so yesterday ass.
"When I first met you, I was so jealous of your relationship. I thought that when I saw him again, we were going to have this magical reconnection, but all Trey seems to care about these days is his family, his career and you. I'm not upset about it anymore. Trey showed me that it's healthy to move on and leave the past where it is." Jasmine spoke as if she had been dying to confess those thoughts to me. I wasn't sure what to say back, so I just nodded as she spoke.
"Anyway, I would rather have you as a friend than an enemy. You know what they say, 'If you can't beat 'em join 'em.'"
Again, all I could do was nod. I don't really have anything against Jasmine, but I'm not so sure I'd want to be her friend if the shoe was on the other foot. Trey means too much to me, I would hate to see him being happy with someone else.
I told Jasmine that I appreciated what she had just told me. I didn't know what else to say.
"I overheard you say that you're going to be in Chicago next week. That's such a coincidence because I'll be in Chicago from Monday to Wednesday. I have a story to cover on Oprah. I was told that I could meet with her after Tuesday's taping. Maybe we could meet up for drinks or something."
It was the kind of invitation you couldn't get out of on the spot without the mood suddenly changing to awkward as hell. I hesitated, but I accepted. I told her that I was scheduled to have a business dinner on Monday, and the rest of the week was going to be filled with meetings and luncheons and such. I told her that the only personal time I would have would be from the time I got off the plane until around four that afternoon.
"Well, we could have a light lunch. I hate going to cities where I know no one. No matter how beautiful the place is, it still feels lonely." Jasmine said.
I guess she had a point. One lunch won't kill me.

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ohhh no.... I don't trust Jasmine... talking about I was thinking about stealing him... bye girl... dont trust her jasmine.... Essence next entry please!!!!!!!

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Ok....all caught up now. *all of my reactions* Whoa....our man??, LOLOL...'the boy is mine', HAHAHAHAHA....I remember those days of being high, drunk and crazy partyin the ight away wit my girls!!, Awwwwww.....I just love them together. I swear I can him sayin 'Is that right?", O_o steal him back from her?? BISH PLEASE!!!!

Ok Essence...we waitin!!

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I finally caught up i was going crazy.. Wow im not too sure about this freindship thing.. And it sounds like you had one hell of a night i wonder what's in those flowers.

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That friendship is so unnecessary. Jasmine need to let go so that she can move on wit her life.'s picture

& u know she still wanna take trey 4rm E

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Entry 21
I cannot believe that I'm on my way to Chicago, and in about twenty minutes, I'm going to be meeting up with Jasmine, again.
I must be crazy for hanging out with this chick as often as I do. I'm still trying to figure out how we became friends in the first place. She just doesn't seem to mind hanging with me. I'm not totally put off by her, but it does get a little weird when ever we talk about Trey. She talks about when they were together, and I talk about being with him now. It tends to feel like we're having a competition to see who's had the best time with him.
Saturday, after my call with Trey, she told me that she wanted to talk to me in private. We went into my kitchen. She told me that she understood how I felt about her feelings for Trey, and that she really didn't want to lose my friendship, so from now on, she'll keep her feelings about him to herself.
Again, I was at a loss, because I still couldn't recall what she was talking about.
"Last night when we got back here, you wanted to show us that picture you have of Trey. I got all emotional because that was MY Trey, from back in the day. I started crying and carrying on, and I said that no matter what, I was always gonna love him, and a part of him was always gonna be mine." Jasmine told me. I noticed that she had the same hint of a southern drawl that Trey does.
"Of course, you wasn't havin' none of that. You told me that you were never going to let Trey go, and the only piece I could have of him was the picture, and you shoved it at me. Then you must have felt bad or something, because you started crying too."
"Oh my gosh." I groaned. Don't let two drunk chicks start to cry. I asked her if we did the whole hugging thing where we both apologized and started saying, 'I love you.'
Jasmine giggled, then she raised her finger and confessed that she did do the hugging thing.
"I do like you, Essence. You're real nice, and I see why Trey loves you. At first, I wanted to steal him back from you."

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Entry 20 cont'd
They said that we hadn't noticed the boy sitting in his window when we chose the spot. Jasmine said that she had seen him peeping out from behind his curtains.
"Ol' Peeping Tom ass. I told him, 'Don't just stand there, make youself useful. Hand them some tissue or sumthin.' He came back with a roll of toilet paper. He tossed it out and it popped Essence in the head."
We all laughed and I felt a little bit better, at least I know what I did last night. I'm still a little on edge about what Charles had told me earlier. Daddy called me to say that he'd sent the flowers off to a lab to be examined. He wanted to know if I felt strange or ill. I told him that I was fine. He told me to rest and if I felt sick or anything to go to the hospital. I told him that I would.
I spoke to Trey again. I told him that I didn't do anything too crazy last night. He believed me. He told me that if I wanted to do some wild stuff, that I should take the next week off and meet him in Las Vegas.
"Vegas, baby? Aw man, I can't. I'm going to Chicago this week, remember?" I said.
"Oh yeah. What day are you coming home?" He asked.
"No later than Friday. I wish I could go with you, though. I guess it's all for the best." I sighed.
When he asked me why I thought it was for the best, I told him it was because if I went down to Vegas with him, we'd be coming back home as a married couple.
"Is that right?' He asked in a low sexy tone. I miss his voice.
I told him not underestimate me.
"People wake up in Vegas all the time, surprised as hell that they got married the night before. Don't get me started." I told him. He laughed and told me that I was crazy.
"I'm crazy for you, now and forever. Be good down there. Oh, and play two stacks on the Black Jack table for me. I'm feeling lucky."
"Aiight baby, I gotchu. I gotta go, so I'ma call you a little later. Don't lose your phone again. Love you."
"I won't. Have a good day, sweetie. I love you too."
When I hung up, Jasmine wanted to talk.

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she was goin HAM! lol's picture

giiirrrrllll E u was doing too much lol

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i soo wanna know whut trey is gonna do !

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lmaooo essence had her a gooooooddd night trey better not find out

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Entry 20 cont'd
After the Karaoke bar, we went further down to get something to eat. I had originally wanted to eat mexican food, but the place was packed, so we ate pizza instead. We went to this small club and I tried flirting with the DJ so that he would play Trey's new single. I remember telling him that if he played Trey's music, I'd be so happy, and I'd make him happy too, since Trey Songz makes me so hot. He played Can't Help But Wait, Famous and Ride or Die. I was satisfied for the time being, but when the DJ told me that he was about to take a ten minute break, and he wanted me to come into the Dj booth, I told him that I was double parked outside.
"I'll be right back, I just have to check on my kids." I said and I quickly made my way to the front of the club. I ran down the side walk as soon as I hit the door.
"Charles damn near pulled out his gun, he thought you were in trouble." Unique said.
I asked them if Trey had been downtown. Of course, they told me that he hadn't been down there. Juicy told me that I had seen someone I thought was Trey, and I chased his car down the block. That was when I had kicked off my heels and ran berefoot down the sidewalk.
Unique said that our next stop was in a bar where ladies drank half price all night. I ordered two drinks and began dancing to a song that none of them knew. I let this tall, big guy dance with me. I remember that he told me the alcohol in that place was cheap, and he knew of a nicer more quiet spot he wanted to take me to. Of course that was a no no, so we left that place too.
"So y'all just spent the whole night following me around while I was drunk, high and crazy?" I asked.
"No, Essence, we were all drunk, high and crazy. You were just the funny one." Unique said.
"So, was I the only one who peed outside?" I asked.
"I peed first. I ducked behind a dumpster. You were supposed to be the lookout, but you peed too." Juicy told me.
"And this kid was watching us, right?" I asked. They all laughed.

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Wow Essence now this is wut I'm talkin bout thats right give us them entries lol and "The Boy Is Mine" tho?! haha I remember some girl played that song for me in summer camp for a boy I didn't even like lol

i love this story!!!

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Entry 20 cont'd
After the trip down memory lane, I wanted to know about current events.
"What the hell did I smoke last night?" I asked.
"Girl, you don't remember your stash of weed you keep in your bottom drawer?"
I laughed. Of course I remember my stash. What I didn't remember was that I had vowed never to smoke that stuff again. The last time I smoked that stuff, I let Trey talk me into doing it in the staircase. The stairways are rarely used in my building, but once you go through the staircase door, you can't re-enter without a key. You have to go all the way to the lobby, and take the elevator back up.
There I was, dressed in a see through nightie and pumps. I had to stand in the staircase, freezing my scantily clad butt off, while Trey went down to the lobby to ride back up so that he could let me in. I would have been so embarrassed if one of my neighbors would have seen me out there like that.
Jasmine said that she had been surprised when I pulled out the weed. She said that I had told her not to let my Park Avenue upbringing fool her.
"My daddy is from the south and every summer he sent CoCo and me down there to stay with his relatives, and every year, we learned something new. I was fifteen when I smoked weed for the first time." I told her.
So apparently, we had all smoked some weed, drank almost a whole bottle of Henny, and I told Charles to take us downtown to this bar I liked.
"You were already too far gone when we left, so I figured, I'd go with you, in case we bumped into the paparazzi. You know how they can be. I didn't want them to print any negative press about you. You know we gotta protect Trey." Jasmine said.
When we got downtown, we noticed that it was Karaoke night in the bar. They said that I sang the songs louder than the people on the stage.
I remember getting up there myself and I sang, Gotta Go. They said that I did pretty good. I tried to get Jasmine to go up there with me to sing, The Boy Is Mine, but she wouldn't do it. Go figure.

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Entry 20 cont'd
Juicy kept trying to come at me, but Devin stood in front of me, blocking me from her attack. Poor Devin got punched several times on the arm and shoulder. Shelly tried to pull Juicy back, and Devin told Shelly's brother, Donovan, to get his girl.
A thick crowd stood around to agitate the situation even further. Then, for some unknown reason, someone fired a gun. Screams, and the sound of hundreds of feet hitting the ground could be heard louder than the music which was still playing.
All I know is that I began to run. More gunshots could be heard and I sreamed and ran straight into the street. Devin caught me just in time, because I definitely wasn't going to stop for oncoming traffic.
He kind just swooped me up into his arms and hailed another cab. He put me inside of the cab, and told the driver to wait for him. A few seconds later he came back with Unique and his two buddies ran to the cab with Juicy in between them. They shoved her into the back seat with me and Unique. One of the friends crammed into the back seat with us and Devin and his other friend squeezed into the front passenger seat and yelled for the driver to drive.
"Oh my gosh, I had hurt my ankle while we were running. I don't know what I would've done if that guy hadn't stopped to help me." Juicy remembered.
"Shit, it's a good thing you didn't get the one who helped me. He had me pinned to the ground, talking about, 'Don't move, it'll be alright.' He was laying right on top of me, too."
After we had gone a safe enough distance from the chaos, Devin told the driver to pull over. He asked Juicy where she lived, and she told him she lived in Jamaica, which was in the opposite direction.
"Drive on!" Devin had told the cabbie.
"Y'all kidnapped me that night!" Juicy laughed. The guys took us to this diner in Brooklyn. They told Juicy that she had to be our friend, or else they would leave her stranded out there.
"It all worked out for the best. We're still friends, right?" Juicy said.

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Entry 20 cont'd
Unique told about how she'd grabbed a Heineken bottle and rushed over to my side. A lot of people had begun to try and separate us, and I noticed Juicy was getting bolder and bolder. She had dropped her jacket on the floor and was removing her earrings. I was never one to back down from a fight, but I was scared out of my mind. Unique and I were surely out numbered by Juicy and her friends, and the crowed was chanting for a girl fight to pop off.
I pulled off my earrings and bracelets, and put my hand in my purse to pull out the box cutter I carried for protection. I saw one girl hand Juicy her purse and whisper something to her.
"Why the fuck were you all over my man?" Juicy asked me again.
"Your man, as you call him, didn't seem to mind me being all up on him, so take this shit up with him." I had told her. The guy was busy trying to pull Juicy away from me. I noticed at that point that Unique and I were being surrounded by several of the chicks at the party. That was when Devin stepped in.
Boldly, he walked up to me and began to pull me out of the middle of the commotion. Unique wasn't far behind us, and me, like a fool, was trying to pull myself away from Devin's grip. Out in the front yard, a few guys tried to help me as I protested, but Devin's friends backed them off. He pulled me over to the street and hailed a cab. I told him that I wasn't going anywhere without Unique. Devin pushed me into the cab and told me to wait there while he went to get Unique.
Juicy had foflowed us outside and she and Unique were arguing. I jumped out of the cab and ran over to them. There was a lot of yelling and screaming. Juicy swung at me. I swung back. Juicy's boyfriend grabbed her, I grabbed an empty beer bottle and threw it at them. The bottle hit the ground and smashed to pieces. Shelly came out of nowhere began to curse at Juicy. She told them to take the drama out of her aunt's yard. She cursed out Juicy's boyfriend, who happened to be her brother.

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Entry 20 cont'd
Charles told me that he'd noticed a weird white powder on the flowers Jasmine had brought up. He showed me the flowers that he had put into a plastic shopping bag. He told me not to say anything to anyone, he was going to take the flowers to Daddy.
I asked him if he knew what the powder resembled. He said that he couldn't be sure, but it was a good thing that I hadn't handled them for long.
On top of my vague memories of last night, I had to deal with the fact that I could have been possibly drugged or poisoned. My worry must have shown on my face because Charles hugged me and told me not to worry. He asked me if I wanted him to call Eric. I told him it wasn't necessary, my friends were here. I told him not to tell Daddy about last night. He assured me that he wouldn't, then he left.
When I walked back into my bedroom, Unique was giving a full blown account of what happened the night we met Juicy.
After my dance with Tony, I had gone back outside to get some fresh air. I didn't know anyone out there, but it didn't matter. I got engrossed in a conversation with two girls about how you had to be careful who you danced with, because they may sound sexy in the dark, but by the light of the street lamps they could turn out to be a totally different animal. One of the girls was already trying to shake the dude she had been dancing with.
It was at that moment that I had seen Devin. He and two other guys were walking towards me, so I ran back downstairs to find Unique. Of course it was nearly impossible in the dark, so I just grabbed the first guy who wasn't dancing, and I tried to hide my face in his shoulder.
Too bad he didn't tell me that he was already taken, because before I knew it, I was being dragged by the back of my blouse. I remember madly clawing at the hands that held me captive. All of a sudden the lights came on and I was face to face with this tall, thick beauty. She demanded to know why I was all over her man. I was too shocked to speak.

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Entry 20 cont'd
Back in my college days, I was a little wild, not unlike many teens who go off to college, finally free from their parents' strongholds. I didn't have a bodyguard then, but I do know that daddy had enlisted the help of Devin Hollis, the son of one of his Marine buddies. I had met Devin at a holiday party, and it was made clear to me that I was expected to date him. He was cute, but I had to stay true to my strong rebel beliefs, so I avoided Devin at all costs.
But that one night, Devin came to my rescue. Unique and I had gone out to Far Rockaway, Queens to a section they call the 60s. It was known that they threw some of the hottest house parties, and a Jamaican friend of ours, Shelly, had invited us, so we went.
I had been so glad that I'd been able to get away from Devin that night that I got a little reckless.
Shelly took us to the last car on the A train and when we were going over the bridge from Howard Beach to Broad Channel, she pulled out her baggie of weed. We each rolled up a blunt and sparked it up right there on the train. By the time we got off at Beach 67 St, you can say that I was in another state of mind.
You could hear the music from the el, and when we got to the house, we were greeted by a crowd of people standing in the yard. Shelly knew most of the people we passed by, and by the time we got down the stairs to the basement, Unique had already caught a number, and some guy handed me a Heineken and gently pulled me to the dance floor. Before I knew it, I was winding on him in the middle of the darkend room. The flicker of cigarette lighters was the only light to be seen throughout the room, but the music was banging. At one point the guy and I stopped dancing long enough for me to gulp down the beer, and exchange names. Tony was definitely cute and his Jamaican accent made me want to be his rude gal for real.
While we talked about that night, Unique came into the room. Charles told me that he needed to speak to me.

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mmmm mmmm mmmm. so jasmine thinks trey is her man 2 huh. she's crazy! and lol @ juidcy sayin she was gunna whup essence's ass when they 1st met