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trey and rhianna would be a good...


  • trey and rhianna would be a good...
    April 05, 2011

    plz finish it. i wanna know what u think 

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on Apr 5, 2011 - 10:06AM

plz finish it. i wanna know what u think 

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@ k.g.sunshine I know who Fe Fe Dobson is and Rihanna and she both favor. But I say that Rihanna follows Madonna style before I would say Fe Fe if she followed anyone.
Nothing is new under the sun so their is nothing presented to us today that hasn't already been done with a twist.
I am Sasha Fierce pure representation of copying. Destiny's Child music which is supposedly written by Beyonce has no similarity to Beyonce the artist. (Agreed)
1. Dangerously in Love was the love ballad on Beyonce's 1st album and the original was on Destiny's Survivor album.
2. Pon de Replay( by Rihanna 2005) club music, reggae, and r& b was on the album. Because Baby Boy had a caribbean style, despite Barbados being Rihanna native home, she was compared to Beyonce. 3 #1 hits
3. Music of the Sun by Rihanna came out 2006. There were two love songs, 4 acoustic songs, 1 reggae-style song, and 1 r& b record,everything else dance. Unfaithful (Neyo written) and SOS #1 hits
3. B-Day came out 2006 pure dance and r &b Irreplaceable (Neyo written) 2 #1 Deja Vu was the other and guess who got on it (Jay- Z) Neyo gave Rihanna a hit and Follow the leader Beyonce grab her some Neyo and tried take credit for Neyo's song but L.A. Ried don't play so she quickly admitted she only wrote a few lyrics. Rihanna has never tried to take credit for anything but her own music by the way.
4. Good Girl Gone Bad made Rihanna an international mega- star 5# 1's only one collab. Reloaded brought her 2 #1 hits more. This is when the dark and rock star and less reggae image begin to appear. She broke alot of records both nationally and worldwide. Clothing line idea Rihanna first, following month Beyonce underhandly starts one, that's why everything was sloppy.
5. I Am Sasha Fierce. Beyonce got nude on the cover, dressing with more sexual appeal and darker make-up. And we all know Rihanna got nude in GGGB vid. Let's see if Beyonce dye her hair red or bring more reggae feel to her music with this fourth album.

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You're crazy @mzsweetskittleangel :)

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see now thats exactly what i was sayin about her. I've never heard about fifi dobson but i could tell that rihanna was being made by the record label and thats a quality i don't like in an artist.

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@lisaleigh30 - When did Beyonce copy Rihanna's style? Are you referring to that awards show where I think they owned the same outfit or something? B/c Rihanna doesn't have a style. Once she got away from the dancehall theme, she suddenly became Fifi Dobson. If yall don't believe me, look it up. They were both on Def Jam, but Fifi was dropped & suddenty she reappeared in Rihanna.

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Nothing. I mean they could team up for a club/dance record & it'll probably be hot, but as far as a serious duet - she can't sing, so I don't see that as being a good look.

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I don't think Trey doesn't like Rihanna. He had a big ole cheesy smile when she came on stage for her AMA. Her name was mentioned during a recent interview and he didn't say anything bad about her. But perhaps if he doesn't like her it maybe because of a personality conflict.


Most of the times these topics deviate from what the subject is about. :)


lol maybe they can try i dont want her hurtin hiim

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@ Cutgurl609 Lol at the new nickname. My statements are factual. I don't mind anyone not liking Rihanna, like I said I love when people say they don't like her.
Trey and Rihanna would make a great couple in my opinion., and that's my opinion. Now as far as the collaboration; Trey has already said she is not what he prefers, he wants someone like Beyonce' and Alicia Keys.
I personally don't know what he has against Rihanna from the interviews and things I've seen spoken about her from him, he didn't like her before she got with Chris Brown. The incident just added fuel to the fire.
Rihanna has seem to like Trey for awhile and he just hasn't return the feelings. So don't worry Rihanna will probably never have the chance to have Trey in or out the music booth.
I just find it interesting that people say negative things so quickly about all artists by taking them at face value. I have experienced this myself and I'm not famous so I can imagine having people who never had a conversation with me say some of the most horrible things about me and because of my career; I can't do a thing about it but take it and try to ignore it.

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ok now as much as i fav all these comments cuz i've nvr had so many comments on any of my post. can we plz stop this de bate n focus on what trey and rhianna would be good at / in. thank u :)

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@cuttgurl609 Right!

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@lisaleigh aka sassy Angel lol

Another NEWS FLASH. Nothing u said was news cause none of it is factual. And it is the people like us that is important. There are lots of people signed who makes nada because "we" don't buy they records. Duhhhh!!!!

And are you sure just because I don't like an artist it means I know nothing about the artist? cause I could have sworn thats how you form an opinion or judgement about someone or something. Calm down it'll b ok rihanna ain't goin nowhere..... YET!!! hahahaha woo woo woo... woo woo woo lmao

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Exactly its his work ethic that would make it hard for him to go SPLAT. EVER!!!


NEWS FLASH. Rihanna sucks and she can't compare to Trey or Beyonce.... lmao

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@ cutgirl 609
News flash. If you don't like an artist you know nothing about except for the music on the radio, you are a hater and as far the videos being similar, they are called directors and that what determines the similarity, although me being a fan, I haven't seen the similarity you speak of, again upset from Beyonce. She again copied Rihanna and damn has been trying to kill herself to get the same exposure. Again like I said, people who don't like her, don't do their research.
But whether you or I like her is not important, whether the people who signed her checks does.

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I agree Trey has a lot of talent and personality to match. As I have said countless times before his work ethic is unbelievable so with all of that it would be hard to think of him going SPLAT any time soon. Plus his success wasn’t right away like some other artists.

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Yes all the different personalities does help keep this site more interesting. :) I'm glad you love this site. I love it too.

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I agree with ya'll when you say no one should ever let someone else bother them so much that they can't enjoy themselves. Believe it or not we need every last personality here or else this site would be full of wackness belee dat!!! lol

Ive said it before and I'll say it again.........I freakin love this site!!!!

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The same thing can happen to Trey but it won't. He has too much talent to ever SPLAT! Whether u will admit it or not, you know it. He has more talent in his pinky toe than rihanna and ashanti themselves.

And in case that comment was geared towards me, I'm not a rihanna hater. I just don't like the girl. Simple as that. I'll listen to her music sometimes its all catchy, but I just don't like her as an artist. I used to like her when she first came out but she has changed big time. And when I noticed the similarities to beyonce and the videos wit her lookin just like a puppet. I stopped likin her. Her music isn't even as good. I bought one of her cd's and listened to it once.

So just because someone doesn't like an artist doesn't mean that they're haters. I didn't lie about anything to justify why I don't like her. Everything I say is the truth. She sound horrible live, she can't dance she is so stiff (grinding your hips isn't really dancin), and she doesn't even say much in her songs (talkin shit isn't creativity...... Yup u know this lol)

So to SShorty.......... Boop Boop Talk to the hand lmao hahahaha

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@Shanell28: I totally agree.

@Ariel: Yes are we are helping his numbers. :) I agree being optimistic is healthy for the soul.

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i feel ppl shouldnt take everything so seriously...relax its just a discussion board of course ppl are gonna say things that u disagree with but take it for what it is... just an opinion... we're all here to give our thoughts it shouldnt be turned into an argument HAVE FUN WITH IT and agree to disagree :)

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@JIMS Ooh you're right! I know you and I (and others!) are definitely helping those numbers climb seeing as we're on here every day! Optimism is the fruit of life; it'll get you so much farther, and you'll be healthier. :)

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Right! My interaction here has been more positive than negative. I like that you look forward to having positive interactions here on the boards. It's a good outlook to have.

I also look at it as it being more beneficial to Trey to come to his website often. I'm sure the more hits he has to his website the more doors open up for him.

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@WhitneyDesiree' and @JIMS Cool! I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling that way. There are alot more GREAT interactions I have on here than bad.... So I'm here looking forward to more positive, already knowing I'll overlook the negative.

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I agree Ariel! No user should prevent you from coming to the boards. It's just as much craziness on twitter as there is on these boards.

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@Ariel....Yeah thats true...thats y Iam tryin 2 overlook negative remarks if its coming at me or not. Cuz there's no reason 2 argue or NOTHING!

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@WhitneyDesiree'..... I don't feel bad for the Angels that left, tho. Its kinda weird one user is preventing them from participating. :(

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@TSAngel_Ty...I ALSO see y alot of the angels STOPPED coming 2 the site!!..It always gotta be SOMEBODY that got 2 mess it up 4 everybody else!

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@Lisaleigh have you heard rihanna sing live? I like some of her songs but never really could dig the fact that she cant sing I like artistry and she cannot sing at Im just sayin beyonce was out first and had the whole sexy dancing goin on rihanna can dance but she hasnt been here as long as Bey so give it up & whoever posted this needs top take it down...its causing problems

this is why many angels dont come to the site because of the DRAMA!