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on Apr 9, 2011 - 01:06AM
MsSweetSkittleAngel's picture

smh lmao trey is a mess

JASMiNEL0ND0N's picture

lol i was cracking up so bad watching that ! it was funny as hell .. He probably was hung over from the night before or something. He did say the night before was a good one. lol

TEETIMME's picture

Whats wrong w/ Trey...hahaha! Trey just being himself, lmao! I dont think he was drunk at all. I laughed during the entire interview. Trigga in full force! I know he wanted to jump ole girl's bones, the way he kept looking at her & laughing, flirted heavily w/ her, then what he told her at the end, hehe! Go Trigga!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

I saw this on Tumblr. Funny. He was his usual silly flirty mood.

Linz84's picture

lmfao Trey make me laugh!! I have a feeling he didn't know who the queen of england was. LOL WHEN THE LADY GAVE HIM A PIC ALL HE DID WAS SMILE AND PUT THE PICTURE DOWN! LOL

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

Lmao! Trey is such a flirt an d he was being oh so goofy! Lmao and who knows he may have been a lil tipsy from the night before!

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Idk....Hmm I see what your saying. To me he seemed like he was still tipsy from the night before.lmao He was just slightly slurring his words...and he kept blinking, that's something I know I do when I'm still feeling the alcohol.lmao

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Trey was definitely trying to distract her being all in her face. Did yall peep how he was looking at her, like he wanted to jump her. LOL

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lol @ lisaleigh I caught that too he gon jus push the pic away lmao but I like that interview Trey is silly and she was fun but kept it together. he liked him sum her too

lisaleigh30's picture

I think she looks just like the representation of the woman in my story Vanilla. Look at her trying to get in with Trey by wearing red lipstick. GONE GIRL!!! Trey wasn't drunk but he like what he saw and she made him feel comfortable. He couldn't think of the name queen of England. I caught that too!!! LMAO!!

Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

LMAO! Trey's ass is crazy! I don't think he was drunk at all! I think he was in one of his playfull flirty moods, because he was definitely trying to see if he could distract her, but she kept it together. She didn't even let him take her there. She stayed in control of that interview. I loved it!