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trey and rhianna would be a good...


  • trey and rhianna would be a good...
    April 05, 2011

    plz finish it. i wanna know what u think 

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on Apr 5, 2011 - 10:06AM

plz finish it. i wanna know what u think 

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No way ! I dnt think Trey and Rhianna w0uld be a go0d c0uple ..
Maybe when Rhianna 1st started singing , but n0t n0w !!

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LOL @ Tricia! New Jack City is classic. It had one of the best soundtracks ever!

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oh my gosh these comments still going it frks me out when i am still getting msgs on this post :D good sign

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LOL@Tricia & kg.sunshine. I did buy her last cd.

@Tee LOL I like Keith's music though.

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LMAOOO @Tee & KG - Okay, I will check them out tonight, I promise & I'll let y'all know what I think! I think I've heard "There You Go Telling Me No Again" - the melody kind of plays in my ear when I say it. New Jack City was one of my favorite movies. "AM I MY BROTHER'S KEEPER?" *flashback*

Thanks Ladies - I will definitely check them out! LOL

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@Tricia - I've gotta go in with Tee & support Keith b/c I've seen footage of him live & ppl have told me he does well. I'm a huge fan; grew up on his music. How about you check out: "How Deep Is Your Love", "Make It Last Forever", "Right & A Wrong Way", "There You Go Telling Me No Again". I could keep going, but you've got to really check it out & NOT pretend to? Deal?? =D

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Lol@Trish! Girl MAKE IT LAST FOREVER, the very first album. Its my fav! Then off the 2nd album, ILL GIVE ALL MY LOVE TO YOU, then the 3rd album I WANNA LUV YOU DOWN FROM YOUR HEAD TO YA TOE, WOA! Lol, damn, major flashback, lmao! I wud luv Trey to re-make THAT song, bahaha! Then its THERE YA GO TELLING ME NO AGAIN off the NEW JACK CITY soundtrack...girl thats just a few! Get theee to youtube, lol!

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Hahahaha @Tee!!!! Okay, I'll lay off of KS! He definitely can beg! Did you see him on "The Game"? He looked pretty good there (glad he didn't sing)...ok, ok...last crack! LMAO

What's your favorite KS song? I'm going to listen to it & see if you can persuade me to like at least ONEEEE of his songs! LOL

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LMAO @Trish & JesusIs...yall back up off my boy KS! Lol! I too saw him in concert about 3 years ago & he did put on a show that night! No, he cant sing that well, but he can beggggg, probably beg ya out yo panties, lmao! Ive been listening to his music since I was 10 years old..*flash back* smh. Luv his music, the messages in some of his songs! Matter of fact the ONLY reason I like Treys "Cuddy Buddy" is bc of that "How Deep is Your Love" beat..
And I did like that Umbrella Remix w/ CB, the only song I liked besides Take A Bow

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@JIMS - she probably plays a live recorded track. But I've heard her live on shows and it has been a difficult experience for my ears. I respect diversity among voices, but her talent is not singing. She's famous for her music, but not her voice. Hell, if I could pull it off, I'd do it, too. But I'm not spending my cash on the vocally challenged.

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@CutTGurl - It was serious!!! And then after "Umbrella" slows down on the comes the REMIX with Chris Brown. I straight almost killed myself that year. CB made it more bearable though. Has this ever happened to anyone...a song comes on you can't stand and you change the station & the shit playing on that station???? That's why I almost died right there!!!

@JIMS - I'll never understand it! He is banned from my radio station.PERMANENTLY!!! LOL

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LOL at your comments about Rihanna . I saw Keith in concert two months ago and my friends said that he must have known some powerful people in order for him to stay in the industry so long. LOL

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LOL @Tricia!

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@Tricia...... CAN U PLEEEEAAAASE STOP!!!! LMFAO I sittin over hear dyin at those scenarios "......if I heard "Umbrella" just ONE MO' time I was gonna hurl my body over a cliff" lmao " makes me wanna run my head through a brick wall & then put my car in drive & stand in front of it"

How do you come up with these things?! You funny as hell ctfu

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I don't think Keith Sweat can sing & he got albums out (only the good Lord knows why). Took me a while to become a Mary J. Blige know...I can't really even say I'm a fan. I can tolerate more of her music now but not to the point of actually purchasing a CD. AND BELIEVE ME - I DO UNDERSTAND THAT THERE ARE A LOTTTTTTTT OF MARY J. BLIGE FANS!!! Blame it on my ears...maybe they're clogged up...maybe I had a birth defect...or maybe she just really can't sing that well...I don't know - but to each their own. With that being said...I'm not one to hate on any artist...either I like your music or I don't. I don't like Rihanna's music - it makes me wanna run my head through a brick wall & then put my car in drive & stand in front of it. Nevertheless, I don't knock anybody for liking her. I'll still support Trey when it's all said & done.

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I'm not a Rihanna fan. I think her & Trey shouldn't do anything together. Don't even look at each other. The only two songs of her's that I can halfway stand are "Rude Boy" & "What's My Name". She was almost responsible for my death because if I heard "Umbrella" just ONE MO' time I was gonna hurl my body over a cliff. Her voice is annoying to me!

I'd rather see Trey & Beyonce do a collaboration, Alicia Keys...many other females I love...just not Rihanna.

And I have a issue with people who do drastic image wholesome Mariah Carey turns up naked in every video. Good girl gone bad Rihanna is just a lil too much too soon. At least gradually become bad. Don't come out with dresses to your knees, black hair & a Bible in your hand, and then the next day Red hair, naked & whips in your hand. GRADUALLY BECOME CRAZY!

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trey is 2 sexy tah b wit rihanna

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kg.sunshine: you think she is lip-syncing during her concerts?

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@SShorty - Let me be clear: Talent is NOT what rules or runs the entertainment industry, so of course there's an abundance of space for the minisculely talented if they fit the mode - image easily shaped & nice looking. I don't think Britney Spears can sing, but I've liked some of her songs & she's entertaining. That's the same thing for Rhi. I like a lot of her music, but I don't find her performances interesting enough to purchase a concert ticket nor would I like to sit through an allegedly-live-prerecorded performance, ya know? There's no shade to any of those artists, b/c if you're living your dream, that's a blessing in itself.

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kg.sunshine: I would like to know who he finds attractive other than those ladies too.

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Rollin, still LMAO @ all the Rihanna Haters in this thread...

especially, the ones that are saying Rihanna "can't sing"
that's what people said about Britney Spears but I don't see it stopping any of these two women
from being "successful" lol so really RiRi & Brit are the ones with the last laugh because they're DOING WELL for two girls that "can't sing" lol

but I find what LisaLeigh is saying to be very interesting...I thought she made an excellent point
about the similarities between Beyonce & Rihanna is called the DIRECTORS and

I myself was guilty of thinking that...when I first saw the "S.O.S" video I thought someone was copying someone...I mentioned this to my mom and she wisely said that the two girls or the powers that be were most likely using the same Director and/or Choreographer...

Both Rihanna & B are very talented ladies...It is my opinion that in 2007 Trey really liked Ri,
I don't believe she was dating his bud Chris Brown then; however, I think his feelings could well
have changed, but it is clear that from a business perspective, it seems he wouldn't work with her

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@Numba1Hon & @Ariel - But usually the interviewer ALWAYS PICKS THE SAME WOMEN to ask about. I wish they'd instead ask "BESIDES Rhiana, Beyonce, AKeys, Halle Berry, Ciara & now Nicki Minaj, who do you find attractive?" They ask EVERY man in the industry about these same broads. Since it's 4 years later, I'd like to hear his response, b/c he seems the type to find beauty in all types of women, not to mention I think he's said that. Plus, I'm willing to bet he wouldn't touch Ri b/c of all of the drama w/ CB. You know what the guys say "bros b/f hos". LOL

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@Numba1Hon... Matter of fact..... I sat in on an interview of Trey's in '07 and they asked who in the industry he has a crush on. He said "Rih, Ci, Bey."

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I can't see Trey and Rhianna as a couple, but according to at least 4 interviews incluing one very recent one, he finds her very attractive unless I am misinterpreting or missing something. I would not like to see them as a couple because both have tempers and she is a little scary and I would worry for him. But Trey said when he decides to do collabos, he makes his decision based upon business and not his personal feelings. Seeing that Rhianna has gravitated towards the dark side, I could see Trey in her video but not in one of his. The video would be a little kinky and dark, and very sexy, with a slight hint of S&M where Trey is a little intense and rough. Something like in the UMES video when he is pulling hair and in control. It would be a more realistic and intense Rhianna type version of Bottoms Up but and not comical. I could definitely see that. Don't ask me what they would be singing about. But whatever it is, Trey would have to be singing it passionately without the falsetto. That would be kinder hot.

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nothing to him she needs to stay away from him bcuz he is way to sexy to be seen with her

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oh its the one that goes "want u to make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world like i'm the only one that you'll ever love like i'm the only one that knows your he e eart only girl in the world" *screaming at the top of my lungs* lol

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SO WHAT!!!! She still sucks lmao j/k woohoo rihanna got herself a #1 fan ova heaaa!!! lol but she do suck tho hehe

but i do like that song she has that she is in the open field wit all them flowers in the video i cant think of it now but i'm bout to look it up

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lol @mssweetskittleangel