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TREY SONGZ IS A $#!#^%@ JERK !!!


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on Apr 8, 2011 - 12:10AM

well at least that is what these groupie confession state ... they also state that Trey got it going on under the belt ... which is something i been knew ... and im not saying that i ever had sex with him ... i just have a EYE for things like that :)




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Lol I love this convo....I can't say I won't if I got a chance of sneaking in his hotel room... hey life is too short.. I just don't like it when pepo publicize itvafterwards. If I get my chance will do it and keep it to myself lol. Anyone tell me if u can say kno when u get the chance? Shouout to @JASMINELLONDON fo starting this CONVO

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@socialbfly that is what i said and i just skimmed through the article

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Oh My Goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You have some valid points@toniayati22

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I can agree with what most of you are saying...but on my end women don't understand their emotional feelings until they get hurt if you think about it...women get hurt very easily by someone who they think they've caught or showed interest in them we are always emotionally open whether you realized it or not...embracing a man period because in my eyes trey is still 100% man and 100% flesh but it comes a point when we hear stories like that you wonder if he really is rude to women when it comes down to sex...i dont care whether he was a poor man some oof these women do just throw themselves out like a bone and expect the dog not to catch it and bite it but you have to willing and ready to take what a man douches out to you...i'm sorry but i disagree totally with the statement of if he wasnt trey songz you wouldnt want him but trey songz is who he was born as his fortune is not him we analyze celeberties to a point where we believe that women like us dont have a chance thats because we let them say that all women are golddiggers and their in point most of us women have jobs and are satisfied with who we are and i'm sorry no man can make me change for some punk ass dollars i make my own money it my not be as much as them but i take pride in knowing that i can hold myself down and work for what i want...he may not want a relationship because he feels like it would piss his fans off but he has always said he wants a woman outside of the industry personally i think he would have a piece of mind with a women like us but to each is own...

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well if this is true Trey has said in an interview if you a groupie you know what time it is. simple as that no need to complain about it you knew what was going down so dont be mad about it. plus you amitted you sucked lukes dick or whoever it was you deserved what you get. If you want to be treated like a lady act like one if you running backstage looking thats what you gonna get. I love me some Trey cant be made at him for doing what you allowed him to do. but I have always heard that negro can put it doooowwwnnnn.

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hmmm....wellll well! I am a fire sign (Leo) and I date a Sagi who's bday is the 29th Nov and he looks a little like Trey too just older and prettier....He can be a right pain but he is so sexual and sweet and loving towards me....but he can Switch too and when he does u don't wanna be on the receiving end! But as a Leo I can tame that! lol

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#WORD @mii_sunflower i aint gonna lie i wouldnt turn it down but once he start getting rude ... no no ... lol

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@mii_sunflower Exactly. :)

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so i have to say that i have been on the internet all damn day now reading stories and trey and these women. am not sure if all of them are true or fasle really dnt care its good entertainment, i agree with most of the angels trey is a man and he knows the life he lives. he cant give a relationship and u wldnt be there if he wasnt trey songz so somtimes he might not feel like talk before sex well they just need to get over it , i think its crazy that most of them was at a show or club and it was wee hours in the morning. i love trey no different and keeping it 100 if i had a chance cant say i would turn it down ...................

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Yeah ... he really does like them all.

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#SplendidAngel Aight now lets not get it twisted.... Trey loves ladies of all ages. I just want to put that out there.

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I agree @jasminelondon!!

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i think that is true... i dont think trey is an asshole ... i think that he just will treat you how you wanna be treated. if you wanna be a hoe and do whory things then that is what he is gonna treat you like. plain and simple. TREY IS A MAN AT THE END OF THE DAY and all men, whether you ladies wish to believe or not, will take it if you toss it to them. They will open the door if you give them the key, so if you go to this hotel room, your giving him the key ! groupies get treated like groupies ... bam bam thank you ma'am !

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i thought this was hilarious and i agree wit @tricia when it comes to trey all moral fiber goes out the window and i turn into the biggest hoe/freak/groupie ever but only for trey lol

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and at lisaleigh30..I LOVE THIS >>"she was looking for who she got, she didn't like the way he let her know, her pussy wasn't as good as she thought. BONG!!! "

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all i have to say is ...Chhhiiilllll lol

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@LisaLeigh - *Dead* about that KFC stuff!!!! OMGoshhh!!!!!

@Numba1Hon - you took it wayyyy back!!! :)

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First of all, Trey wasn't 20 in 2009. Secondly, since Trey likes cougars I'm pretty sure he wouldn't just pick a random 19 year-old from backstage, especially because that's where alot of groupies are on the prowl! LOL! Finally, I think Trey has sooo much more respect than that for females. I know his mother and grandmother taught him better than that.

Well, that's all I have to so say. But, it would be really sad if it was true.

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this is sumcrazy shit but i wudnt expect anythng else 4m trey. i now he's a freak but id neva tll any1 i got w/ him. its no1s business but ours.

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lmfao!!!!!! lol at Trey actually saying that groupie story is true!! LMFAO TREY IS A FREAK and a goofy person! lol

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Essence - I LOVE HOW REAL YOU ARE!!! Cause I'm on that same thing...I am truly a lady but when it comes to Trey I would be all kinds of "hoes", "groupie", "easy", and "stupid" - well just a lil stupid...I'd go out of my way to see his ass. I'm in Chicago...let him tell me he in Des Moines, Iowa (6 hours away) & for me to come see him..."Okay baby, I'll be there in 6 hours." FOH - this is fine ass Trey - the one that makes this freaky music I'm in-love with...the one that has been notorious for putting the D down in major ways...I need some good D in my life! Be there in 6 hours baby! "You want me to spit on your D? - Okay baby...a little or a lot?"

Now - it's only TWO celebrities that I just love enough to be stupid over & that's Trey & Lance Gross - love them to pieces!!! Other than that, my "lady" neon sign stays on.

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@KAREN 523 and @ARIEL I agree. The 1st confession was longer.. After Trey shot his load, he fell asleep. She got up, noticed his jewelry on the night table, and thought to (this lil arrogant, sarcastic Nucca) I should/could take his jewelry. She said the only reason she didn't s because the d1ck was good. Trey confessed to it but said "she weren't gon get my jewelry though." One groupie said that his package was bigger than his body, and that he is real skinny, but his body is beautiful.

In one interview he said (but not in these words) that when he first got out there, he was wild. He was being offered and was accepting a lot of pussy, but he slowed it down a whole.lot. He said Mama Songz would always give him a package of magnums when he left home. It appears to that Groupies puttinng his business out was nothing to him but a notch in his collar. In accordance with one magazine, the young artists were putting out their own business (not necessarily names). Even Trey looked like he was hinting he got on with an older female recording artist, but you couldn't be sure if he hit it or not because of the way he worded it, but I got the impression he definitely was hitting that in at least two different interviews.

@LisaLeight30 You right. She was frontin. She got exactly who she was looking for. She's mad, proud, disappointed and bragging all at the same time.

Remember this? Trey in his early thugging days.

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I read that sometime around last year. I didn't know whether 2 believe it or not at first. But then I say this might be just!! Trey don't give a DAMN ABOUT THEM GROUPIES ANYWAY...LOL!!

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LMAO@lisaleigh30! Girl u is too funny! Whats ur twitter handle?

@Coogi I know EXACTLY what u mean!! Perhaps we will share stories one day! ;)

And Essence, I felt kinda "left out" too, lmao! I want my thighs licked by Trigga, too! Hehe!

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@cara2012 He admitted the first one was true in an interview wit Sister 2 Sister in 07.
n isaleigh30 girl you are freakin hilarrrrious! LMAO

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I know right, when I see him perform at clubs, its too crowded you can't get to him, and then when he finally starting having public meet and greets, it's always when I can only afford a nice concert ticket but I'm aiming for a meet & greet this fall.

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word up .. when trey come back to the states he need to have another meet and greet cause ima make sure i get noticed lmfao ..

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I'm just keeping it real, Just keeping it real.