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do trey actually sleep with those girls that he pulls out of the crowd @ his concerts


  • do trey actually sleep with those girls that he pulls out of the crowd @ his concerts
    April 10, 2011

    just curious

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on Apr 10, 2011 - 11:33PM
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@RaRa ..... All he has to do is tell 'em what hotel he's at. They might even go with him.
@Trey's_Tenshi He definitely cares about himself and his health. He is known to promote the golden tickets!!!! Lol After he leaves the concert, the club... whatever... he's going home to a hotel. More often than not there's someone in that bed with him n #imjustsayin. I'm just thinking that if you've been following him.... You'd know about his promiscuous ways.

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@ Ariel... I said I don't believe he would sleep with these random girls because he seems like a man that cares enough about himself not to do something as reckless as that. Then he's a busy guy just as any other celb who might have to be somewhere else quick after their shows. He might give them a friendly hug and/ or a kiss... I believe that's it. You asked me how long have I been a fan... long enough, I've always been supportive of Trey Songz... joined fan club n February.

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No offense ladies but even before I heard the truth it just seemed so obvious that the answer to this question would be no. It doesn't even make sense that he would do that. I mean when during or after the show would he he have time time to lay down the BEAST? During intermission when he should be getting ready for the next set? After the show when he probably has a plane to catch or somewhere else to be? What if the girl said no? Its just so many reasons why the answer could be no. Anyway one of the lucky ladies who got a massage from Trey posted her video on YouTube. She commented that he doesn't really come back there and have the 'neigbors know his name' lol. When he gets back there u just get to talk to him and stuff and u get some souvenirs. That's it. These are just my thoughts. Again, not being rude to anybody. Love.

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LMAO!!! Okay, okay, Ariel, you're right!!!! But I mean, no one even detailed the Love Faces Meet & Greet! I'm like dagggg, were y'all sworn to secrecy or something. :)

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You guys, people dont say anything on this website. kg.sunshine you of all people know.... I've favorited a few sites over the years.

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@Essence - I agree! No one ever says anything. I don't get it.

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lol @essence711 u r forgiven i wanna kno samething u wanna kno too so *shrugs shoulder*

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I can't tell you if he does or not. I know one of those Massage vids from the PPP tour definitely looked staged to me. I thought that he picked someone he knew, had her come up on stage, and did the whole massage thing to spice things up.
As for him getting with those ladies afterwards, I know I literally laughed the first time I saw him say that he wanted her to go back to the room he had backstage because I thought he was going to have the poor girl waiting for him, only to dip out on her later.
Does he swear theses women to secrecy or what? No one has come forward and gave a credible account of what her date/private meet & greet with Trey was really like.
What I mean by 'credible' is this:
Why won't one of those lucky young ladies, who had the good fortune to be touched by our Angel, Trey, come forward and tell us what happened backstage.
LOL. I know that my curiosity is way over the top. Forgive me y'all.

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@WhitneyDesiree' I know for a fact he DID get down like more wil' than ya'll know! :)

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@Ariel...So r u sayin u know for a fact that Trey gets down like that?

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I don't believe he sleeps with all the women he pulls on stage.


To Trey those women could have been pretty. Never know. Heck I believe it's a big possibility he gets down like that.

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LMAO @ Tee!

@Ariel, you know what, I think, as with most celebs and men in general, I think in the beginning they sow their wild oats like crazy. Just jack-rabbitting it out. But after a while, it gets old. I'm sure if he came across a lady that he was attracted to on the right night & time, it would be on. But to just pick any ole random everynight to bang, that would be straight reckless and I don't see that in him anymore. I used to could imagine it, but not now.

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@Trey's_Tenshi and other naysayers........... Why do so many of you not "believe" he doesn't get down like that? And with that asked... how long have you been a fan?

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I don't think Trey is that kind of guy. Just as some of the other commenters; I believe he just gives them passes to meet him back stage.

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He might.... Those chicks arent the prettiest tho.... So I'm assuming he finds a prettier chick in the crowd to leave with.

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Lol @ Lisaleigh ok, def that! On a PPP Tour
"Massage" video I recently viewed on YouTube, a fan he had massage was asked if Trey met her back stage like he told her he would. She said she went back stage w/ his bodyguard and stayed until the end of the show. After that, Trey left! So all I know is he DIDNT have sex w/ her, lol!

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I doubt it. It's all for entertainment purposes.'s picture

No! I don't Trey dose that. Hey may give them back stage passes. Trey really dose not come across that type of guy.

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No...from my understanding he gives them passes to meet him backstage afterwards!

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@lisaliegh which women

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Probably not those girls but definitely women from his concerts.

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