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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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*clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clapl, clap, clap, clapl clap, clap, clap*
Great job Essence......I was gone for a minute and was missing my story!! I'm back and sooooo glad that I am......this jant is off tha chain!! *country trey voice* Can't wait for the next entry!! I hope they find that crazy hoe.....with the quickness....and what the hell else could have happened between her and Trey?

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everytime i think i got this story figured out u go the opposite direction i love it cant wait for the next entry!!!

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I'm glad that you decided to keep this story going. It is very interesting and well put together. The thing I really like about this post is that I can come to the same one all of the time. I don't have to search all over the site for the next part. This story is coming along very nicely, continue the good work. Now back to business; next post please!!!

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Thank u essence 4 posting...oh damn where the hell crazy ass jasmine at.. glad 2 c ur feeling better.. next post plzzzzz

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Essence you are doing GREAT Love The Stories And the way it is becoming its own little world

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Heyyy!! Thanks for all the comments. To me this story is taking on a life all it's own. I don't even know what's going to happen next. I've been so distracted and sometimes I don't even feel like writing, but when I do, the story just comes out, and when I read it just before I'm about to post, I think to myself, "What the hell is going to happen next?" I'm trying to keep it interesting. I'm glad you all still like it.

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Entry 29 cont'd
"She must have done all of that just to distract me so she could inject me with something, cuz the last thing I remember before I woke up was seeing her breasts in my face and feeling a pinprick on the back of my neck. Y'all know the rest." Eric concluded.
The story made sense. Jasmine would have done anything to get her way that night. The only thing I'm confused about is why she did it all in the first place. Why wait until we were in Chicago to pull something like that? It wouldn't have gotten her any closer to Trey. He had been on his date here in New York. And what was it that she had wanted to tell me about Trey? She mentioned that there was something about their break up that she was still burnt about. She also said that Trey was around other women a lot when he was out working. She had implied that more was going on than just work.
I had left her room in such a hurry because I didn't want to hear her throwing dirt on my baby's name. I guess, at the time, I was afraid that I would find some validity in whatever it was that she was going to say.
Dr. Soaca walked in and began to examine me and to ask me questions about how I was feeling. I told her that I was feeling much better and more energized.
"That's good. The fluids are working. You were extremely dehydrated the other night, so I adminstered an I V with fluids that will help replaace the electrolytes you lost. Also, I gave you an antiboitic because you had a fever and a cut on your leg." She looked down at a small bandage on my leg, next to my ankle. She peeked in on the wound and she was happy that it had begun to heal.
"The toxicology report states that you were drugged with MDMA the drug commonly known as ecstasy. There was also traces of another drug, very similar to ecstasy called MDA. It's commonly known as the love drug. That drug was found when your nostril was swabbed. Do you remember sniffing anything that night?" Dr. Soaca asked me as she checked my pupils
I shook my head, no.

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jasmine is crazy!!

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oh snap hope they find this bitch and whoop her ass til the white meat show

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Entry 29 cont'd
"Dude said she even took care of the tip. She gave him twenty dollars. He ain't even know he was being bribed." Eric said.
The guy left the cart with Jasmine, but before he left, he made sure to knock and announce his presence. When he heard Eric tell him to leave the cart by the door, he opened the door with his master key and he just left.
Jasmine is a clever bitch. She must have known that Eric was alone in the room. She scammed her way to access into the room, but she didn't want to be just waiting around when Eric came out of the bathroom, so she left the food in the room, went back into the corridor, then a few minutes later she knocked on the door, pretending to be looking for me.
"How did she end up drugging you?" Ma asked.
"She musta put something in my drink while I was in the bathroom. I didn't notice a strange taste or anything, but I did start to feel sleepy. I thought it was the 'itis' kicking in, y'know?"
I nodded, and I could understand completely. I've already come to the conclusion that Jasmine must have drugged me the day of the business dinner.
"She went into the bathroom and she was in there for a while. After I ate, I remember tryna stay up so I could keep an eye on her." Eric looked down at the floor for a moment. He looked up at us and said that he had to admit something to us.
"When Jasmine finally came out of the bathroom, she had her blouse open. It was unbuttoned all the way down. She came up to me all flirting and what not. I don't know why, but I didn't try and stop her when she started kissing me. I remember thinking that we should stop before you came back up to the room." Eric said to me.
He avoided direct eye contact with us as he explained how Jasmine had coaxed him over to his bed. He remembered them laying down together.
"Did you sleep with that girl?" Daddy asked pointedly.
"No, Mr. DuRay, I did not sleep with that girl. She caught me off guard when she came out showing me her breasts." Eric said.

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Entry 29 cont'd
Daddy held out his hand to Eric and they shook firmly as Daddy said,
The other night I said some things that I'm not proud of myself for saying. Your record with the company is impeccable, and you've been a valued employee and friend. I apologize for-"
"Naw, Mr. DuRay. Naw. You did what you did what you had to do. This is your daughter we're talking about. You left me in charge of her well being and I messed up. But I promise to make it up to all of you." Eric looked at each of us, his eyes filled with sincerity. He then continued his story.
He told us that when they couldn't find Jasmine on the registry, he wanted to find someone who could vouch for her presence at the hotel. He'd asked a few of my co-workers and my boss. He said that one person thought he knew who Eric was talking about, but he couldn't give a clear description of Jasmine. By that time, the police had begun to swarm the swarm the hotel. Eric said that he had cooperated with the Chicago Police as best he could.
"When I told them that I thought I had been drugged, they wanted me to get checked out by a doctor, or at least go down to the precinct to file a complaint. I didn't wanna leave, though, cuz there was still a chance that you were in the building. I kept tryna figure out who else coulda seen that Jasmine chick. Then, I remembered that she came up to the room around the same time room service came up, so I asked them if the same staff was still on duty."
Eric said that the hotel manager located the guy who had brought Eric's order up to the room.
"Dude told me that when he got up to the room, Jasmine was standing there, going through her purse. She said she lost the room key. Then she asked if the order he had was for her husband."
Jasmine had tricked the guy into thinking that she was sharing the room with her husband. She told him that she would bring the cart into the room, if he would open the door for her. The guy was hesitant at first, but Jasmine gave my name as hers.

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keep em comin

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lol eric so animated

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cant wait for the nxt 1!!! lol BTW I just created a new twitter for the entire Songz follow and spread the word!! *SmoOchez* @TreySongzGlobal's picture

next entry plz i loved it but it wasnt enough!!

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LOL eric funny as hell..

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Finally my addiction is being met. Write Essence write!

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Entry 29 cont'd
Eric told me that his first thought when he awoke and he didn't see me in the room, was to go to Jasmine's room.
"I didn't know her room number, so I went downstairs to ask and they told me that they didn't have anyone by that name registered at that hotel. You know I started to bug out in my head. I was like 'Yo, where the fuck did they go.'"
I laughed at the puzzled look on Eric's face as he recounted his story to me. He laughed too.
"Word. I was like 'yo why Essence didn't wake me up and tell me where they was going?'"
"Then I was like, 'Oh shit, how long was I sleep?'" Eric said that it was about a quarter after nine at that time.
He said he went up to the room to look for clues.
"I was like 'Yo, I know sis had to leave me a note or somethin'" He laughed again, then he said,
I told him everything I could remember about that night. He was shocked that she had gotten into the room, he was even more shocked that he had slept through everything as far as Jasmine drugging me, getting me dressed and taking me out of the room. He said that when he had gone to the doctor, he was told that he had traces of some kind of tranquilizer in his blood stream.
"I don't know how shorty did it, unless she musta put it in my food or something. Oh that's another thing, when I asked them funny ass mother fuh - well you know what I meant to say." Eric cut himself off as my parents entered the room. He continued his story in rated PG style.
"Yeah, when I was asking them to tell me Jasmine's room, and they said she wasn't registered, I asked them to look on their surveillance tapes, cuz I knew they had to have at least one shot of her coming through that lobby. They didn't wanna do it without the police being involved, so that's when I had to call you, sir." He addressed my father.
He grinned as he continued.
"Yo, your Pops is a bad ass muh-fuher." He mumbled the last word, but we all knew what he meant.
"Oh I admit, he cursed me out. He was mad as hell."

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Go ahead and post the rest girl, got me all waiting.

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dying of anticipation waitin on the next post

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Essence plzz post soon ur killing me,lol...


OMGAWD!!! just caught up on the last 15 entries : ) it had me crying for a minute lol...this story is A M A Z I N G!!!

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Damn - I'm only at page 24 & at Entry 10. I got A LOT of catching up to do! Been M.I.A. for some time working on the LuvGasm fan fiction site. This story is dope as hell! Love it. Well, I've been reading for 2 1/2 hours. It's 4:30 in the morning. Time for bed. Will read more tomorrow (or today actually). Hope I catch up soon. LOL

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Essence what are you wanting on c'mon and put so more out there. That heifer is crazy as all get out!

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nooooooooooooooooooo! i got up to the top and was maaaaddd there wasnt another entry!! essence soon please. lol and i hope they skin that crazy tramp jasmine! essence shoulda handled her differently a long time ago!

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Damn this bitch is somethin serious on the crazy scale lol

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c'mon next entry essence

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I told yall that chick was bonkers! Just catching Up, I'm on entry 27!