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on Apr 9, 2011 - 01:06AM
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Lol......I love the eye to eye contact from Trey.......too funny!

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i luv this interview because he was laughing almost couldnt stop, I love to see him laughing and have a good time he has alot of responcbility so its good to see, we all know he can be goofy as hell and i like it, this was refreshing, i like when he told her no I'm not singing just listening, he's had other interviews with her before but this is a good one.

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LOOOL, he's tooo cuteee ! LOOL X

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I'm mad that he said he would have done something with the Queen a long time ago.'s picture

Just watched the interview and I agree Trey was definitely feeling her. She was keeping her composure I give her that but I'm sure she was feeling him too! The ending was really cute too! :) Trey is a mess! LOL's picture

I'll have to watch the interview when I get hom from work!

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lol I noticed his face when she showed the lady's picture.'s picture

LMAO hilarious. If he was just being himself on that interview well wow(good way). Funny part he siad I'm not gonna sing just listen" cracked me up *kneee slapper.

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did n e 1 catch her face win he said "I like her" when she was showing trey the pictures. she was tottally caught off gaurd lol. it was like he was pickin out a girl lol

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i cant stop watching it lol hes so beautiful! lol

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Lol Trey made me laugh :)

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Trey is so goofy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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......HIGH... lmao

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LOL Trey is a mess. I laughed so hard at this interview. She held her composure better than me because I would have died of laughter. SMH

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Lol! I think Trey took a lil puff puff pass! lmao! But we all know he's silly as hell!

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its not even that trey i have an english accent too

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naw this is jokes i think he was tryna distract her
and being bad i love the end when he's like naw i'm listening to it
looool maybe him and donate were drinking at merah i think that was taken the day after lool if this was a tuesday

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nthng is wrong he loves women & he liked her. thats y he was looking @ her like that. #mrstealyogirl wat can b said.

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She’s wearing red lipstick and she's pretty, sexy, and as composed as ice. Trey is enjoying this along with clipped British accent which comically adds to the picture.... He is seeing things he likes. I think he got a kick out of the fact that even with his best flirtations,, he couldn’t get her flustered. Then after showing his love faces for the three photos., he showed his love face in response to her. “I love you. I love you too. Very cute indeed.

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lmfao Trey make me laugh! lol's picture

Oh my god Trey was high as the sky.... Funny very funny

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i think trey was high as a kite on this interview. this was funny as hell

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This was too funny! I don't think Trey was drunk - I think Trey was being his regular goofy, flirtatious self! I enjoyed seeing this - thanks for posting it!

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LOL. Yes, he was definitely something! And I don't think he necessarily "wanted" her. Some ppl are just extremly flirty & like someone else said, it could have also acted as a detraction. W/o him being extra, the interview would have been extremely dry & boring, so thank goodness he acted up. :)

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smh lmao trey is a mess

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Whats wrong w/ Trey...hahaha! Trey just being himself, lmao! I dont think he was drunk at all. I laughed during the entire interview. Trigga in full force! I know he wanted to jump ole girl's bones, the way he kept looking at her & laughing, flirted heavily w/ her, then what he told her at the end, hehe! Go Trigga!

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I saw this on Tumblr. Funny. He was his usual silly flirty mood.