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Whats ur fav Trey Songz Song Ever!


  • Whats ur fav Trey Songz Song Ever!
    April 25, 2011

    Been thinking abt this ... torn between Can't be friends Say ah I invented Sex Love lost ... oh I can't even answer my own Question!!!

UkSongzFanz's picture
on Apr 25, 2011 - 03:07PM

Been thinking abt this ... torn between Can't be friends Say ah I invented Sex Love lost ... oh I can't even answer my own Question!!!

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UkSongzFanz's picture

Ive got TreyDay at last ... cant wait for Trey to release his singles here in the UK!!! We miss him ... : ((

MyLifeAsNiecy's picture

Wow this is hard! I think I'll say All the If's

stlgirl4lyfe2010's picture

in this order
it would be you
jupiter love
never enough time
made to be together
we should be's picture

It is hard to pick just one..... I would have to say is from a womans had.....

quaboomp's picture

Love Lost is my favorite :)

Bobbi_'s picture

I can't believe I forgot about It Would Be You.

UkSongzFanz's picture

I have just ordered Trey Day ... can't wait for it to arrive. Got his other albums ... its a pain havin to order them from America as they take ages to get to the UK! Im goin see if I can listen to the songs I don't know on youtube. Thanks!

lisaleigh30's picture

We Should Be : Trey Day
Best vocals he has ever presented in my opinion.

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

there's 2 many 2 just choose 1. but ummmmm idk. mayb we should b and it would b u

Rolanda4's picture

I would have to say On Top and Kinda Lovin

Bobbi_'s picture

Flatline is the business!! My favorite would be out of "Neighbors Know My Name" and "Made To Be Together." "In the Middle" was one of my first favorites by him though.

UkSongzFanz's picture

Ashamed to say I don't know either of those???

brownc3cbrown's picture

my fav trey songz song is "together" or "flatline" ..this a hard ?

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