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Who was your favorite artist BEFORE Trey?


  • Who was your favorite artist BEFORE Trey?
    April 25, 2011

    Gosh, I don't even remember.... the past is really fuzzy cuz Trey dominates my mind. HA!


    How about you? I'm curious what's your musical background before Trey came into the picture?

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture
on Apr 25, 2011 - 07:35PM

Gosh, I don't even remember.... the past is really fuzzy cuz Trey dominates my mind. HA!


How about you? I'm curious what's your musical background before Trey came into the picture?

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nequa_3's picture

B2K I LOVED THEMMMM lol when they broke up i was so sad and bow wow

prays4TREMAINE's picture

oh and as a lil girl BabyFace!!! i wore that tape out!

prays4TREMAINE's picture

not was still is MJJ, Stevie Wonder, and Ne-Yo then Trey ...but Justin Timberlake used to b in there and Marques Houston was there during middle school...nice question!

yesenia's picture

I was pretty much in love with Tyrese. Then changed my mind and went to Jamie Foxx. Every since then it's been all Trey.

cara2012's picture

DAY 26, robin thicke usher, marques houston ginuwine. in that order

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Yes MJ is the best.

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I had four favorites = Giuwine, Joe, Babyface & Avant! I still support them & buy their music. It's very few artists that I have all their music, but I have all their stuff. Love them to pieces!

While Trey is my favorite R&B singer at the moment, still my all-time favorite (unreplaceable...expands across all music genres) is Michael Jackson. His music is timeless & even if he will never have another album (unless he pulls a Tupac), what he has on the shelf now will outlive anything FOR ME that has already been done or will ever be done in my lifetime. When I say I love Michael Jackson's music - trust and believe that I do. No one touches him in my eyes!

mii_sunflower's picture

i was in LOVE with nelly in middle school i mean if u knew me then u knew he was the 1, it was crazy and i had a lil somthing for que from day 26 but nothing like trey

TEETIMME's picture

Asgree w/ ROS! I had just gone to a GL concert, along w/ JE, Avant (wuz majorly in luv w/ him), Brian McKnight, J.O.E. (sexy bald-headed ass, umppp), Genuwine (only his music) & Jodeci.

Big fans of them all! I wuz also into Usher (confessins wuzs the CD!!!), Tyrese, Maxwell, Jaheim, Mario, Robin Thicke, Pleasure P/Pretty Ricky, Omarion/B2K(he wuz cute & sexy as heck), Marques Houston (naked had me), wuz still listening to R. Kelly, Ne-yo, TANK (still luv him) & Bobby Valentino! Mr. Ray J had also stepped on the scene & I wuz liking his One Wish & Wait a Minute. Hes sexy too, hehe! I like all their music, but none of them, I mean none, well maybe TANK, can compare to the sexiness & talent of Mr. TreySongz! When he stepped onto the scene, I forgot about all them, lmao!

I liked CB too, but he came out w/ Run It during the fall of 2005, when Trigga came out in the early summer of 2005, so I wuz jammin Trigga FIRST! I like CBs music bc I can dance to most of his music.

mrs.Neverson_41's picture

at first it waz USHER but eva since 05 itz been da love of mii life TREMAINE NEVERSON!

TreysQuietAngel's picture

I use to love me some Ginuwine! (Still do, just not as much as I love me some Trey) Other artist that I liked before Trey are B2K, Imajin, the young Bow Wow (always disliked grown up Bow Wow), IMx, Mario, Neyo, Dru Hill, Playa, Chris Brown, B5, Jodeci, Silk, Robin Thicke, Usher, and Tevin Campbell of course!

NELLZ's picture

b2k...well we all know what happend with that haha & ginuwine..

TREYed UP's picture

Bow Wow. I still go hard for him tho

trinaa33 WiseAngel's picture

My favorite was Ginuwine before Trey and I went just as hard for him as I do for Trey now. People say I just threw G away when I ran across Trey. Damn Trey just be dominating peoples ears and heart!

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@TreyDee OMG B5.... I used to like them alot. They fell the fxck off right away, tho! :(

TreyDee's picture

Fabolous, 50 Cent, the regular ones..

TreyDee's picture

Omarion and he still is, Ray J, B2K (Just for Omarion though), Chris Brown, Diddy!! To much to name Omg B5 lol

TREYZONELOVE_2's picture

I use to be in love with Ginuwine whwen he first came on the scene. But other than that there was no one and I was surprised at how I fell so hard for Tremaine.

mrz_Songz_4_eva's picture

Befor i heard Trey i was a really big fan of usher and T.I !
I still am a huge fan of usher but Tremainz my favourite !

WhitneyDesiree''s picture

I use 2 be a HUGE Bow wow fan!

vita's picture

hmmm idek i was never really into an artist this much. i love music, so, i enjoy many different songs, of different genre and artists, but really too sign up on a site n b checking it daily n make overseas calls on my phone just to hear his voice n stuff. nawh

Essence711's picture

I enjoyed a lot of male artists and groups before Trey came out. As a matter of fact, I liked everybody that @Rolanda named, and Usher, Dru Hill and Boyz II Men, Tevin Campbell, Gerald Levert, Tupac and Biggie.
Of course, I would have had to have been born in this century, if I couldn't say that I also LOVED New Edition, Prince, and Michael. Dag, I was listening to them before Trey was even born...Wow I'm old. LOL.
But the way I loved Ray J was similar to how I feel about Trey now, and when I liked B2K, I was really into guys who dance. Stomp The Yard is my all time favorite movie about guys who dance. I'm watching that right now, as a matter of fact. There's just something about fine ass black men that can dance. Then again, there's something really sexy about the ones who can sing...

ros's picture

MUST SAY GERALD LEVERT.......'s picture

Before Trey I was a big fan of Boyz II Men, Dru Hill. Now and for ever Trey is my number one.

Rolanda4's picture

Well as far a male artists goes I will always and forever support Usher.. And I've continuously supported Trey every since he's been on the scene.. Outside of them the other artists in my ipod are Tyrese, Maxwell, Jaheim, Mario, Justin Timberlake/Insinc, Silk, Jodeci, Robin Thicke, Pleasure P/Pretty Ricky, Omarion/B2K, Bow Wow, Marques Houston, R Kelly, Lloyd, Chris Brown and basically any artist with great music just because I love music in general. But as far as spending loot to meet and greet.. Trey and Usher are the only two artists that has ever gotten that type of love from me.. Now the ultimate artist Prince can still get my money when he goes on tour.. "no doubt about that".

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@cuttgurl609: I stopped watching videos for a long time too. I guess as you get older they aren't as interesting. But I do like watching Trey's videos.

CutTiGurl609's picture

Oh yea I almost forgot but before Sisqo it was that boy group Imajin. I don't know if ya'll are familiar with them but they had a short career but I do think if it was longer I would have supported them heavy I had posters in my room and I listened to their ONE cd everyday after school lol

CutTiGurl609's picture

Lol @ Essence

CutTiGurl609's picture

I didn't really have a fav male artist before Trey. I'm a singer and I love music but I actually stopped listening to the radio and stopped watching videos on my own until Trey really hit me. I didn't like wut music had become.

I did listen to certain artist like, I've bought Usher, Chris Brown, B2k, Pretty Ricky cd's but thats about it. Michael was always my all time fav but he wasn't really puttin too much out. Kelly Rowland still is my fav female artist. I am Beyonce lol at least thats wut i think when i'm dancin or singin along with her music.

Oh yea but back in the day when i was like 14 I was in love wit some........ SISQO "Yeeeeaaaaaa Yeaaheeeaaaa Yeeeeeaaa!!!!" lol He used to sing his butt off but he became a Diva and uggghhhh i can't stand a Diva especially a male Diva

JesusIsMySavior's picture

LOL@Essence I actually like the family show too.