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Trey's 3 Way Kiss On Stage In London

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@Essence711 glad i aint alone on this!

treysongz really does need sum1 2watchout for him and APPARENTLY the unit slippn soooo

i think everyweek a new angel should get that job, make sure he eats, get a gud rest stay healthy you know all that cuz uhhh

that flab ... :/ lol he still luks gud dnt get mii wrong btta ...

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I'm glad to see that you guys feel the way I do as far as the jealousy. I mean, I really felt my face getting hot. I was like, "Yo, WTF! What is he doing?" I had to turn away for a second and slowly count from ten! No lie! Sorry I missed the beast, but I can't watch that again. Trey looked too turned on. That sexy freak! LOL.
OMG! you are so right! Trey without his six pack is just wrong!! A while back I saw another video of him without his shirt and I was like he's gaining weight! I was happy for him, but then again, I was like, no no no! Who the hell is supposed to be taking care of him? He needed rest, he was losing his voice, and they weren't even making time for him to do his morning crunches?!!
I love Trey no matter what, but while he's on tour, he needs someone to really look out for his health and well being. I know he's grown, but he's not too grown to be looked after. Nobody is.

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@CutTiGurl609 Really?? You can't put yourself in one of those ladies shoes and fantasize for a minute? I know I did n I was LOVINNNN it!

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lmao all you ladies are too funny. And I refuse to look at that stupid video again lol not even to see the beast. i didn't even watch the whole thing the first time I just couldn't I felt betrayed lol

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OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH is going on over there in London. Trey u is showin out over there

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1st concern when wwatchin: Did anyone catch trey's damn-near non-existin 6 pack!?!!?! THIS IS CODE RED

You knw he natuarlly little ik he been touring like crazy bt dayum! lol jp i'd love trey if he was 300 pounds lol

2ND MAJOR CONCERN: WTF! Im highly pissed , idl this ish 1 bit! He ova there turning bitches out and ish!

Let jus b real 4 .04 sec. THIS IS TREY SONGZ we talkin bout here. He CLEARLY SMASHED!!! not okk

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all i can say is OOOOOOOOOO Shit trey lmao's picture

Dang, now I have to go back and look to see "the beast"! LMAO How did I miss that? LOL There's a longer version on youtube. I'll post that when I get home; or someone can post it if they want.

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Lol@Nina! IKR! I wanna feel his lips on me, bahaha (any part of the body would do) bahahaha! lol!
@Ariel yeah I saw the beast making his appearance! Thats why he had to back away, lol!

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Right @Tee..Trey know better--All freaky things can be done in the United States too. As many angels out there that want one on one with him, will take a 3some, 4some,

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loooool i went to the concert that this happened at
i was just laughing like trey seriously
and i dont think they got to meet him etc coz we met him after the show and like even the girls who were on the stage dancing at the end wen he said bring fans on stage were waiting outside the venue and they werent there wen we met him if dat makes u feel better lol

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& do I see somethin pokin down there?

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

Wow I can FEEL the jealousy runnin through my veins right now. Hahaha so serious....
Those bishes lucky!

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damn trey. that's how u giving it up. wow! i know them chicks r happy as idk what :O

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IM WAYYY PISSED bc it wuznt me, lol! And jealous as heck! Why Trigga wont do stuff like that here in the states??!!! *walks away mumbling*

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Oooooo! Trey is nastyyyy! LOL.
Seriously, I just got a little jealous watching that. I think it's because if I had been one of those girls up there, I would have pushed that other girl away. Get off my man, Chick! LOL.
Trey would hate having a menage with me in it. LMAO.
Still, I love seeing his freaky side come out. He's just so bold with it.

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something tell me that they got more then a backstage pass lol

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WOW!!! Is all I can say. SMH

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Hmmmm somebody ws a little horny that night. I have the same feelin as you @ lisaleigh

"Looks like I got me a couple freaks!" lol no it looks like they got themselves one big FINE famous freak.... lol

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Stop it lisaleigh. LOL

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Damn Trey how in the hell do you continue to turn me on through the damn stage. That boy betta stop playing and I have a feeling those ladies did get more than a backstage pass. I'm just sayin!


omfggggggggggggg lmaooooooooooooo