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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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Entry 34
Wowieeeee. I just finished sexting Trey. Mmm, now I'm really turned on, and so is he. The countdown begins now...
I told my parents that I didn't need anything after we had dinner. I told them to go home and get some alone time.
"You guys need it. You've been great to me. I owe you both trips to the spa." I hoped they couldn't tell that I was trying to get rid of them.
Oh yeah, let me write about what happened at dinner right quick.
Nicole came over and she got to meet everybody, my parents, CoCo, Charles and Eric. She was really efficient, and she had a positive attitude. After she got to know our family a little better, she said that she was confident that she would be able to portray our family as a close, loving unit. She asked for information about my education, career goals and accomplishments, and dating history. She assured me that she would only use the information for her own records. She said that she was going to prepare for a press conference and she wanted us to gather as many family supporters as possible. She also said that she wanted to see the videos of me that were posted.
At first I was embarrassed to have my parents view my behavior that night. Nicole assured me that whatever I had done that night was not of my own volition. The drugs had made me do it.
She told me that anyone could tell that Jasmine had orchestrated the whole thing. We also came across a video of me fighting.
I couldn't believe myself. I was standing in the middle of the street, screaming at this girl who claimed to be Trey's girlfriend. We called each other hoes and bitches. Those words were the mildest of the slew of curses that came out of my mouth that night. I apologized repeatedly to my parents.
The girl and I continued to argue until she told me that whenever I kissed Trey, I'd be tasting her. I went off and tried to make her taste the pavement. Then this big guy came out of nowhere and pulled me off of the girl. He carried me away and the crowd boo'd him.

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Entry 33 cont'd
I told my mother to tell me everything, like how it began, who was the guy, why had she decided to have an affair in the first place. I was really upset, but Ma just smiled at me and told me that she was just kidding. I didn't believe her.
"You think that I would cheat on your father?" She asked me.
I told her that I hoped that she wouldn't, but then again, who am I to judge? All I know is for about five minutes, I felt like the life was sucked out of me.
"Essence, I am not, nor will I ever, cheat on your father. I have always loved him, and I always will." She said.
I looked deep into her eyes. She looked back at me as if to ask, 'How could you doubt me?'
"I'm sorry, Ma. After this crazy week, I'm liable to think that anything's possible."
Ma understood and she told me she'd stop joking around like that. I told her that she didn't have to change. It's not her fault I'm so touchy about certain things. I thanked her for being here for me.
"I'm your mother, it's my job. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to go with your father on hiring a female bodyguard for you. If not full time, then for certain occasions for sure."
I didn't feel like getting into it with her, so I agreed reluctantly.
"Good." She said. Then she changed the subject and we started talking about redecorating my apartment.
She told me that we should get rid of all of my furniture and buy all new stuff.
"Starting with that recliner." She pointed at my chair.
"Ma, Trey and I love to do - Trey loves that chair. He says it's comfy!" I had almost blurted out that Trey and I love to do it in that chair. Shoo, I'm never getting rid of it.
Ma gave me the side eye look. "I bet he does." She said. She knew exactly what I had almost said. Oh well. She's lucky I didn't tell her about the dining room set she'd given me. That table sure is sturdy.
Which reminds me, I can't wait to see Trey tonight. I want to be with him so bad. Like RIGHT NOW! I hope he wants me too. I miss his lips on me...

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Who's Natalie? LOL

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man natalie is in a whole lot of trouble!!!

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Entry 33 cont'd
It wasn't easy, but eventually, I was able to talk him out of getting the female guard. I told him what I would be needing more than anything was spin control, because of my job. I don't want our clients at the firm to think of me as irresponsible and out of control.
"And what about you and Ma and CoCo? This could hurt you guys too."
Daddy told me that he had that under control too. He told me that he had hired a publicist for the family.
"Nicole Pierce. She was highly recommended by Trey." Daddy said.
I smiled because I know that Nicole is great at what she does. Even though she usually has clients in the entertainment business, Daddy has a lot of ties to that industry, so she won't be totally out of her element.
He told me that he had contacted her and she would be here this evening to meet with the family. I'm excited because I consider her to be a friend, and I'm looking forward to seeing her.
Ma said that it's too soon for me to go out in public, even if I'm feeling better, because the press is ready to pounce on me for my side of the story. She said that we could have dinner here in my apartment.
"I'll make dinner, ok?" Ma asked as if she needed my permission, which I thought was funny because she's practically moved in here already. She's been here everyday fussing over me and supervising Nurse Sonia. I told her to do her thing.
"You know this is your home away from home now. This can be your little ghetto hide away." I told her.
"It's not ghetto over here." Ma said and she waved her hand as if she were dismissing the notion.
"What? Not MY mother getting used to the West Side. You must have found yourself a little boyfriend around here or something." I teased her.
"I used to have a boyfriend around here before I met your father. His family owns a deli on Seventh Avenue." She said nonchalantly.
I was surprised. I asked her if she was having an affair, I was joking, but Ma winked at me. I couldn't believe it! Not my mother. Cheating on daddy!

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Entry 33 cont'd
I asked Daddy if he'd been getting any negative feedback from his business associates and he just shrugged and told me that he didn't give a damn about what people said. He said that as long as it didn't affect his money, let them talk.
"If you're worried about how people will be talking about you, don't worry, I've got it covered. We've already alerted the press that if they print or report one word about you that isn't true,
I'm going to sue their asses."
Of course he would. Daddy can be a shark when he needs to be. I told him that I wasn't worried about the major press. I already know that those blogs are going crazy.
Daddy told me that as long as I didn't believe in them, then nothing they could say could hurt me.
I haven't had the courage to go back and check online to see what people are saying about me. They hate me enough already. I could just imagine the venom that Nosey Ms. Rosey is spewing about me.
Daddy told me that he had someone look into the blog sites that I showed him, and he said that unfortunately, nothing can be done about the negativity they've been dishing out about me. Even if they photograph me, there's nothing that can be done as long as I'm on public grounds. He told me that if I begin to receive threats, or if I notice that I'm being stalked, then something can be done.
"Stick close to your bodyguards. Never let them out of your sight for a moment, and always make sure they stay together. No more single guard duty for them. As a matter of fact, I'm going to hire a female guard for you now as well. "
When Daddy said that, I had to protest. I didn't need another person following me around.
Daddy argued a female guard would be able to keep a closer eye on my surroundings, for instance, in the public ladies rooms.
"Daddy, no! Do you really think that I need someone watching me while I pee?" I asked. He knew that I knew what he'd meant by his statement, so he just gave me a look.
"You need more protection." He said.

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All I wanna is WHO THE HELL IS DEBBIE?????????


Yo Essence I love the whole father daughter moment and the fact that your daddy has the utmost respect for Trey now. Trey did his thang for you boo...

Enjoy and love ya man now....NOW DO YOU TRUST HIM???????????????

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i want jasmine to get beat up!!!

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haha lol @ "that punk biiiaaatch" I know that not how u said it but that how it played in my head as i read it lmao

aww essence is so lucky she has like the perfect life. good man good parents one close sister and a couple close friends a great job and apparently good looks

i think Trey and I.... I mean Trey and Essence should get married lol

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awwww. that father-daughter moment was soooo sweet. and mmmm hmmm. of course jasmine's punk ass got her phone cut off and her # changed. she knows everybody looking 4 her so they can wax that ass. lol

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Entry 33
I asked Daddy what had made him feel that he needed to fly out to Chicago to look for me that night. He said that shortly before he got the call from Eric about my disappearance, he had gotten word from the lab he'd sent the flowers to. He said that the petals on the flowers had been sprinkled with a drug that had high hallucinogenic properties. Whom ever had sent the flowers, was surely trying to poison me.
He said that to him, my being missing, and the last person who could have seen me was Jasmine, was too much of a coincidence for him. He said that when Charles had first told him that Jasmine had been the one who'd brought the flowers to my apartment, he didn't want to leave anything up to chance. He'd had his private investigator find out everything about Jasmine.
"I know that she and Trey used to date. I even know about the baby they almost had together." Daddy said as he gave me a hug.
"Boy. I know that news must have been hard for you to take, huh?" He said.
I was honest with him when I told him that at first I had been very jealous and insecure about the whole situation.
"As a matter of fact, Trey and I were on a break before all of this went down. I just needed a little time to figure some things out, you know?"
"Of course, I know, dear. I think that you did the right thing. Actually, Trey has also told me about you two being on a break at the time, and I must say that I totally underestimated him in the beginning. I didn't take his feelings for you serious enough. I was wrong, and I apologize." Daddy gave me a squeeze and held me the way he used to when I was a child.
"I'm certainly glad that I raised you to be your own person. You really have made a lot of good decisions in your life. You don't disappoint me one bit."
To hear my father say those words to me made so happy. I only hope that with all that has happened to me, he's able to keep his head held high in the world of business. He's highly respected. I'd die if that ever changed.

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Entry 32 cont'd
Eric told me that Trey wasn't mad at me.
"He could tell that you was out of it. He just wrapped his jacket around you and held on to you.
Everybody was glad to have you back, but they really wanted to know where the hell was Jasmine."
"Who was I out there fighting in the street with?" I asked. Could it have been Jasmine?
Eric said that he didn't know who it was, but Dave had told him that he had only seen me out there. Dave had been questioned by the police, but he couldn't remember seeing Jasmine.
The police had tried to question me too, but I wouldn't cooperate. The only thing I had said about Jasmine was that she had better bring me back my purse and my earrings.
I shook my head. At a time like that, all I could think about was material things? How many times had I come close to being beaten up and left alone in the street or some cold, dark place in Chicago? Why the hell had Jasmine left me out there like that? Punk bitch probably hauled ass when the fight started. I've tried several times to reach her on her cell phone this week, but her phone isn't taking calls at this time.
Eric told me not to feel bad about worrying about my items. He said that because I was so adamant about getting my things back, that it prompted the police to write up a report on my stolen bag and earrings.
"That gave the police something to charge and arrest her for. They couldn't bring her in for drugging us because they needed physical proof. At the time, we had no idea where you and Jasmine had gone, or what you had done. You didn't tell them that she had brought you out against your will, so it just looked like y'all went out and you got trashed." Eric said.
Eric also told us that at one point I had passed out. He said that Trey had carried me out to the car they had come in, and they took me straight to the hospital.
"I stayed behind with the cops so they could check the room for clues. Then I packed our stuff and went to the airport."
All I can say is WOW.

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Girl Trey don't be mad at Essence long, All tha shit she has done, that nigga love her dirty draws!

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Entry 32 cont'd
Eric said that Trey had also called other people he knew in Chicago, the DMV area and here in New York to give them a heads up on Jasmine. He wanted them to get in touch with him if they happened to see her.
"Everybody was mad at me at the moment, so I was just tryna stay out the way, but at the same time I wanted to help find you too. I didn't wanna look like a even bigger fool than I felt, so I made a few calls. You know your dad has a bodyguard headquarters out there too. And two of my boys live out there. I started sending your picture out to the guys I knew would be working in the clubs as bouncers. One of my boys hit me back and said that he had just seen you down the block from him arguing with some broad. While we was talking, he said you and the chick started fighting. I told him to scoop you up and bring you over to the hotel. You was there in about fifteen minutes."
I had to get up and give Eric a hug. He had saved my life. I thanked him for doing so.
"Nah, I was doing my job. I mean I'm sorry it had to come to that, but that's why your father hired us. I'll tell you one thing, though. You funny as hell when you high. I don't mean to make fun of your condition at the time, but you totally lost it that night."
Eric said when his friend, Dave, had brought me into the hotel, he had had to practically carry me into the building. He said that I had thought that I was being arrested and that Dave had brought me down to the police station.
"You got a mouth on you young lady. You told so many cops to eat your you-know-what, you probably got some of them horny. Then you started threatening to sue all of Chicago. Then you spotted Trey and went in on him. You ain't ask him what he was doing there, all you wanted to know was, who was Debbie." Eric said. Charles was laughing like a hyena, and I laughed a little too. Inwardly, I really felt bad about my behavior. Daddy must have been so embarrassed.
"Oh my gosh! Was Trey mad at me?" I asked.

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Essence you gone be knocking Trey off for MONTHS ON END...KMSL...

Trey held it down like a real man should.



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lol. i bet he is essence. and tiffany kinda reminds me of my lil cuz. smh. lil kids r 2 grown nowadays. i can't wait til they find jasmine though. she nedds her ass beat. asap!

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lol @ Trey is going to get some!!!!!

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lmfaooo essence u a hot mess and tiffany reminds me of the lil fast girls tht went to my high school smdh i cant wait till yall cut tht bitch jasmine though *next entry plz*

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lol ur cuz tiff is a HOTT MESS luv her though..'s picture


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Claps tiff is a handful. I can't wait til they run up on Jasmine!

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lol Essence at your response but can't wait till they find that hoe and beat her ass and nothing else crazy happens

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Entry 32
Nurse Sonia has finally taken out my IV tube since I had the last bag of fluid while I was resting. Now I can walk around without feeling like a patient. I decided to play Monopoly with the guys. We kept the game lively because we were all cheating. When all of the hotels were bought and there was no more money left in the bank, Eric suggested that we play with our jewelry for collateral.
"Yeah, Ess, go pull out some of those nuggets you got." Eric said.
"Yeah, I know you got a rock or two you won't mind parting with." Charles said.
I shook my head. "Y'all not robbing me blind. I went through enough this week."
"Oh, speaking of rocks, Mr. DuRay has been calling Trey his son in law. You wanna tell us about your little secret engagement?" Eric said.
I was surprised. "I don't know what you're talking about." I told them.
Eric said that all week Trey and Daddy had been acting like best pals and he's been calling Trey, 'Son'. He said that Daddy and Trey have even been discussing doing business together.
"For real?" I was ecstatic. I really want for Daddy and Trey to get along.
Eric said that their new found friendship had began in Chicago. He said that when they had arrived, he couldn't tell who was more upset, Daddy or Trey.
He said that Trey and his bodyguards had stormed the lobby. Trey demanded to know who the manager was. He offered a reward to anyone who could provide information on mine and Jasmine's whereabouts.
"He made a phone call and got a list of different clubs and parties that were going on that night. He even got your boss to drive around the area and look for you." Eric said.
Tears of joy fell from my eyes. I'm so proud of my baby.
"Your father was handling it from the legal end of things. He had his lawyer on the phone and the chief of police was following him around like a puppy."
I tried to imagine the whole scene with Trey being authoritative and serious, and Daddy being cool headed, but formidable. Trey is gonna get some tonight. LOL.

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Entry 31 cont'd
"Did that bitch really try to kill you? I already talked to my girls, and we ready for her ass. My man said that he knows somebody who could find her for us." Tiffany was dead serious.
"Aw that's sweet, Tiff, but you and your friends don't need to get involved in this. And you can tell your, um, man? Uh yeah, tell him that Daddy and Trey already have that covered." I could barely get the words out because I was too busy trying not to laugh. Was I ever that young? Her MAN. LOL.
She went on to tell me that when they showed Jasmine's picture on the news, that one of her 'man's' -- LMAO! I can't! -- This girl is too much. Her BOYFRIEND'S sister said that she and Jasmine worked in the same building and that she would ask around and try to get a lead on her.
"You need to tell Daddy that information. When you do, don't say your 'man' is helping you. He won't take it the right way." I said.
Tiffany sighed. "When are you guys going to get that I'm grown? My parents know it. You guys should too."
"Tiffany, your parents don't think you're grown, that's why you're up here with us. They may give you a lot of independence, but they know that you still need a lot of watching over." I told her.
"Whatever. Like I was saying, he said that she'll ask around about her and try to find out where she lives, then we gonna go over there and beat that bitch down." Tiffany had a satisfied smile on her face.
"I appreciate you wanting to help me and all, but Jasmine is dangerous. No one knew that she was capable of doing what she did to me and Eric. I don't want to find out what else she's capable of. Please stay away from her." I told her.
"Okay." Was her reply, but I didn't believe her.
Eric knocked and came back into the room. Tiffany was in his face in a matter of seconds. She began to fawn all over him, asking him if he was alright. So much for her 'man'.
Eric looked at me for help. I just yawned and turned to go back to sleep.
"You ain't right at all." Eric chuckled.

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Entry 31
Good food, great people and the will to stay positive can take a lot out of you. After I ate, I felt like taking a nap. I only worried about my figure for about ten minutes, then I must have dosed off.
When I woke up, I saw Tiffany sitting in front of the mirror on my dresser. She was doing her hair. I also noticed that she was wearing some of my jewelry.
"You can have the bangle bracelets, but you have to put that charm bracelet back right now. Trey gave it to me." I told her.
She turned around and peered at me through her long bangs. She held up her wrist and admired what she saw.
"This is cute. I like the little sunglasses." She said about the charm bracelet. She slipped it off of her wrist and put it in my jewelry chest. She ran her hand over the necklace she had on. It was the one Daddy had given me with the little key on it.
"I guess I can't keep this, either." She said wistfully.
"You're so smart, you must get good grades in school." I said with a hint of sarcasm.
"Speaking of which, shouldn't you be in school right now?" I asked her.
She shrugged and told me that her last two classes weren't that important.
"You're lucky Daddy's letting you go to public school. He'd flip out if you were skipping out on the private education he'd be paying for."
"You mean that fortress he made you and CoCo go to? Man, I'd fuck the headmaster to get out of staying there all day." She covered her mouth and looked towards my open bedroom door, to make sure no one had heard her.
I almost laughed at her. She always acts so grown, yet she's still just this little kid. She was spoiled since the day she was born, but because her mother, my aunt Cleo, runs one of the restaurants in New Orleans, and her father, my uncle Bobby, has his own landscaping business, she was pretty much kept by nannies all of her life.
Now that CoCo and I are gone, my parents don't seem to mind keeping her for a while. Daddy's less strict with her than he was with us and she loves it.'s picture


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niceeeeee I wonder whats going to happen to Jasmine.

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Man u can't stop,aww so cute ya'll feeding each other...NEEXT POST PLZZZZ..

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Girl you got to keep it coming don't wait so long next time.