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r they believers of Christ on this site?


  • r they believers of Christ on this site?
    April 28, 2011

    is it wrong to fantasize about sex with trey?-i call it mental fornication or adultry, given the situation, n if given the oppourtunity, it can be physical.

    is it wrong to say i am Trey's Angel-am i worshiping him esp when i wear those shirts that say proerty of trey?-i am a believer of Christ and i'd like say i am a child of God, I've also vowed to  worship n serve him.

    i'll chastise u if u have something bad to about Trey, but i don't do the same for Jesus. it simply goes through one ear and out the other.  

    how do u think i can show my support, without doing this?


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on Apr 28, 2011 - 11:22PM

is it wrong to fantasize about sex with trey?-i call it mental fornication or adultry, given the situation, n if given the oppourtunity, it can be physical.

is it wrong to say i am Trey's Angel-am i worshiping him esp when i wear those shirts that say proerty of trey?-i am a believer of Christ and i'd like say i am a child of God, I've also vowed to  worship n serve him.

i'll chastise u if u have something bad to about Trey, but i don't do the same for Jesus. it simply goes through one ear and out the other.  

how do u think i can show my support, without doing this?


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HECK YES!!!! We woodnt be here without him!!! And trey woodnt be blessed with his georgeuos looks and beautiful voice :)

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I agree with a lot of the comment that was said. Everybody has their own relationship with God. No one is perfect we all have our faults, period. We all are sinners God is working on us all, let me speak for myself he is working on me. If you feel like its wrong to rep Trey the way you do then it is. I do think about am I worshiping Trey am I putting him before God. I pray about it and listen to God to speak to me and I realize sometime I do and that's when I pull back and put things into prospective. I know it was nobody but God that brought Trey into my life when he did, cause at the time I was going through some things and God used Trey to bring me through it and that I am grateful. I love Trey and I support him. However you choose to support him is up to you. Everybody should have their own unique relationship with God. Like @CutTiGurl609 said I know God sent Trey in my life and the lives of all these other beautiful women out there He said things in his interviews that has really helped me and others I thank God for that. I know that all Trey's blessings come from God and I'm sure he knows that to he has said it many times. You can see that he is a Spirit filled man and that's what drawed me to him I saw the love of God in him. You just spoke what a lot of us be thinking and I thank you for starting the discussion. One thing I do I speak up for my God, I might let you put Trey down Iisten I said I might let you put Trey lol. I am not going to let you put my GOD DOWN END OF STORY!Support him the way it makes you feel good about supporting him.

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@Numba1hon: I agree staying away from threads that can bring about un-godly thoughts is best.

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I just read my previous comment and it may come off angry but it wasn't at all. Please don't misinterpret the tone of that comment. When I read it I was thinkin like "Dang that sound angry. I wonder if they think it was. Let me tell them its not" lol

but I sure hope fantasizin is not a sin cause I really fantasize/think about things all the time whether it be good bad crazy sad or sexual and I really can't control that. it would really suck if I'm being faulted for something that I can't control. i feel like you can't control wut you think about but u can control wut you physical do. There is so much more I can say right now but like you said @vita this is not a typing/writing conversation to be gettin deep.

In my eyes Trey doesn't come close to God but I can say I do see him as someone that God may have set forth to make me feel good at a time that I needed it. He said things in interviews that has really helped and I thank God for that. I know that all Trey's blessings come from God and I'm sure he knows it as well.

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Continued. You may have to stay out of some of the threads on the board as they may upset you or you can enter the threads and promote Christian principles in a Christian-like manner as @JesusIsMySavior stated. You can also support Trey in his humanitarian efforts and try not to become obsessed with the stage persona of Trey Songz. A lot of it is just entertainment for our own sinful desires. Focus on his work ethic and journey instead of his most sexualized music and performances. He has other songs and/or videos that are great that are not as provocative as others. The music industry is a business. In some cases, you practically have to sell your soul otherwise you may wind up broke owing the record company very large sums of money when it is all over and they drop you because you are not profitable. Tremaine wants to help himself, and his family and give back to the community. So it is not all bad. He has a tattoo that says, “Nobody can judge me but God“. But I think you are saying Christians have a responsibility in it somewhere. Personally, I think you would be up against too much in here. But you might make people (including myself) think twice about what we are saying and/or doing or promoting. You are a brave one and I have to applaud you..

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These are verses cover fantasizing about sinful things..
James 1:13-16 13 And remember , no one who wants to do wrong should ever say, "God is tempting me." God is never tempted to do wrong, and he never tempts anyone else either. 14 Temptation come from the lure of our own evil desires. 15 These evil desires lead to evil actions, and evil actions lead to death. 16 So don't be misled, my dear brothers and sisters.

James 1:14-15
14 But each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. 15 Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin, and sin when it is fully grown brings forth death.

@Vita: We are humans so forgive us for our transgressions. He is single so fantasizing is mental fornication if sexual. An actual encounter is fornication and is a SIN in Christianity. Most of us are sinners already. You are probably right about the rest of it also based upon Christian principles and tenets if you interpret them seriously. The worst is that some celebrities are known to develop a God complex and some fans are known to worship celebrities. To remain a Christian on this site, I recommend that you try not to be obsessed to the point of thinking and doing something that is outside of your moral character. Keep the scriptures in mind so you are not led astray. I am sure you seek out, speak with and pray with like-minded Christians.

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Everybody has their own relationship with God. No one is perfect we all have our faults, period. We all may have different opinions about what a scripture means and we all interpret things differently. No one can tell u if your doing wrong but u and God. If you feel like its wrong to rep Trey like you do then its wrong. I'll tell you that I don't feel that way and until I feel like God is telling me it wrong than its not. And to your comment about debating about religion face to face.... ummmm thats the wrong thing to do it wouldn't be any better. Like I said before, everybody has or should have their own unique relationship with God.

I don't really like to get into the religious debate with people so this prolly will be the last thing I say but love God, get to know God, talk to God,and spread the word of God and you should be good and you'll get ur answer from God.

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well typing not writing

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@Tricia: uhhhmmmm he give u the talent that u may right fiction, yes but what kind of fiction, is there a spiritual lesson to be learnt? would God give a talent to right about something he despises? c'mon, i've been reading the book of Proverbs lately n they r many scriptures which basically instructs us to be wise not fools.

oh u said i am young n have a life, n i can't b holier than the almighty but that is why there is forgiveness. but if u abuse his mercy u shall bear his judgement. remember when Jesus died for our sins he could have said he has a life to live as well.

know what we should really meet up to talk about this pitty we are all to far apart. cuz this is just to much debating n writing

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I so agree w/ pritTbrowniiz!
I think Trey used "angels" as a metaphor bc hes always saying "w/o his fans, it wouldnt be a Trey Songz". We protect him, we go hard for him, we support him, not necessarily saying we idolize him, or worship him. IF you do start to idolize & worship him, then it would be a problem!

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I don't want to tell you are wrong but I'm sure God wouldn't be pleased with fantasizing after a man that isn't your husband. But you know many of us are guilty of it and as some of the ladies have stated these are things we have to work on. I guess it could be considered mental fornication.

Do you feel like you are worshiping Trey? If so than there is a problem. Now the Trey's Angels thing you can look at it as angels that God sent to protect and strengthen Trey. We all have them. :) Before anything else you are property of Christ. You know your relationship with God better than anyone else. God knows your heart.

So you have encountered many people saying negative things about Jesus? If you have a strong faith in God you should never be ashamed to defend God. Because in the end you don't want him to be ashamed to defend you.

How can you show support for Trey? Always keep him in your prayers. Continue to defend him in the most Christian way possible.

It's obvious this has been bothering you for awhile. Have you prayed about this matter? I think above all that we say here God is who you really need to speak to.

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Vita - I agree with SShorty & pritTbrowniiz - there is definitely a difference between worshipping and supporting. You should have a healthy balance in this life. You cannot be holier than thou 24/7. That's have to live.

My mom is a devout Christian and it was very hard for me to tell her about the stories (fan fictions) that I enjoy writing. My mom explained that God wouldn't have given me this talent unless he wanted me to use it. She then stated that she is a child of God and that is shown by the fruit she bares, but God also made her a woman. And as a woman she enjoys romance and eroticism. So she reads stories written by Zane and other artists but there is no obsession there. She doesn't put none of that before God. Now when you start putting Trey before God, then that's when you need to take a step back and deepen your relationship with Christ.

God doesn't want us sitting in church or praying 24/7. He wants us to enjoy our lives. God gave Trey the gift of song, and it's no more wrong to listen to Trey than to listen to Mary Mary. You just have to feed your soul a healthy balance. It all boils down to balance.

@gloriahzlv4trey - SShorty is definitely a supporter of Trey. I've been on the board for quite some time and she really does leave wonderful things about Trey on the board. I know some things strike a cord, but she enjoys his music. I believe that's also a picture of Aaliyah. And you're right, Jesus is still working on all of us! I need a lot of work. Hope I'm shining like a diamond when He's done. LOL

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Its funny you say your here to help young girls when you are dressed the the way you are in your pitcure,none of us are perfect but Jesus and he wll be working on each and every one of us untill we meet him,that includes you S Shorty. you must also support Trey or you wouldnt be making comments on his site you would not even entertain the idea of coming on to the site just to take a glimps so before you try to throw scriptures and help out anyone maybe you should cover up and look at yourself first. in jesus name

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@Vita [cont]

Regarding the point about chastising...maybe you don't feel you know Jesus as well as you do Trey?
But it's in our best interest to know about Jesus Christ
after all on Nissan 14, which fell on April 17, 2011, he shed his blood and died upon a torture stake
for you and for me, so we can have the opportunity of everlasting life...

Remember Jesus was & is one of the greatest man to ever walk this earth. He is more important than Trey Songz. He is more awesome than Trey Songz who is an imperfect sinner like you & me.

Just by remembering this and putting your like for Trey Songz in perspective...that's how you can show support for the artist and have a clean conscience with your Heavenly Father...

Jesus said it best "where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." (Matthew 6:21)

Reading God's Word daily is one way to get to know Jesus who was a perfect reflection of his Father. He said to know him, was to know his Father. (John 14:7)

Please feel free to look up both the quoted and cited scriptures in my replies and meditate on them.

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I'm glad you asked this question because I'm the perfect person to answer it. That's what I'm hear for to help young girls like yourself get over your obsession lol

but I'll let God's Word do the answering...

First, the question about fantasizing...what does the Bible say at Matthew 5 verse 28?

Jesus was giving his Sermon on the Mount and he said "everyone that keeps on looking at a woman [or a man] so as to have a passion for her has already committed adultery with her in his heart."

This backs up with the many principles in the Bible to keep our mind and our thinking clean.

It's funny you should mention that about the Trey's Angels because I recently responded to Anne B when she asked me why don't I become a Trey's Angel and I said I'm no body's "angel" lol. Basically, I don't like that whole implication...

I think it's wonderful that you believe in the Christ but we must be very careful when it comes to idolizing these celebrities...and these symbols & things because from the Almighty God's view point he will class that as idol worship. The book of Nahum (one of the minor prophets) chapter 1 verse 2 says, "Jehovah is a God exacting exclusive devotion."
Another scripture calls him "a jealous God" (Exodus 34: 14) meaning that he requires our exclusive worship...

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To your first point I don't think it's wrong to fantasize because your not hurting anyone. You're not intruding on anyones personal life marriage etc. where it could have that potential to become physical. Your just letting your mind run away like you would reading a good book. That's what an imagination is for.

When you wear his clothes and things that you've purchased are you looking at those things as symbols and worshiping them as you would God or are they just things that your wearing to show your support as a fan? That's the difference with worshiping him and being a supporter.

To your last point when your dealing with spirituality that's a whole different beast. I think you may tend to speak up for Trey a lot faster because it's more comfortable to you to have that discussion. I don't think it means that you care less about speaking up for Jesus because you probably do more than you think, but you may not beat that person over the head with it because of there belief or non-belief.

Don't read so much into being a fan of Trey. He is a child of God and we all can see the good in him which attracts us to him not to mention his good looks and sex appeal. We are human too and as long as your supoort is not hurting anyone and denoucing our Lord and Savior I think you can keep doing what you do. Just my thoughts.