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Trey's 3 Way Kiss On Stage In London

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I was at HMV Apollo when he was apparently kissing those girls. I was in the front row and i must admit it did look like he was killing the girls, but according to TreyAngels who were backstage.. it was planned and he actually didn't kiss them! He picked them before the show and everything, so it was staged!

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WOWWWW...wish the person filming the 2nd one knew how to keep the damn camera STILL!!! LOL

Trey's kinkiness doesn't bother me not one bit. He can have all the orgies he want...I just want him to protect himself, keep making the music I love, and to be happy!

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@CutTiGurl609 I see you! :)'s picture

And if you pay close attention to the second video I added, you can see Trey pulling the girl in the black leggings hair! Trey loves pulling hair, he ain't lie about that! LOL's picture

Wow, I'm glad to see y'all opinions on this! Love it!!!!

By the way, I just added another video that shows the action up close and personal! ENJOY AGAIN! ;-)

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Lol I know @Ariel but it keeps getting sexier and sexier!!!
For real geesh @lisaleigh30

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Imma need Trey 2 stop teasin people.

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@ariel: Yes I have seen the videos. :)

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Ladies.... this is nothing new with Trey. He BEEN doin this since the start of his career. Get wit it! ;)

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Yeah, don't get me wrong. He's still the sexiest man alive to me. I just worry about his well being. Even though he's the Boss Man, he still needs some tlc too. I know he gets a little bothered when they try to tell him what to do, but still, somebody has to make sure he's alright.
I like the idea of an Angel a week doing the job. Since we're not employed by him, he can't fire us for trying to help out, right?
Plus, we'd be doing it simply because we love him. Hey, that could be another Angels With Heart mission. Just let me know where to sign up!

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@gloriah wat ws her twitter name?? nd idt it cld b a month there r ova 4500 angels!! i was gonna say a day, but thats soooo unsatisfying! lol.

Who all with this..??

1angel a week taking care of TREY! lol u'd prb have 2 find ur own means 2 get 2 him nd theres onli 53 weeks n a year but hey! thats tha way it cld go

----- i aint doin much, but skool lol i can afford 1 week 4trey!----

@CutTiGurl aint sayin he dnt look gud still jus sayin HE LOOSING THAT 6PACK lol



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I would kiss him too, but I'm not kissing some female. I have to draw the line somewhere - I don't care how fine you are Trey...there has GOTS to be some limits.

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oh i forgot if i was on stage with him by myself hell yeah i would kiss him. hehe

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Hey thats a good idea have an angel tco him for a wk no thats to short make it a month, well as for the girls i found one of them on twitter and people were calling her all kind of names and i do think they were randomly pick from her comments and i think the other girl was a gd friend of hers or her sister im not sure but we all know what Trey likes so i knew it would happen eventually in Eurpoe you can get away with alot more i think thn here on stage that is, some think he has taken it to far I dont know, but what I do know is i dont want to see that again, keep it behind closed doors not on the stage

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@Linz84: :)

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@Jesusismysavior and @ImpressiveAngel oh ok. Those two girls are nasty!

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@Essence711 LOL You would have pushed that girl off the stage. ?


Cara: I wouldn’t be surprised if he “smashed” either or both of those ladies. Yes he is losing his six pack. He said in an interview he lost weight.

Oh it would be a good idea if he had an angel of the week to take care of him.

MzSongz: Yes he was showing out abroad.

@CutTiGurl609: I didn’t fully look at the video either.

@Essence711: Yes he does need to take care of himself or as you said have someone take care of him.

@Linz84: Yes they were.

@Tricia: I know you will be the first one with your applications sent in. LOL


@ImpressiveAngel: They did look alike. I’m wondering if these women were really randomly picked.'s picture

@Linz84 Yes the girls were kissing each other too! LOL I wonder if they were really a couple; they sure looked like it too me!

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I am pissed the fuck off and jealous.. Lol. If I was on stage I would of done the same damn thing (kissed a girl) I don't care!! Lol. Trey would of been turning me on so I would of been thinking straight. Lol. I am so jealous of London fans/angels right now. Anytime he goes overseas he acts a fool. What the heck?? What about us U.S. Angels/fans we need the same love too!! Trey and I need to talk..Lol.

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LMFAOOO at Cara - I said that before too that Trey was losing his six pack. Yes, he still looks good though, but I'm with you on that "ANGEL A WEEK" gig! Lemme put in my qualifications now! LOL I'd love to take care of Trey for a week (however he needs to be taken care of).

Trey is the epitome of freaky!!! MUST BE WHY I LOVE THAT DAMN MAN...HAVE MERCY!

NOW - *looks at video again to spot the beast* LMAO

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Were the two girls kissing each other or am I just seeing things??

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omgg im too pissed right now....omg i cant take it....(tears)

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compared 2 that rocawear add in the top right of yo screen ---> smh theres a dff

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@Essence711 glad i aint alone on this!

treysongz really does need sum1 2watchout for him and APPARENTLY the unit slippn soooo

i think everyweek a new angel should get that job, make sure he eats, get a gud rest stay healthy you know all that cuz uhhh

that flab ... :/ lol he still luks gud dnt get mii wrong btta ...

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I'm glad to see that you guys feel the way I do as far as the jealousy. I mean, I really felt my face getting hot. I was like, "Yo, WTF! What is he doing?" I had to turn away for a second and slowly count from ten! No lie! Sorry I missed the beast, but I can't watch that again. Trey looked too turned on. That sexy freak! LOL.
OMG! you are so right! Trey without his six pack is just wrong!! A while back I saw another video of him without his shirt and I was like he's gaining weight! I was happy for him, but then again, I was like, no no no! Who the hell is supposed to be taking care of him? He needed rest, he was losing his voice, and they weren't even making time for him to do his morning crunches?!!
I love Trey no matter what, but while he's on tour, he needs someone to really look out for his health and well being. I know he's grown, but he's not too grown to be looked after. Nobody is.

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@CutTiGurl609 Really?? You can't put yourself in one of those ladies shoes and fantasize for a minute? I know I did n I was LOVINNNN it!

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OMGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH is going on over there in London. Trey u is showin out over there

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1st concern when wwatchin: Did anyone catch trey's damn-near non-existin 6 pack!?!!?! THIS IS CODE RED

You knw he natuarlly little ik he been touring like crazy bt dayum! lol jp i'd love trey if he was 300 pounds lol

2ND MAJOR CONCERN: WTF! Im highly pissed , idl this ish 1 bit! He ova there turning bitches out and ish!

Let jus b real 4 .04 sec. THIS IS TREY SONGZ we talkin bout here. He CLEARLY SMASHED!!! not okk

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all i can say is OOOOOOOOOO Shit trey lmao