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  • birthday tweet
    May 02, 2011

    my 21st birthday was last thursday april 21st and I didn't recieve a birthday tweet Im really bummed out about that

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on May 2, 2011 - 01:49AM

my 21st birthday was last thursday april 21st and I didn't recieve a birthday tweet Im really bummed out about that

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i really was my family were like ur mad and we painted our nails red on my actual bday and my aunty went around saying trey songz nails and for my pics they were saying trey songz instead of cheese
but the best bit too was i got to spend my bday with my trey's angels friends i wouldnt of had if trey had not created the angels

i'm sure we could find a way to let them know bout ur suggestion i'm 100% behind your suggestion and the generic email
i wish there was a way to know wen other angels bday were so we could also wish them happy birthday


maybe the email at the beginning of the month could be sent out saying all the angels who bday it is dat month and a message to dem and their twitter names if they've given their consent on the website before hand so we could all wish them happy bday

after my exams im all on this campaigning to get this out :-)

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@Anne B: LOL, but you really were blessed during your birthday month. Yes a generic birthday email would be great.


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@JesusIsMySavior loool yep ok im calm down i mean for my bday month i went to see him in concert twice and got to meet him twice
i had to promise my friends i wont meet him as much even doe its my 1st time this time
a generic email would be nice i even got one from GHD wen it was my bday lol

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@whitneydesiree: Yes you never know. :)

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Happy belated birthday to every1 who had a bday last month=)...@JIMS thats a good idea about a personal bday greeting and phone call....I wish that could happen!...But ya never know tho=)

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PinkySongz & Anne B: you're welcome.

Anne B: You would have a birthday each month just so you could get the call. LOL

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@JesusIsMySavior thats a wicked competition i like dat i want it to be my bday next month too if dat was the case lol
thank you for the belated bday wish mwah

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:) thanks for all the bday love and they should just do a mass bday email or something that would be nice :) so happy belated to all my april birthdays :)

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Happy Belated Birthday to all the ladies that had birthdays last month.

@Tricia: That would be crazy for Trey to send personal birthday greetings to all the Angels. Maybe they should have a contest were an Angel can win a birthday tweet and a personal phone call. I felt like I got my birthday tweet when he followed me, considering that he followed me a day before my birthday. :)

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@Tricia Exactly. They shouldn't make it known they're going to do something and then not do it tho.. It's known there are alot of Angels (who all have birthdays)... They should have been prepared.

The generic email is atleast something... Happy belated birthday back to ya, Pinky!

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I think it may be too much for Trey to tweet everyone to wish them a happy birthday & even BiBi or CiCi trying to do it, but since they did ask about our birthdays, they need a generic "EMAIL" that will automatically send on our birthdays. Don't be mad about it...Trey & his Unit are extremely busy right now. Hopefully they will come up with a better method soon to wish his Angels a Happy Birthday.

Nevertheless, I hope you had a beautiful day! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

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Happy Belated Bday Angel sista!

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I didn't get one for my birthday either.. that was a long time ago.. and they still not following me so girl don't feel bad..

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i met trey songz and went to his concert and den i met him again and went to another concert april been the best month and best 21st bday ever lol
i know hopefully by next year its sorted out

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well happy belated to both you lovely angels :) I hope you enjoyed your days I did but that made me sad

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it was my 21st birthday this month too
so many angels are born in april
i didnt get a tweet i remember when i thought you got a tweet from trey that would of been awesome but
happy belated birthday darling

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It's supposed to be from @TreysAngels...... Mine was on the 23rd and they follow me yet still no birthday tweet.
They suck. lol