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When do you think trey will put out his 5th album?


  • When do you think trey will put out his 5th album?
    May 03, 2011

    I would hope he comes out with one within the next year or sooner! Trey is a busy man and is very passionate about his music  so im sure we will be seeing one in the making!!

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on May 3, 2011 - 10:28PM

I would hope he comes out with one within the next year or sooner! Trey is a busy man and is very passionate about his music  so im sure we will be seeing one in the making!!

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Trigga did announce earlier in the year he wuz going to try to release another album before the end of the year, so Im hoping by then! Gotta have more Trigga Trey!'s picture

@AnneB I know that releasing singles is important that is why I hope he release more singles. I want new music from Trey but I want it when the time is right for him to release. Don't get me wrong I listen to Trey everyday and not tired of his music. I just love how I can put all of his cds in and listen to them back to back and hear the growth in his voice.

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@Anne B: Oh he didn't sing those songs. If I'm not mistaken I believe he sung them here. I loved the first Trey concert I went to. It was the best he sang songs off different albums. I like smaller venues too. LOL@the people looking at you like you were crazy.

I think it will be beneficial if he released more songs on this cd.

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@ms.yuup realeasing singles is important and pushes you out

1SocialBFly TimelessAngel's picture

I'm praying SOON. I never get tired of listening to Trey....patiently waiting for anything new from Trey.

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i agree with @ms.yupp idt he has pushed this cd NEARLY as much as ready!

screw all that next year stuff i was ready yesterday!'s picture

I have heard Trey say he is comming out with a new album at the end of this year. However I hope that he will put more singels out off PPP. He could put out an album a day and us Angels would go buy it. But for people that dose not follow his music and careere like we do I think he should put out more singles off PPP before he dose a new album. Just my thought. Trey is going all the way to the top! I am so proud of him.

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@JesusIsMySavior u know i wanna come to a PPP concert there coz both the concert he had here he didnt sing red lipstick or made to be together and i went to hear them i was so upset
i cant lie even though i want trey to be BIG HUGE COMMANDING ARENA i almost think the best concert i went to was last year it was a smaller venue but he sang gotta go songs from the 1st album and he sang song of anticipation it was the best ever
when i went to this concert in april everyone looked at me crazy wen i was singing things like unusual i was like come on ppl its not even like he singing in the middle or something for you to look at me confused lol
man i want trey releasing lots of singles i mean look wat happened off of ready its cause he just kept releasing and releasing
i hope this man rest too though

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I hope he releases more singles off of PPP. As Anne B. stated there are some really amazing songs on PPP. I think next year would be great.

Anne B's picture

i know he said he wants to make an album a year and i would love new music i hope he makes another anticipation
but i think maybe next year i think we get more hungry for it like i love PPP but when ready from trey day came out i was blown away
like on PPP there were so many stand out song but then i came to the end of the album and was like wat happened and i dont mean dat in any offence it wasnt the usual and i dont mean dat in a great way
till this day i think trey day killed it for me and ready and anticipation but there are amazing songs on PPP
maybe in time for feb coz i can see amazing promotion being in tied with valentines day

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