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Trey's 3 Way Kiss On Stage In London

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@TEE I'm done #DEAD LOL

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@lisaleigh umm "creamy panties" "kissing strange women", exchange of bodily fluids???

Lawd I know Trigga brushes his teeth several times a day, but I also hopes he disinfects!'s picture

@1SocialBFly I agree! :)

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I would like to know why this became a STD information blog I'm just saying!

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Thanks @kg.sunshine for the link.
LMAO at Manny Norte he was losing his mind over those panties.
While I was watching it, I was talking back to the screen. I was a little annoyed like when my kids pick up dirty things when we're outside. I was like,
"No, Trey. don't touch 'em. Ugh. Now go wash your hands."
I gagged a little and laughed a little. Trey loved getting all of those panties. He saves them too? Okay Trey, with his super freaky self. LOL.

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@1socialbfly: You're right.

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Entertainment!!!!!!!! Trey is a performer and a doggone good one as far as I am concerned. Acting comes along with the proffession. We have to stop taking everything Trey does to Heart. He does what Keeps the Money Flowing. I ain't mad at him I think we just need to understand the Business. Besides Trey is a Man.....he has wants needs and certain things that he Likes and I would hope that he does what he needs to do to protect Himself. So when I see and hear things of the sort I always keep a positive outlook. This is why I can say I'm a Trey's Angel. :)

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I saw the video on youtube w/ him & the panties. Here it is:

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ok, I didn't see the video with him touching worn panties. I'm almost afraid to ask, but does anyone have the link to it? Eww. (shudders)

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LMFAOOOO @Ariel - I'm sorry, I get a little passionate about health care. I only know women's health though (work in OB/GYN).

And that video of those panties...YUCKKKKK Trey!!! Go bleach your hands! "These were worn, it's some cream in these." #FUCKWRONGWITU LMFAOOOO

That's my Trey - I love his nasty, freaky behind! LOL's picture

@Essence711 It's the first pair of panties that he touches. He says it has some cream still on them. SMH LOL

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Ewww, what creamy panties? When did that happen? DID HE TOUCH THEM? OH YUCK!!'s picture

LMFAO @TEE "There was some cream in that one..." Oh Trey!'s picture

LMFAO @TEE "There was some cream in that one"! LMAO

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Thank you for that Trish, u dont know how much it helped ME! Im still mad it wasnt me up on stage though, hehe!

@prays4tremaine say it sista! I get excited, then angry & jealous bc its not me, lol! Whats wrong w/ me??? *strange stare* :D

S/N Im sure Trigga disinfects his mouth, hands, face, whatever after every encounter! Im hoping anyways...*thinking of the creamy panties* LAWDDDD I hope he does, loL!

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@Tricia lmao I dont even wanna know!
But I'm glad you went into depth about the topic... Ladies read up!

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@Ariel - It can't be transmitted through "just" saliva. I've been in healthcare for 10 years and I've seen it all. OMG...some of the shit I see. Women walk up in the clinic with the weirdest crap stuck in their vaginas. Are times THAT hard...dang!!!

Oh, but back to the saliva thing (LOL) - in order for someone to transmit HIV through saliva, blood has to be involved. The contaminated person must have a sore or something in their mouth that is bloody & the person receiving the kiss must have some type of tear or breakage in their mouth to receive the blood. Therefore, kissing...even deep tongue kissing with an HIV positive person has an extremely low risk for transmission.

Regarding HSV (herpes simplex virus) & HPV (human papillomavirus) - you are correct. Transmission is through skin-to-skin contact. HPV; for the most part doesn't affect men. HPV commonly causes abnormal pap smears in women. Certain strands of HPV can cause genital warts, which is something extremely minor. Most people have them removed for cosmetic reasons, not because they do any damage. If untreated most warts will go away on their own. Millions & millions are infected with HPV & don't even know it. The same is true for Herpes. Many people go there whole lives with no symptoms (no outbreaks of warts). HPV has the ability to go away. You can be diagnosed with HPV today & 2 months be tested & it's gone. That happens all the time.

And please understand that I'm not trying to minimize the effects of sexually transmitted diseases. In no way am I trying to do that because it is a serious epidemic. I'm just saying if Trey wears a condom and uses it properly, the chances of him catching a totally life-altering illness is minute.

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not gallons 5-6 cups (currently in health) of saliva to transmit it and DONT PUT IDEALS IN MA HEAD LOL @coogidown

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@Tricia HIV is possible to transmit through saliva, but it would take GALLONS of spit.
Like you said, wrappin up would protect him from most STDs, though herpes and genital warts can transmit from skin on skin contact.

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@prays4TREMAINE I don't get jealous either & I don't mind him doing his thang out there. "Live it up"!!! EXACTLY!!! I agree 100%. We only have one life to live & when I'm in my death bed, I want my wig to be half off screaming, "DAMN I HAD A WONDERFUL LIFE!" I want Trey to enjoy himself, so if that means he likes kissing a bunch of women & doing only God knows what with them, then by all means do YOU Trey! All I want from him is to be happy & SAFE! HIV has not been shown to be transmitted through saliva & as long as he strapping the beast up...he should be good! Yes, you can get other things through saliva, but he'll just have to pop a pill or get a shot...I'm sure that won't stop him.

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@cara whose to say these chicks didn't come through to his tellie later?

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ok so he did an interview right after this show so, im at ease! lol i was highly pissd @ 1st lol

still think we need 2 do a
a week

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@ImpressiveAngel: Yes he better be. LOL's picture

@JesusIsMySavior: I mean we know Trey is a freak, but I'm sure he's very selective about who he puts his mouth on. HE BETTER BE! LOL

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I thought I am the only one who noticed Trey's weight Loss. It kept bothering me when I saw him on stage. I hope he gets enough rest after the tour and work on it.

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@impressive angel: I had a feeling it was staged. It looked suspect.

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straight freakyyyy omg lol's picture

@Aisha (TalkativeAngel) Thanks for killing the thoughts! LOL Just kidding! I didn't think he was actually kissing them. But the two girls themselves were DEFINITELY kissing! LOL

@CutTiGurl609 LMAO