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Trey and Club Promoter Spotted!

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@babidollface1 Girl........ Get used to it cuz if Trey is really getting to you..... this won't be the end of it. This is just the beginning! Trey is surrounded with alot of ladies, alot of love. It'll be better if you just get over that as soon as possible. I swear by it.

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Man!! I got sucked in again! LOL
I said I wouldn't look at those pics again. I thought these pics were going to be MORE pics of him and that chic.
Oh well. I'm still jealous, but not 'seeing red' jealous. Did Trey confirm their relationship? As far as I know, he's still telling the world that he's single. So, pics or not, his heart isn't with her. She's just another jumpoff. Another thing, HoneyDip is waaaaaaaay prettier.
OMG, now I'm a hater. WOW. If Trey ever reads this, that's what he'll say.
He needs to stop making me jealous. If he's with somebody, he should admit it and I'll back down. But if he's still up for grabs...He just better stop playing for real.

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im real mad, not gonna so mad that i been crying for the past 2 hours!! #INTEGRITY is big to me,and hed he been up front and told the world way back in january when they were first spotted heart wouldnt be this heavy.I love trey and thats alot i love him like i love my Blood so...thats just what it is right now.Not only that she think that shit cute,she know trey dont want people to know they been dating and she all on twitter posting lmao lol this and that ..she's another opprotunist tryna get out the club!'s picture

lol lucky lady!!! Let Trey enjoy himself with out the cameras in his face. If that is his woman. I am happy for him as long as he is happy.

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ooh yeah, I seen those pictures somebody posted them early.

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I ain't mad at ya either, hell Trey need love 2 ....Hell hit me up when u done lol