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if u walked in on trey while he was now coming out d shower, skin all wet n stuff, just wat wud u do


  • if u walked in on trey while he was now coming out d shower, skin all wet n stuff, just wat wud u do
    April 27, 2011

    mind u, u both r just frns. nothing more nothing less what would u do n what do u think he would do. hmmmm 

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on Apr 27, 2011 - 10:25PM

mind u, u both r just frns. nothing more nothing less what would u do n what do u think he would do. hmmmm 

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Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

I will break out in song, "And it ain't no way in hellllllllllllllllll, that I can be just friend with you!"

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ON SECOND THOUGHTS MAKE MY BRA STRAPS TIGHT SO DAT.................then let him do watever to me

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i personally wud, stare him up and down, say wat the fuck, and go find him a towel, and pat it down!!!! then i wud never think about him the same way ( only if we were friends ) ; )

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i probably would not no what to say and just be frozen and then turn around and walk out with out saying anything

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if we were just friends and been friends for a while that means i know all his personality flaws and the fantasy would be gone so id probably be like boy go put some damn clothes on lmao( cuz hes my homeboy i aint checkin for him like that lol)...nah but forreal id do what anyother woman would do if they seen all tha sexiness no need to go into

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To be honest I really don't know what I would do...Id probably be like "Oh my god I'm so sorry Trey" and Id just run out....but still that whole day Id be thinking about the parts of him I never saw til now.....or 2nd decision Id just stand there staring at his body and undress myself,jump on him,and say "I'm sorry for coming on to you like this but truthfully I wanna be more than friends".....*wink*

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lol @nellz

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take the towel nd run lol

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I would stare at him up and down..Think naughty thoughts.. Hope that it do come true.. Lol. Then might walk to him and lick the water off his body!! Friends or not. Friends still do things.... lol

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We would probably end up doing sumthin a lil unusual just cuz I cant help myself! Lol Naw but seriously if he was my friend, nothing more and nothing less then I would apologize and leave out of the bathroom, thats if we are friends and I never had those kind of feelings towards him. But if I did well then I would probably end up starin at the beast and drooling from the mouth and fallin to my knees all at the same time! Lol

I know, I know! Dirty mind!

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these comments hmm lmao me i wud turn n walk out innocently with a huge smerk on my face lmao then when he ask wat happen i say ohh nothing.

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

I'd give him a lil slick smile.... take his hand........... *To be continued*

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I would probably instantly say "DAMN" real fast and turn my head and then turn it back and watch as I exit the bathroom. Later on after he's dressed I would probably mention it in a joking manner to ease some tension and say "Damn boy I ain't kno u had all that in them jeans. I might wanna be more than friends" laughin it off but knowin that until it really happens I would be dyin to take a shower with him secretly. My world would probably be f'd up for a while lol

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If I was just his friend and that happened I'd probably drop whatever I was holding at the time and just get lost staring at him. Seriously, he is way too good looking for any female outside of his family to not do that. LOL I don't care how long we would have been friends. That moment would start the best daydreams in the world for me. But I'd never tell him how I was feeling. I wouldn't want to lose his friendship.

Prittbrowniiz BestSellerAngel's picture

I'd grab his hand and say "Oh you forgot something?" Trey will think I'm crazy and look at me strangely and ask what. I'd get in it and say "You didn't wash me up." LMAO!!!

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Im with@tee on this one

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Grab a towel, help dry off his wet body..all after staring, then apologizing, hehe! After drying....imagination running wild...