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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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Awww, no. Trey prolly is feeling the same way. Like its his fault. And those cops..... typical lol

Essence I really love this story. I been goin thru a tough time and when I come here and read these entries it really takes my mind off of things and makes me feel a whole bunch better. Thank you.

You also inspired me to write something of my own. I prolly wouldn't let anybody read it ever but its still mine and I still wrote it lol

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Omg this is wild. Free Trey! Free Trey! and Essence too. Omg I can't wait to hear Jasmine lies too. We waiting, hope you have time to continue today.

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poor Trey lol

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danggg......this is getting too good. Essence, you really put a twist to this story!!

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gettin good omg

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Entry 36 cont'd
I yelled for them to leave Trey alone, and Jasmine was screaming like she was at one of his concerts.
"I LOVE YOU TREY!" She yelled over and over.
She had been handcuffed and placed in another vehicle. When the police had gotten the whole mess under control, the detectives, Homer and Peck got into the car with Ma and me.
Eric and Charles had come over to tell me that they would be right behind us on the ride to the station. They said that they would make sure that CoCo and the others were alright too. I thanked them. I spotted Javier talking to CoCo. He gave her a quick hug, then he and his boys headed back to the dance studio. I saw Marco trying to see into the tinted windows of the detectives' car. I know he couldn't see me, but he waved at the car anyway. I waved back.
As the car pulled off, I craned my neck to see the squad car they had placed Trey in. For a brief minute, our cars rode along side by side. I saw Trey sitting in back seat. He looked so miserable. I felt so bad for him.
"Ma, we have to get Trey out of this mess. He didn't do anything wrong. The only reason he was even there was because I called him. He didn't do anything." I said.
Ma told me not to worry because she would make sure that he was taken care of. I tried to tell her about the fight between Jasmine and me, but she told me not to say a word until we were with our lawyer. Officially, I hadn't been arrested, but she still didn't want me to say something the detectives could use against me.
I was really more concerned about Trey's well being. Silently I hoped that he wasn't hating my guts at the moment. It was my fault he was handcuffed and being hauled down to the police station. Those cops must be crazy. Don't they know who Trey is? I shook my head. I couldn't believe what was happening.
It's really all Jasmine's fault. What the hell was she doing across the street from CoCo's dance studio anyway? I couldn't wait to see what lies she would come up with. Stupid Whore.

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Entry 36 cont'd
Daddy held both Tiffany and CoCo in his arms for a few seconds. My mother rushed over to me and began to demand that the police take off the handcuffs.
"Are you alright, baby? Who scratched you?" She asked as she gently touched my face.
"If you hurt my child, I'm going to make sure you both get fired." She told the officers. Ma never gets upset in public, but she was fuming.
There were sirens and police cars screeched to a halt. Police officers jumped out of their vehicles and immediately began to get rid of the onlookers.
Daddy walked over with the detective who was handling our case. His name is Detective Homer. His partner, Detective Peck was speaking to the others.
"TAKE THE HANDCUFFS OFF OF MY DAUGHTER!" I know that ordinarilly Daddy would have been calm, but I guess seeing me in handcuffs was a little too much for him.
"Do it." Homer told the beat cop.
I hugged my parents tightly. I told them that Tiffany and I had fought Jasmine and I pointed her out. They both gave her looks of disgust.
"What has to be done now?" Daddy asked.
"We have to bring your daughter and everyone else involved down to the station." Homer told him.
In all of the confusion, I couldn't tell what was going on with Trey. I saw him talking to the officer who had pushed him. I called over to him as I was being led to the detectives' car. He started to walk towards me, but again the officer tried to stop him. One of Trey's friends pushed the cop, then all hell broke loose.
Hastily, I was pushed into the detectives' car by Homer. Ma got in with me. I heard Tiffany cursing as she was handcuffed and being pushed into another police car. Daddy got in with her.
I watched in horror as Trey was pushed against the gate again and he was handcuffed. Kenny tried to help Trey, but he was grabbed by two other officers.
Eric and Charles went over to help. They pulled two of Trey's friends away from the cops to stop them from getting arrested.
CoCo and our friends protested to the cops.

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MORRRRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THE DRAMA :D's picture

OMG!!! give us more NOW lol!!!

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Omg I need more, more more!!!!

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Omg dramaaaaa!!!

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Thats wut i'm talkin bout. WHOOP DAT TRICK! GET 'ER! lol

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Yes jasmine finally got it was waiting for that

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yay! jasmine finally got that ass beat. i'ma need a replay lol

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Oh snap! This getting real good you gotta continue today.

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waiting for next entry on pins and needles

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this is getting good

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Entry 36 cont'd
It only took for Jasmine to give me that tiny smirk, and the next thing I knew, we were fighting in the middle of the street. I know I got the best of her, even if I don't remember the blow by blow. I remember my fist catching contact with her face, I remember the blood on my sleeve and knuckles, I remember my heart pounding in my ears, and I remember trying to choke that bitch to death.
I came out of it with some razor sharp scratches on my chin and neck, but I don't remember feeling them get there. My blouse was ripped, and my necklace was broken. My hair was a mess and after the two beat cops broke us up, I was handcuffed and pushed up against a storefront like a common criminal. Jasmine was cuffed a few feet away from me.
Javier and his boys had come from the studio and I could hear Javier vouching for CoCo. Marco was standing near me. He asked me if I was alright. I nodded.
The officer wanted him to back away from me, but he wouldn't budge. He told the cop to relax and that he was only trying to see if I was okay. He asked me if there was someone he should call for me, but before I could say his name, Trey was there. He ignored the cops as they asked him to step away from me. He held me against him. I couldn't hug him back, but I leaned against him as hard as I could.
The cop who had arrested me, grabbed Trey and pushed him against the medal gate of the storefront. Trey's boys sprang into action. They jumped in front of Trey and Kenny pulled Trey to the side. I tried to go after the officer, but Marco caught me. He quietly told me that I would only make things worse for myself.
Jasmine's cries could be heard loudly over the mix-up. She shouted names at the arresting officers and told them not to touch Trey.
My sister and friends yelled at Jasmine. They were telling her to mind her business. I heard Tiffany tell Jasmine that she was going to kick her ass again. Eric was holding her around her waist. Daddy's car pulled up. CoCo ran over to him.

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Lol this is tooo good

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oh this getting good

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Entry 36 cont'd
Unique and Charles confronted her outside of the diner and a big argument ensued. CoCo ran out of the diner and Lovey ran out of the dance studio. I watched from the inside with Javier and his friends. I explained what was going on to the guys.
Some stranger came out of the diner and went to Jasmine's defense. He tried to shield Jasmine and he began to walk with his arm protectively around her. He hailed a cab, but CoCo stood in front of the cab door, so that Jasmine couldn't enter. Juicy ran outside and yelled for the cab driver to pull off.
A crowd gathered to watch the melee. Some people had cameras. A lone beat officer tried to disperse the crowd. He yelled for CoCo to move out of the way, so that Jasmine could get away. Immediately, Charles was in the officer's face. He gently pushed CoCo behind him.
I left the studio and rushed to my sister's side.
The cop was threatening to arrest her, while Charles tried to explain what was going on. Eric had pulled Jasmine's savior aside, and was explaining the situation to him. Lovey and Unique had Jasmine cornered at first, but a second cop came. He told them to step out of the way, so that the cab could move. The poor cabbie was yelling about missing out on other fares, and he just wanted to go. Reluctantly, Lovey and Unique stepped aside. They began to explain the situation to the second cop, and Jasmine slid into the cab. Juicy stood in front of the cab so that he still couldn't pull off.
All of a sudden, the crowd yelled out all at once. A loud blast of a car horn made me look towards the street, and there was Tiffany, dragging Jasmine by her hair in the middle of the street. CoCo and I rushed over just as Tiffany began to pound into Jasmine's face.
"Bitch! You drugged my cousin? Huh? Huh, bitch?" Tiffany spoke as she hit Jasmine.
CoCo grabbed Tiffany from behind and pulled her to the concrete divider in the middle of the street. Jasmine ran at Tiffany and I grabbed her. We were face to face.

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Damn that itch got away. Ugh.

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Omg she ran lmao was she really fast like a cheetah?! cause thats wut I pictured lololol she truly is crazy

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I hope they catch Jasmine ! but, ithink they will

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Entry 36 cont'd
I must have spoken a tad too loudly because everyone else stopped dancing and CoCo wanted to know what was going on.
"They spotted Jasmine." I said.
"Where?" My girls all droppped their dance partners' hands and walked over to me.
Eric said that they saw her go into the diner across the street.
"Let's go get that ho." Juicy started for the door. Eric stopped her.
"If we all run over there like that, she just gon get scared and run. We need a plan." He said.
"Did she see you guys?" I asked.
They weren't sure if she had, but from the way she just casually walked into the diner, they were sure that she thought she hadn't been seen by them.
"She jumped out of a cab, looked over here, then she looked at the stores she was standing in front of, then she went into the diner. Me and Eric were standing right there, but Eric had his back turned towards her, so he didn't see her at first." Charles explained.
"I saw her as she was walking into the diner. That was her though." Eric said.
We all agreed that if we all went over there like a crazy mob, it would scare her. True, we wanted to beat her down, but, causing her and possibly others, to panic would get us nowhere.
We devised a plan quickly, though. Since Jasmine had never seen Chantal, we sent her over to sort of bump into Jasmine to distract her. After a minute or so, Eric and CoCo would go into the diner to confront her, and Charles and Unique would stand outside in case she tried to run. Lovey got on the phone with the police and asked to speak to the detective in charge of our case, and I called Daddy, then Trey.
Juicy got dressed. She said that she'd wait with me on the inside. They didn't think that it was a good idea for me to go after her. If she and I got into a fight, then she could press charges against me. The whole idea was for us to keep her there until the police came to arrest her.
Things were going smoothly, until CoCo and Eric went into the diner. Jasmine made a quick dash outside.

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Lol wut???? So she stalkin you still tho?!!! Wow hahahahaha omg are ya'll gonna catch her?

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Entry 36 cont'd
CoCo signaled to Javier, and he stopped feeling Tiffany up long enough to give a short sharp whistle. Out of the next room came six of the finest men. I mean none of them looked better than Trey, of course, but...hoo.
Anyway, after the Dancing Temptations walked in, Juicy walked in. She took one look around and began to pull off her outerwear. She had on a full one piece leotard underneath. Her vicious curves did not disappoint. One of the men walked right over to her.
"I'm dancing with you." He said.
"COME GET ME!" Juicy said and swiveled her hips seductively.
"He's mine." Lovey said as she walked over to the one with the ponytail.
"Come on, ladies, pair up. That means you two, Unique." CoCo said as she pulled Javier away from Tiffany. She shooed our pouting little cousin away.
Unique had been standing by the door talking to Charles and Eric had been trying to look as if he weren't bored out of his mind. He signaled to me that they'd be standing right outside of the building. I'd be able to see them right in front of the window.
Unique and Tiffany exchanged similar looks as they chose their partners.
"You're learning the Salsa ladies. Pay close attention to your partners." CoCo told her assistant, Chloe, to play the music. Salsa music filled the room.
The guy I was paired off with was named Marco. His dark eyes reminded me of Trey's. Other than that, I wasn't trying to notice how attractive he was, or how good he smelled. I went through the motions with him, but I have to admit that I did blush when he gave me the sexiest look when he showed me how to move my hips.
I was getting the hang of it and Javier was instructing the guys on how to lead the right turn, when Charles stuck his head in the door. He called me over. I excused myself, leaving Marco and his sexy eyes on the dance floor.
When I got to him, Charles told me that he and Eric had just seen Jasmine. I asked him if he was sure that it was her and Eric confirmed that it was.
"Get her!"

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lol girl u funny as hell jail bait curves..

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keep it up :)

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Man, my fingers are tingling as I'm writing this. We almost caught that trick, Jasmine!
Ok, let me back track. Eric and Charles picked me up. We ducked the Paparazzi, whom I've been told have started renting space on the sidewalk, because they refuse to leave. We got downtown to CoCo's studio and had to duck the Paps who followed us. It was crazy.
When we got there, we saw CoCo had also invited Lovey, Chantal, Unique, and Juicy was on her way. Even Tiffany was there and I wasn't surprised to see her twitching her hips with this gorgeous, bare chested man.
"What the hell? Who is that?" I asked.
"You don't recognize our little cousin, Tiffany?" CoCo said.
"Oh, you're hilarious, sis. But, uh, no. I mean who is the fine ass statutory rapist she's dancing with?" The man was running his hands all over Tiffany's jail bait curves, and the way he was grinding against her would have made Daddy grab Tiffany by her hair and drag her out of there. I know he would have ordered Eric and Charles to shoot the guy right on the spot.
"Oh him? That's only Javier." CoCo said it as if she was introducing the guy who comes to buff the floors.
"Only Javier, huh? Well why is Javier molesting our little cousin right in front of us?" I asked.
"They're only dancing. He's teaching her how to do the Bachata." CoCo said as she started doing the dance solo.
I wanted to know why we were there watching them. CoCo said that Javier was her new Latin dance instructor and he had graciously accepted the task of teaching all of us a Latin dance.
"I thought it would be a great present for Mommy and Dad's anniversary."
"Not that dance. Maybe the Salsa, or Meringue. Anyway, what do you guys think?" CoCo asked.
We all had mixed feelings about it. Lovey wanted to know how he was going to be able to teach all of us at once. CoCo told us that Javier could teach us the steps with no problem. For our one on one practice, he'd brought some help.