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    May 06, 2011

    @simplyjess smh @ his choice though

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on May 6, 2011 - 04:20PM

@simplyjess smh @ his choice though

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@gloriahzlv4trey... agreed!

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you should do your homework before you call someone a chicken please go to or the she got her own doesnt need Trey they are friends, but again if you did your homework and not believe everything you see and read from these rags you would know that...smh

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He's already taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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But it's apparent that trey is in love, regardless of what lable he puts on it....actions speak louder than words and the history and outings speak for themselves.

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@lisaleigh30: LOL@ But whatever clever but he need to quit playin and gone and break me off and then she can have him back. I'm just sayin

@vita: LOL@ but it is for u to do the same don't frk out unless u hear him say well i am in a relationship with boy george or what ever the case maybe.

@WhitneyDesiree': I agree. You can have your views about who they are dating but you are crossing the line when you start attacking them on twitter.

@Essence711: Yes Helen is very pretty. They were a very attractive couple. I would love to see him on People's Sexiest Man Alive list.'s picture

Why are people hating on this @simplyjess it is Trey's life he can be with whoever he chooses. Why dose it matter who he is with?! Who is friends are?!! that is his life.

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Remember when vita posted the rihanna question. I think me and one other person said they would make a cute couple but girl I'm telling you, these females was like wolves tugging at a bone the way they went at Rihanna. I think people would whether find out the boy gay before they would want to see him with a woman but seriously though. When I first saw the pictures I was jealous, so I had to take a breather from Trey, becuz, I don't know him, so even a hint of jealousy worried me. But whatever clever but he need to quit playin and gone and break me off and then she can have him back. I'm just sayin

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When I saw those pics of them I didn't say anything..I said in another thread they kinda looked like a couple but I didn't say they were cuz I dnt know. But I know eventually he IS gonna have somebody in his life. Its so many celebs who women go crazy over and when its known that they are dating some1 or going to get married you see some fans get mad and just start bashing the female. Like for what?! that doesn't make any sense!...I use 2 be REAL crazy over Bow Wow, Iam still a fan but I don't focus that much on him like I use 2. But what Iam saying about him is wen he dated Ciara I didn't care that's his life wen they said he dated Angela Simmons I still didn't care...I was gonna support him no matter what. But enough about him. Iam just saying it doesn't matter who Trey dates cuz he is still going 2 love his fans and his appreciation 4 us is not gonna change just becuz he has some1 in his life!

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@Essence711 Damn right he deserves to be at the top of People's Sexiest Man Alive list. lol & I agree about him being just as relevant as those so called stars.

@Shanell28 I'm with you 100%. I hate when females talk about another female just because that female appears to be in a situation that they want to be in.

I'm not a fan upset by seeing them out and about because I'm not secretly hoping I someday end up with him. As long as he keeps making great music that's all I care about. I just hope he doesn't lose fans because of females' dreams being crushed. That is just ridiculous to me. Let the man enjoy his life, regardless of being single or dating. Ladies who want him but still support him, I still rock with all of them. lol

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Okay. I commented before in another thread about how jealous I am of those pics. I feel that way, I can't help it. I guess I'm buying into the notion that she could be his girlfriend. It just has my head spinning since the last I've heard, he said he is single.
I don't mind him getting some from who ever. I don't know him, I just fantasize about him. As far as his 'type' goes, it doesn't matter to me. Of all the women I've seen him with, Helen is still the prettiest to me. I'd die if I see them back together again. Nothing against her at all, they're just too beautiful together.
Of course I'm happy if he's happy, but even if he gets into a relationship with someone, I'm going to quietly hope that it won't last. Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm a hater. I'm still a fan and supporter, and that won't change. I'm not in control of his life, and at the end of the day, he could care less about my rants about his love life. He's going to do what makes him happy and whether I like it or not, I'll accept it.
As far as those paparazzi pics go, it's about time. Not that I want them hounding Trey, but come on, Trey is just as relevant as those so called stars that are in Us. And when is Trey going to be at the top of People's Sexiest Man Alive list? He deserves to be there.

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@Shanell28: You are right it is only but so much you can take before you reach your boiling point. I can't blame her for lashing out. From what she was typing on twitter it seems like the comments on MTO were worse than what was being said on Twitter.

I agree he does seem to have specific type of woman he is drawn too.

@Rolanda4: Business wise it could be a good thing. Trey maybe interested in opening up a night spot.

@Cuttgurl609: You are right many times a guy does end up with someone different than his type.

@Shanell28: One thing Usher stays true to is that he tends to like older women.

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@CutTiGurl609 youre right look at usher, Tameka Foster was opposite of his past so men do change and maybe trey will change who knows :)

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and when i asked do " u" fit the description im not pinpointing no particular person just speaking in general :)

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i dont like when ppl start bashing ppl just because they seen out with trey, this lady didnt do anything to anyone..yeah shes on twitter calling ppl haters and lol at yall.. but ask urself why? because ppl coming at her sideways talking crap about stuff they know nothing about. i read on my TL someone said "oh now Jess on some HElEN type shit"...helen is sweet as pie but u all mess with her to the point to where she is going to defend herself and say something like seriously JESS and HELEN are not just on twitter calling ppl out its a reaction to ppl actions. How would u feel if u had a pic with trey and someone looked at it and then started tweeting u "oh bitch u ugly and what was trey thinging he can do way better blah blah blah" u may ignore the first coouple of tweets but some of yall go on and on and on until u get that reaction and once u get it all hell breaks loose and u seem to forget that ur the one who started all this non sense so having said all that my opion on this is LET TREY live his life cuz a lot of yall getting all crazy and going off on people but all jokes aside judging by trey's past relationships and the women who he date alot of yall are not even his type( and im not trying to be funny or offensive to anyone but look at his track record.. do u have similar physical attributes to what he's know for dating?) im just saying not trying to be rude but im sure some will take it that way..

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Personally, I think they look cute together.. But like.. isn't she co-owner of the 400 club?... "in my opinion that would make her a smart business women with her own money not an opportunist chicken" But then again I don't know these people personally so you may be aware of something that isn't on the net..

But, if I were to be 100% honest... With Trey's grind being what it is.. Simply Jess could possibly be an asset to Trey's game plan "marketing strategy for Miami area" with her being co-owner of the 400 club.. "you feel what I'm saying" I don't know but from where I sit Trey might have found an opportunity in there somewhere for himself.. "I mean a women can upgrade a man just like a man can upgrade a women"

Shoot.. maybe they taking advantage of each other.. Who knows.. "But I can't hate on her swagger even though it's hard to see Trey with her" I mean.. let's be honest.. If Trey was concerned about the world seeing them outside the club "and possibly the bedroom" he wouldn't have been out in the open with her.. So, in my opinion.. it is what it is.. "And who really knows what that may be" :)

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@Ariel: You maybe be right. I don't recall every seeing a picture of him like that. That would be nice to see him in those magazines. :)

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@JIMS I think this was the first paparazzi picture I've seen of Trey. Can you imagine seeing him in US and People? Its about to go there!

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@Ariel: I wasn't hating on her. I was actually happy to see him out and about with her.

@babidollface1: How do you know she is a chicken? When I saw the pics I thought of what you said about him being with her.

I honestly don't know much about her except that she is a promoter.

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Why are so many people hating on this chick cuz she had an outing with Trey? SMH.