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Is that you on facebook talking to us or is that someone playing???!!!!!!!??


  • Is that you on facebook talking to us or is that someone playing???!!!!!!!??
    May 23, 2011

    Is that you on facebook really???

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on May 23, 2011 - 03:58PM

Is that you on facebook really???

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Trey do have twitter.. did you mean fb page? @nalston's picture

I am sorry to bust all ya'll bubbles but if he don't have a twitter page he sure was using someone else's to chat and go off on a fan respectfully yesterday and today. I did not friend request it, it was the opposite and no doubt because I wound up friends with someone who may be linked to him but I am CERTAIN it was him and he even spoke about the fake pages.

He spoke about the possibility of shutting down the FB page because of several hackings. He spoke to a fan who had the story confused about where they encountered eachother. He spoke with a family member and he spoke generally to the fans and spoke about the cattiness, the randomness and they crazybess that be goin on, on his pages.......

Too much coincidence and 1st person speaking and personal experiences shared for it not to be him.... I don't think he be on all the time though. I happened to stumble into that one and I must say I left very disappointed at the direction each conversation took. I don't know. If it wasn't really him then the person who is the imposter is a hellafied actor but I sincerely hope it wasn't him because I was very shocked at how he went at the fan even if she did deserve it. That is just not like him... (I don't think)

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Trey does have a personal FB page. @TreysAngels tweeted it one day (probably by mistake) along with his FB fan page & his Myspace fan page....but his personal page is private. You can't see anything but his name & his picture. & I wouldn't bother trying to find it because between all the fake "Tremaine Neverson" pages there are on FB, it'll be like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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i thought so cause,when hiz so called cuzn prince logs in he all of a sudden off nd wen he on prince off i thnk itz all a lie,nd tht fb person says letgoo trey says leggo

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@NishiaLuvTrey because that's his artist page. Most music artists have a twitter, FB, myspace... so on; but who really uses it? Trey used to use his myspace..... now I'm sure some person working at Atlantic is updating the Trey Songz FB.

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why is the page link to his twitter account ? everytime Trey tweets its show up on that facebook page via twitter I been wanting to know about this for a long time but I will take your word for it tho since you prolly know something I don't

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Trey does not have a FB.

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