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  • best singer
    June 07, 2011

    who do u think is the best singer now and will stay at the top for a very long time


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on Jun 7, 2011 - 01:16PM

who do u think is the best singer now and will stay at the top for a very long time


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TRey songz hun!

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Forgot to mention an understanding of the music business and business relationships, personal finance and marketing, and I am sure I left many things out.

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The best singer is not necessarily the one that is going to be at the top. You have to be a lot more than a good singer to make it in this business. Some qualities that help include great tone of voice, singing ability, ability to write your own lyrices, looks including photogenic ability in stills and video, interesting stage persona(s), great fashion style, enviable swagger, great stage presense, dancing or gesturing ability, a solid connection with the fans including your willingness to share and have them adore you (charisma, the it factor and a working mojo), your willingness to work hard and persevere and sacrifice, and whether you are relevant, among many other things. People that are great singers are a dime a dozen. Everyone does not get a shot and the career it is not for everyone. Trey of course has all of these things and more.

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nah i know because some of these shit dont be real

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I mean who did you think people would say, this is his website you know.

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if trey songz really have a facebook page wat is it

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ma fav artist is usher of all time! but yuh know its #teamsongz all day!

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TREY!!!....... DUHHH!! lol