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BET Performance Was Amazing , Right ??


  • BET Performance Was Amazing , Right ??
    June 26, 2011

    Tremaine KILLED That Performance Tonight , Hands Down <3 . Agree ? [: .

Jada Savada Neverson 3's picture
on Jun 26, 2011 - 11:29PM

Tremaine KILLED That Performance Tonight , Hands Down <3 . Agree ? [: .

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tamarahshivers's picture

yes he did. i liked his performance

TreyDee's picture

He murdered that damn stageeeee #thatisall!! lol

Da Shy Scorpio's picture

it sure was. it was 1 of the best performances of the nite

JesusIsMySavior's picture

That would be nice@Numba1Hon

Numba1Hon's picture

Trey sure turned up the heat and livened up that place for a good minute. Good performance Trey!!! I wish his segment was longer with one more song before he joined Kelly. He and Kelly need to quit playing and get serious and do a recording and video together. They need a good choreographer (or whomever) that can incorporate what each can bring to the table. We need to see the same chemisty that you see with Kelly and Snoop Dogg on the Ghetto video. So Trey and Kelly need to get it crackin ahead of time like in that Fan Fiction story somebody wrote so they will be in practice. Lol.

msongz's picture

Yes, he was do yhu see dha face!

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kg.sunshine's picture

Of course, I LOVED it!!!!! Kelly went hard & it's time that ppl realized her talent. And I'm SO happy that her & Trey did the remix. Again, LOVEDDDDDD it!!!!!!

taylovestremaine.'s picture

I loved trey's performance the only part i didn't like was when he was shaken and singing at the same time. Other than that i loved the performance with him and Kelly could anyone else tell that he wanted to do something on stage he eyes was like damn lol

mexativemami85's picture

i agree... my family looked at me like i was crazy too. well except for my daughter she was walking around saying trey blew them off the stage... lol... i loved it... that was the best proformance the whole night!!! great job trey n kelly!!!

CutTiGurl609's picture

Most definitely!!! I had tears in my eyes watchin him and wit Kelly?! Wut?!!! I've been askin for that for months yo I was freakin speechless my people lookin at me like I'm crazy. That was hands down an epic performance forreal. I'm so proud of both of them!!!