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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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lmao uh ooohhh

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lmao wondering what essence going to write

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let him down easy

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Entry 47 cont'd
I continued to gather up my stuff. I hadn't gone down there to talk anyway. He watched me as I put things into the plastic bag. I tried to avoid looking at him as I moved around his room. There wasn't much to collect, but I hunted and searched as if there was. Finally, I reached under his mattress and pulled out my spare diary.
Trey chuckled a little bit. "For real, doe? You call yourself hidin' that thang from me? That's the first place I woulda looked."
I just shrugged and walked towards the doorway. He beat me to it and he stood, blocking me from leaving.
"Would you mind moving out of the way, please?" I asked.
He ignored my request and took my diary from me. He held it out of my reach, like a high school bully.
"Hold on, hold on. Lemme see whatchu wrote about me." He said, with a grin.
"Oh, boy, is this going to take long, because I have somewhere to be." I lied.
"Where?" He asked in seriousness.
"Don't worry about it." I could tell that my nonchalant tone and serious look made him believe me.
"And it looks like we could be here all night." He said in a mock radio announcer's voice.
I just stood there, helpless for the moment. I knew that I wasn't going to get that diary back until he was ready to give it to me. He began to read my entries.
"Oh, I put it down like that, for real, Shawty?" He gave me a look, moving his eyebrows up and down in an exaggerated way.
I knew that he was only being goofy to get me to let down my guard. It wasn't working. Not really.
He read more of my diary and made more comments of self approval. I felt myself starting to blush because I know how graphic I can get when I write about our sex life. He obviously enjoyed being hailed as the best lover in the universe.
"Damn, girl, you need to write some more. I wanna know what happens next." He said.
I told him that I could write something right then and there. He handed me back my diary, and I removed the pen from it's designated slot. He peered over my shoulder.

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now back to the story

Trey is a mess. he is makin it so hard for you to just leave omg i hate when they do that, but I love when they do it at the same time smh take ya time don't make the decision now while your upset cause you'll be hurting yourself as well let him go naturally if thats wuts supposed to happen dont force it besides trey and essence needs to be together forever lol

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lol @daniel_shawn

"He apologized again and I heard the sincerity in his voice."

omg essence i got butterflies in my stomach when i read that cause when I saw him in NY last year and mentioned that I was one of the Angels waiting for him at the Philadelphia PPP signing the day before, he apologized so sincerely awwwww I could just see in his face he really meant it. then he gave me another hug *cheesin* xoxoxoxoxo

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ikr @ iluvmesumTREY. she kno damn well she's not gunna leave him. they've been through 2 much. plus it was only a kiss. i think he deserves 1 more chance and that's it

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take him back lol you cant say no 2 a face like that please

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@Essence I love the way your mind work... Make him pay but be sure that it don't backfire on you... I love yall together though inspite of it all...weigh your odds

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Girl u know ya'll need space but dang u gotta do him like that..this is getting really good..

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Essence jus get the dick and leave lol

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Loving this!!!!!!! * sways*

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uhhhhhhh next oart like NOW!

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I know ilumesumTrey either Trey gonna do something or she is

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i think Essence is going go back or trey goin do something to her before she leaves lol's picture

girl u might as well put all yo stuff back and jus have sum make up sex lol

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Entry 47 cont'd
Trey walked up to me.
"You really wanna kill me?" He asked as he moved my bangs out of my eyes.
"Don't touch me, Trey." I turned my face away from him. He leaned over and put his face on my neck.
"I fucked up for real this time." He said. "Essence, I love you."
"So what. I love you too. Does it matter, now? Did it matter when you were all over Jess?" I asked.
He apologized again and I heard the sincerity in his voice. I saw it in his eyes. I felt it when he kissed me. I almost kissed him back, but I forced myself to stop.
"T, if I kiss you, and touch you, and lose myself with you, then it's going to mean that I accept you doing whatever the hell you want to do. This relationship will never be an equal one, and I'll always get hurt."
"No, you won't. If we can get past this, then it'll mean we know how strong our love is. It'll mean that I'll have to work harder to to keep your love, and never hurt you again." He said.
"It can also mean that I'm just giving you another opportunity to hurt me again. Then what? I'll just let it go again, lose a small part of my dignity, again, then have to face myself in the mirror, and begin to hate the person I'll become." I said as I pushed him away from me. I almost poked him with the knife.
He took it from me.
"I need that to get the keys off the ring." I said.
"Keep the keys. I don't want 'em back." He told me.
"Alright." I walked out of his kitchen and began to look for some more of my things. I got my tooth brush and threw it in the garbage. I got my hair products, my curling iron, and my make up kit.
"I need a bag." I went to his broom closet and got a plastic bag. I put the stuff in the bag, and I went into the bedroom.
I went to my drawer and pulled out all of my stuff. A pair of my panties fell to the floor. Trey picked them up and said that he wanted to keep them.
"For what? Doesn't Jess have any you can have?" I knew that my snide remark hit it's target.
Trey gave me a dark look.
"Stop doing that."

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WOW u really leaving him huh, i can't say i'm mad @ u 4 that. once a cheater always a cheater..Can't wait to c wat trey do R say..

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Entry 47
I went downstairs with full intention to kick Trey in the nuts. I walked out of my apartment without saying a word to anyone, because I didn't want to lose my nerve. Eric wanted to come with me, but I told him that I was just going to get something from Stacy, at the front desk.
The elevator came and I got on. I pressed three and a little tingle went through me, like it always does when I'm on my way to see Trey.
I fought off the feeling of excitement that I always get as I walked to his door. I rang his bell, and knocked on his door. I geared myself up to just kick him and run as soon as he opened his door.
He opened his door and gave me his award winning smile, and I lost my nerve.
"How come you didn't use your key?" He asked me.
"Because, I came to give it back." I lied. I tried to make my tone sound over the top angry. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and tried to extract his keys from the ring. I had a hard time getting the keys off the ring. Trey offered to do it for me, so I handed him my keys, like a big dummy. He took the keys and tossed them into his apartment.
"What the hell are you doing? Give me back my keys!" I demanded.
"Go get them." Trey said as he calmly opened the door wider for me to go inside.
"I'm not going in there." I said it as if his apartment was some spooky cave or something.
"E." Trey gently pulled me inside. I tried to pull away, but not hard enough.
"Look, I just want to drop off your keys, pick up anything of mine, and I'm out." I told him.
"Then that's it?" He asked.
"Yuuup." I said, mocking him. I walked over to his sofa and picked up my keys. I saw one of my sweaters draped across his chair and I picked that up too. I tried to get the keys off of the ring again. Trey offered to help again.
"No thanks, I'll do it." I walked past him to his kitchen. I needed a knife or something. I picked up a knife from the rack and Trey asked me what was I going to do with the knife.
"I could kill you." I said.
"Don't do that, baby."

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go smack him or something

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Entry 46 cont'd
He had given me no inclination that he'd done anything like kiss another girl, and whatever else they'd done. I don't believe for one minute that he didn't sleep with her.
I told him that I don't believe him, and I left him standing in the lobby. When Chrissy and I got to my apartment, CoCo and Lovey were there. They greeted me with hugs and excitement. They wanted to know how the trip had gone and they wanted their souvenirs. I told them to knock themselves out. I dropped my carry on bag on the floor and went straight to my room. I fell on top of my bed and I let the tears flow. I hate feeling like this.
What am I supposed to do now? I don't want to let him go, but after what he did, I have to let him go. How can I be his girl and not have to face the embarrassment and humiliation every single day?
How am I supposed to wake up tomorrow, go downstairs, and crawl into bed with him for a quickie before work? How am I going to wake up tomorrow and not go downstairs for a quickie before work?
He knows how much he's a part of my life. He knows how devastated I was the last time we broke up. He told me that he never wanted us to break up. What did he expect from me? Does he think that I'm the kind of woman who'll just accept his cheating ways, and just live on like some shell of a human being? I'm just supposed to tuck away my feelings and get over his mistakes because he's Trey Songz, R&B's hottest sensation?
Damn. This can't be happening to me. I can't be sitting here, my mind telling me to break up with him, but my heart telling me to stay.
I want to kick his ass, for real. I should just go downstairs, knock on his door, and when he opens it, I should kick him square in the nuts. That'll teach him not to cheat on me.
I can't get those pictures out of my head. He looked as if he didn't have a care in this world while he was cupping her ass. And that kiss...Damn, Trey. You really did me wrong. You deserve a kick in the nuts. I'm going down there.

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Entry 46
I couldn't wait to get out of Miami. No offense to the people who live there, but that place can fall off the map for all I care. I'm never going back there. I didn't speak much to anyone on the plane and I didn't sit next to Trey. I ignored him all the way home.
When we landed at JFK I told my bodyguards that I wanted to take a cab home. They didn't want me to ride home alone, so Chrissy said she'd ride with me. The guys got our luggage and said they'd meet us back at my place.
Trey and I exchanged one long look as he watched me get into the cab. I could tell that he thought that I was going to ride back in his truck with them. He thought wrong.
My heart broke as the cab pulled off. He has no idea what he's done to me.
He sent me a text not long after the cab left the terminal. He wanted to know why had I left him like that.
I wanted to know if he was on drugs.
He wanted to know if I still love him.
I told him not to ask me stupid questions. Then I turned off my phone.
When we got back to my building, I told my driver to circle my block again so that I could avoid going up in the elevator with Trey.
He was waiting for me by the mailboxes. He told me that all he wanted to do was talk, so I let him. He told me that he was so wrong for what he had done. He told me that it had happened during the time his album had gotten leaked, and he was only trying to laugh and joke to relieve his stress. He said that the kiss was a mistake, but Jess knew that he didn't mean anything by it.
He was saying all of the things he was supposed to say, all of the things that I knew he would say. Of course he'd say he was sorry. He was wrong. He'd made a mistake. It was all a lie, and I wasn't buying it. He had known what he was doing when he'd done it.
What really gets to me is that not too long after his album got leaked, and I saw how much pressure he was under, and how it was affecting our relationship, I asked him for a break. He's the one who said that we didn't need one.

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C'mon now, stop doing this to us. I feel like I'm watching a movie on Netflix, just when it gets to the good parts, it wants to buffer. This is not fair!!! You know exactly what you are doing, making us suffer on purpose. It's cool though, I'm still gonna be here when you decide to show up...........still here, not going anywhere. I'm waiting *tapping fingers on the table*** OASN: this is a great story, it's getting juicy like a Georgia peach!! Can't wait for the next post.'s picture

awww shit man dis getting crazy!! Essence u know Trey aint nuttin but a player *his voice* lol's picture

awww shit ma dis getting crazy!! Essence u know Trey aint nuttin but a player *his voice* lol

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Aww man I don't kno wut to think right now lol i ain't want them to be over EVER!! but Essence can't trust him after that. And then to top it off he went in on her! Wuts gonna happen next?! :(

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Lol Idk why I liked tht he threw her on the bed , tht rough shit is wht I like in a relationship

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OMG!!!!!! I hope they dont break up but Trey played her for real smh I can't believe him

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