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love faces or motivation by kelly rowland ft trey


  • love faces or motivation by kelly rowland ft trey
    June 29, 2011

    which do u prefer, which is hotter/sexier

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on Jun 29, 2011 - 07:14PM

which do u prefer, which is hotter/sexier

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give me both as long as Trey is singing love faces takes it all that is my song yes love faces is romantic very romantic

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i agree that love faces is more romantic and motivation is sexier

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Hmmm Ima have to go with Love Faces cause I'm more of a romantic type of chic. Don't get me wrong, Motivation is a very hot joint and it's nice but Love Faces is more of my thing.

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Both are nice. Motivation is sexier, Love faces is more romantic. I prefer either one depending on the mood.

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Love Faces

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hey yuh gotta excuse me i don't be on this site to regular, i just check in once in a while, unless there is a hot topic, and i did not see the post so i thought i would just post it cuz i wanna know what u guys think.

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Yeah I agree that Motivation is the sexier song. Love Faces feels like the more romantic song out of the two, while Motivation is the "let's get it in" song. I think it's definitely a song you can put on a sexy show with for your man.

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Yea i feel u even tho i've seen some other post by other fans just like the posts you've done already and I would think "uhh been there answered that (in my valley girl voice)" lol but of course i wouldn't say it on the blogs

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lol i know right, but i just don't wanna bring the same topics all the time. that can get quite boring. u feel me?

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aww man vita this is tough... first i wanna say glad to see a post from u its been a lil while lol and now i'll answer your question.

Well they take me to a different place when i hear them. Love Faces, makes me wanna not be single and I imagine myself in a sexy sensual long respectable relationship as I listen to it. Motivation on the other hand, i feel like its the beginning of a new relationship and we both are proving ourselves in the bed basically. I imagine all types of weird positions lots of sweat, and just a whole bunch of down right nasty things.

So because I am single I would have to say that Motivation is definitely hotter/sexier.