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Trey Songz new girlfriend from the love of Ray J


  • Trey Songz new girlfriend from the love of Ray J
    December 01, 2009

    From some sources Mr Songz is dating Just right, from the love of Ray J. Wow I don't want to sound like a hater, but she is mad ugly with that bogus weave. I hope he has a wonderful relationship. Congats to u and just wrong

Jamie Trey Neverson's picture
on Dec 1, 2009 - 11:14PM

From some sources Mr Songz is dating Just right, from the love of Ray J. Wow I don't want to sound like a hater, but she is mad ugly with that bogus weave. I hope he has a wonderful relationship. Congats to u and just wrong

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MsPlatniumAngel's picture

i thouht trey like thick girls..and this chick here needs to eat something and whats up with the hair

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You are right about that @Ms. Yuup's picture

I agree with you @Jesusismysavior!!!!! But some people take it to the extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

Realistically I know people will have an interest in Trey’s personal life that’s just a given. I will agree I will feel slightly sorry for the lady that gets with him but it’s likely she will be prepared for all the foolishness that will come her way.'s picture

Damn fame come with a price. Why dose it matter who Trey is dating or has dated. Trey is a man. And like any man he is going to date at some point in his life. I am really going to hate when Trey meets that woman who makes his world complete. I will be happy for him. And sad for the lady. My reason for being sad people are going to talk mad crap about her. People don't you all know that Tremaine is a human being and Trey Songz is a job. As long as Trey keeps making good music I will be happy. And far as his personal life go I really don't care. Just my thoughts. Take it for that.

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Thats a damn shame she ugly as fuck!

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if Trey still dating her i hope their happy but im still in love wit him

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if they are dating i say congrats and hope he is happy i stll luv him

MS.tremaine aldon nerverson's picture

i dont think she is right for him bc she ugly and he is fine as hell

MS.tremaine aldon nerverson's picture

bitch if you was on the of rayj what you looking what u looking for him for and bitch prove what your ass say cause im getting tide of yall bitches talking about he yall man but i know i did once but im serious now

MS.tremaine aldon nerverson's picture

youwish if you do prove it nd dont try to still my last name

Tremaine'zx Girl's picture

uhmm hello hello noooo waaayyy treamaine will b minezx eff dhat girl shoo ill neva giv up on mah boo .......shoo she needzx to go back to ray j

christina_4's picture

i think i should go out with him

BMC_Princess138's picture

he will always be my love no matter what

PinkySongz's picture

but if they are dating and she makes him happy I'm not mad just a little jealous ;)

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she doesn't seem like his type helen was gorgeous as were most of the other women I don't think he'd be dating rayj's sloppy seconds because he can have anyone wants however ray-j is limited on who wants to be associated with him.... from the pics I seen it looks like fan photos from any club meet and greet lol

JesusIsMySavior's picture

You're right! :) @nalston:

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

@nalston I hear that, girl. Trey has definitely stepped his discreetness up. I'm glad he gettin his grown man on.'s picture

@Ariel COOGI - we have the same mind lol. This is "old" news. He actually did have a thing with her or at least that's what I read awhile back. But hey he had a thing with Amerie, Lauren, Jessica White, Helen, and a few other women as well so what is the BIG deal? He is human and entitled to fellowship with other people even intimatelly. I do agree that "Just Right" IS in fact "Just Wrong" for Tremaine however, but if he is happy then hey I'm widdit and I wish them the best of luck and success in their relationship. I can say however that Tremaine is "quality" so never fear ladies even if he is laying it down wit her, it won't be for long (not to sound like a hater), but it is hard to match quality with something generic or of lesser value so to speak. I'm sure as business concious as he is that he is the same in his personal affairs, meaning this; all of America saw that show including probably Tremaine. He's pretty good at judging the real from the fake so I'm sure he knows that women who present theirselves as some did in For the Love of Ray J, typically are only out for their 15 minutes of fame and enough trinkets to fill both hands. His name, brand, image is his investment, his business; and good business people learn early on to protect their investments at all costs. I'm suree he will be fine. He "ALWAYS" is and has been.

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@CutTiGurl609: LL may have a lot of men that desire her but I'm sure she has problems getting with the right man.

I tell you this many women except a lot things just so they can be with a man.

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@Tricia: You are right people will believe what they want. I chose not to believe everything he says too. I rather him not spare our feelings and tell the truth. I want him to be happy plain and simple. If he truly has a special lady in his life he shouldn’t be scared to say anything. He sacrifices enough for his fans his love life shouldn’t be sacrificed. I’m not cool with the thought that the possessiveness of his fans is the reason why he isn’t stepping out publicly. Your fans shouldn’t hinder your happiness. There are a lot of artists that have possessive fans but they still step out with their special lady. Yeah he likes a lot of frosting. Probably trying to see which frosting is the best.

The sooner he makes a public appearance with his boo the sooner we all will get use to the idea of him being attached. Oh you mean when he re-tweeted her post she sent for his birthday? I didn’t even know that happened until several days later. People were cursing her out I was like it’s not that serious. LOL

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

LOL No energy @CutTiGurl - just a simple conversation. His personal life doesn't phase me not one bit. I just want him happy.

CutTiGurl609's picture

Everybody is just puttin way too much energy into this Trey and "dating" situation. Trey is single (definition: not married), he has female friends, some he may like more than others. We may have an inclination of a couple woman he likes but so wut. How can we mentally except the idea of him being with multiple women he barely knows, over him spending time with a couple that he does know? Either way he's not with us. (ouch! that just hurt my heart as I typed it lol)

I don't kno anything about this chick from Ray J show but Lauren London has too many guys that wants her to be exceptin Trey kissin all these women on stage cause even for a single man that is just extra. He really doesn't have to do all that.

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Great explanation @JIMS because I didn't know what to say. I think everyone will believe what they want to believe about Trey and his love life. It's fine if people chose to believe everything he says...but I chose not to. He's not going to tell us everything and some things he just may down right lie about to spare our feelings. I heard him say in an interview that his fans want him single. That's sad...because I take that to mean, "I love my fans soooo much that I will sacrafice being in a committed relationship to make them happy or either I will lie about my relationship to make them happy...but either way I just want THEM happy!" And he's not too eager to admit he's with Lauren London after all the abuse she got from his fans when he tweeted her. So WE keep showing him over and over again that we're too possessive to allow him to have some happiness. How selfish is that? So of course he's going to keep this relationship on the hush hush, but Trey wants his cake & to eat it too. He wants LL, but he wants some extra frosting on the side. LOL

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@Tee: Exactly! However I do know what he was trying to say. :)

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@JIMS right, like abt the "drug" comment, lol! Yeah right *side eye* on that one, lol!

JesusIsMySavior's picture

@Tee: Technically he is single, but he is attached in some sort of way. You know when Trey says things in interview you have to give him the side-eye when he says certain things.

TEETIMME's picture

Why wuz this old post brought back up, hehe??? So even though Trey says on ALL his interviews that hes SINGLE, ppl still wanna say he's dating Lauren London"?? Well heck I guess we just believe the rumors & forget what he says, hehe ! Wow!

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@Tricia: I’ll be happy when he does announce his relationship. All that hiding business is crazy. :)

He might as well be exclusive if he considers her his main chick. :)

Tricia AKA @GimmeUnusual's picture

Yes, it's best to wait for Trey to confirm it but he won't for a while because he's said numerous of times that his fans want him single. So to keep us happy he keeps his personal life just that...personal.

@JIMS - I believe it too because the more I do what I do - write fan fictions & broadcast on WWMR Radio, the more I meet people that are within his circle. He's not exclusive, but that's his main chick.