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ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Angels Trey Talk ;


  • ATTENTION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Angels Trey Talk ;
    July 05, 2011

    Favorite Trey Songz Song Off Of Anticipation & Passion Pain Pleasure ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

ILoveTrey94's picture
on Jul 5, 2011 - 09:51PM

Favorite Trey Songz Song Off Of Anticipation & Passion Pain Pleasure ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Irreplacable Angel's picture

U Belong To Me is my favorite....

Essence711's picture

More Than That and It Would Be You from Anticipation
Doorbell and Blind from PPP

mrz.neverson_3's picture

og i forgot anticipation lol -on top

mrz.neverson_3's picture

made to be together and please return my call

SplendidAngel's picture

The whole CD & mixtape. LOL!

Vida Babii's picture

My Favorite from Anticipation is Scratchin Me Up and From PPP I Love Red Lipstick

nequa_3's picture

make it rain
please return my call

MzShyTownDva's picture

You Belong to Me & Alone

yakeshiar's picture

I am with you on that @ Michelle Belle

yakeshiar's picture

Anticipation: On Top, Scratchin me up, You belong to me, and It would be
PPP: Massage, Made to be together, Love faces, Alone, Doorbell, Red Lipstick, Please return my call

BossLadySims's picture

Make It Rain, Famous, & Scratchin Me Up
Made To Be Together, Alone, Please Return My Call

taylovestremaine.'s picture

Anticipation: on top, scratchin me up, make it rain,
you belong to me, it would be you
PPP: love faces, alone, massage, made to be together
doorbell, red lipstick-interludes

TayCanHandleTS's picture

Anticipation - Scratching Me Up, U Belong To Me, and Does She Know
Passion, Pain & Pleasure - Massage, Doorbell, Please Return My Call, Made To Be Together, and Red Lipstick

ILoveTrey94's picture

thats a great idea gurl

Bobbi_'s picture

Anticipation -- It Would Be You, On Top, More Than That

Passion, Pain, Pleasure -- Made To Be Together, Please Return My Call, Pleasure Interlude/Red Lipstick

Numba1Hon's picture

On Top and Massage

mz.songz7706's picture

@Michelle Belle i love that idea sis

TreyDee's picture

I like that.. @Michelle Belle's picture

Scratchin Me Up and Unfortunate.The Anticipation mixtape needs a tour and video of its own.The tour should be called "For Angels Only"

BossLadySims's picture

Make It Rain & Famous
Made To be Together

lisaleigh30's picture

Anticipation: Make It Rain
On Top
Live Version of I Invented Sex
PPP: Love Faces

TreyDee's picture

Scratchin' Me Up, You Belong To Me, Make It Rain
Doorbell, Red Lipstick, Massage, And All The Interludes.. lol

ladyt1980's picture

anticipation:scrachin me up
ppp: made 2 b 2gether, pleaz return my call

NELLZ's picture

Anticipation: does she know, scrachin me up, make it rain
Passion,Pain & pleasure: made to be together, unfortunate, cant b friends

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ILoveTrey94's picture

i like those to ; i love on top, more than that && red lipstick & alone

Shanee Danielle's picture

Anticipation: Scratchin me up

Passion Pain & Pleasure: Made to be together.

ILoveTrey94's picture

nooo lol pick all of your favorites lol

SplendidAngel's picture

Do I only have to pick one? LOL! I love sooo many of them!