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how much of a mama's boy do u think trey was when he was a little boy,


  • how much of a mama's boy do u think trey was when he was a little boy,
    March 16, 2011

    do u think he still has a bit of mama's boy in him

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on Mar 16, 2011 - 10:44PM

do u think he still has a bit of mama's boy in him

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a big mommas boy he loves his mother as you can see when he speaks of her and she loves her son to death because she is proud of all the things he accomplished its so nice to see that mother son love

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wow i just l read some comments and the dates on this post and its pretty old lol i missed this one

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definitely still has some in him but thats whats sweet about him. it seems like its just enough to make u love him but not too much to make u run. i love a man that has madd love for his family cause that means he'll know how to love u when its time to's picture

I think trey was and is a mama's boy. I think trey is very close to his mother because she had him at such a young age and she raised him all by herself and struggled with trey so they have a bond that cannot be broken. Trey is also very close with his mother because of their struggles together when he was growing up. Miss April is soo proud of her baby boy I mean every time she talks about trey she beams and she has such pride coming from her eyes and smile Trey loves his mommy because she made sure to give him that extra TLC because of the situation with his father not being around and the whole thing with his step-dad. I feel like more mother's should be like Miss April she loves being a mommy and is attentive to her children's needs no matter what. She dont care if trey is 26 or not she still takes the time to make sure her baby straight and taken care of and I love that because a real mama is still mama no matter how old your kids get. I also love she can get down and dirty and have fun with trey but she also can keep him check even at 26 which is awsome he knows not to cross boundaries with her or he will still have to deal with her(hahahahahaha). Trey is like the happiest little boy when his mommy is around i mean you see it he beams and is soo cute around her and he loves to love up on his mama she does the same back with trey. Love Mama April and Trey's relationship.

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he loves his mama and u can see he truly appreciate her for everything she has done for him

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How much of a momma's boy was he, hell that brotha still a momma's boy

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All little boys love their mommy, even if they mistreat them or are strung out on drugs [I've seen this]. So imagine how a child feels when their mother treats them right & gives them nothing but love & encouragement & necessary discipline. So he beyond loves her, he admires & respects her,too. It all starts when kids are little. She and her fam did a lot of things right by instilling some great things into him and we see the finished product. :)

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To a certain degree yes. You can tell he values what his mother tells him. I love that he brings his mother to special events.