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    July 10, 2011

    Why haven't there been a follow frida for a month?

spoiled-princess's picture
on Jul 10, 2011 - 06:09PM

Why haven't there been a follow frida for a month?

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I agree @Mrs Songz $ Nelly M.

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Treys Angels is still with Trey everywhere he goes. So when they/he has time they will do follow friday again.

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@spoiled-princess I think Trey picks for follow Friday coz if it were a team then they would be choosing every week as promised. When Trey get the time he will do another follow Friday.

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What Michelle Belle said...'s picture

Don't give up on the follow, Trey will in time follow you.

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Don't give up hope just wait patiently. And don't think about it. That's what I did. It's like waiting for water to boil. If u keep watching it it takes forever. but if u leave it alone for a while its done before u know it.

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Maybe because they are very busy..

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Trey doesn't pick who he follows... The Trey angels team does that for him's picture

Trey has been busy but he is still following Angels but its been random. I'm not being followed either but Trey always makes time for his Angels.Think back he's worked on 3 videos, Essence,3 tour dates and working on album #5 so cut him some slack.He's working to give us the best of him so if he doesn,t do a #FF it's not the end of the world he's giving us live performances and a new cd not to mention the videos so he's still in the spotlight......Smooches:-)

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I don't know. He's probably been to busy for his angels. :( LOL!

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I don't know but I have gave up hope on my follow from Trey