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  • Engaged?
    July 18, 2011

    Is it true that Trey and Lauren are engaged? Does anyone know for sure.

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on Jul 18, 2011 - 01:04AM

Is it true that Trey and Lauren are engaged? Does anyone know for sure.

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Next he's going to be married to Alexandra Daddario..rumors spread like wild fire...any little move he makes or any action toward the opposite sex will be interpreted into something diff...but...just as all the other angels have said...Just be happy for him either way..and hope that it's that is

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I would have to agree with everyone. If he was iknow that ALL of his ANGELS would be happy for him.
LOL@Chrissy On Ice

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If you found that out from MediaTakeOut, then just ignore it. They are full of it! But, if Trey was engaged, I would only be happy for him. It's nothing we can do about it, but just hope the best for him and still support him.

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angels seriously if he was engaged we wud b the 1st ones 2 know. he's a workoholic rite now & as he said doesnt have time 2 devote 2 a women, so pleaz dnt believe mto they full of baloney anyway.

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LOL@Chrissy On Ice

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Ok ladies Really? Think about it if Trey were seriously dating do you think he would keep it a secret.Trey is the type of man that would show off his woman especially if he's in love.He doesn't need to hide or keep it a secret and his true fans and Angels would be happy and celebrate his new life.After all Trey is a man and still young I think he's still exploring his options and as you know Trey is all about his brand at this time.I don't see him settling down any time soon but if he does I'll be happy to know that he is moving toward his next chapter in life.

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Please dont believe everything u read... Just a week and a half ago supposedly him and Lauren just admitted that they had been together for a while and broke up now all of a sudden they are engaged. Just wait tomorrow he will be dating Toni Braxton or Selita Ebanks and next week he will be married to Celine Dion

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These are only rumors...... Trey is not engaged and never has been. Please don't listen
to the media and their ridiculous rumors.

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This is something new. I just heard they broke up. Who knows?

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As heart breaking as it would be, what can we do? He deserves to be happy & we have to stand behind him 100%.... Keeping it real tho I'd still be in tears and truly broken hearted lol