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Trey Songz Acting Debut


  • Trey Songz Acting Debut
    July 19, 2011


    I'm so proud of him. I know everybody is joking about the rules he has to follow in order to stay alive lol, and I am too, but I'm proud of him still. I already got that feeling that his character will end up dying though, ::clutching my pearls:: but I can't wait to see him kill it on the big screen. Is there anyone thinking he won't do well on screen? & what other types of movies are you looking forward to seeing him in, now that he's decided to open up to acting? I hope to see him in action and comedies. Those are my favorite types of movies, plus I get the romance from his songs. --not that I'm tired of getting that from him--

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on Jul 19, 2011 - 05:04PM


I'm so proud of him. I know everybody is joking about the rules he has to follow in order to stay alive lol, and I am too, but I'm proud of him still. I already got that feeling that his character will end up dying though, ::clutching my pearls:: but I can't wait to see him kill it on the big screen. Is there anyone thinking he won't do well on screen? & what other types of movies are you looking forward to seeing him in, now that he's decided to open up to acting? I hope to see him in action and comedies. Those are my favorite types of movies, plus I get the romance from his songs. --not that I'm tired of getting that from him--

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@Numba1Hon: I agree he would be a major superstar. He better have a stunt double. LOL

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@PritTBrowniiz Playing a bad boy is not far out of character for Trey. A bad boy is not necessarily a criminal. Trey/Trigger definitely has bad boy qualities. A bad boy is bold, sexy, confident, rebellious, wild, passionate, cocky, aggressive, temperamental, rough, likes to take control, is adventurous, unpredictable, prone to excess, is unconventional, indifferent, won’t give a Fu*K, and will charm the panties right off of you, You and U. And will get away with it because there is something women love about them. BUT: We all know Trey has his Good Boy qualities which means he can be responsible, ethical, loving, humble, sweet, sensitive, nurturing, generous and spiritual, but still bad, lol. If it weren’t for his music, his mother and family, his mentor Troy Taylor, his fans and Angels and making big money and Jesus, we could all be looking at something closer to @Essence711’s idea of a story.

@JesusIsMySavior and @Essence711 I can't imagine Trey being as coldblooded as Tupac in Juice. But if he learns to act that well we got us a superstar in the movies.

@JIMS Singing Can’t Help but Wait, before he realizes something is not right is how I see Trey too, and we all know he is going to investigate it. It just occurred to me that Trey will have a stunt man. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

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LOL @Numba1Hon
I don't think that there are any vampires in the TCM movies, and I hope that vampires can't come through the walls.
As for Leatherface, I know I'm going to have nightmares about him going after Trey.
I hope they don't put a scratch on that face, or worse, decapitate him!
Oh, and I didn't write any of the fan fiction about Trey as a villain, but I would love to read it.

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Bobbi: LOL Yes please don't have him going to investigate.

Essence711: I loved Tupac in Juice, that could be a good fit for Trey.

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@Bobbi "Trey Debut" is a great idea. You should post this idea. I need more help though I know what to do. I am going to get a bodyguard big like Trey's bodyguard so he can catch me when I pass out. Besides that I'll need protection when I leave the theatre at night in case Leatherface is in the parking lot. I won't feel safe until I get home and lock the doors and the windows and check the closets and under the bed. I sure hope they don't have any vampires in this movie because---can they come through the walls?

@Essence711 I like your idea. Did you write any of the old fan fictiion where they always made Trey Songz a villain? It was in the days when he was still Thuggin. Trey would play the sh*t out of a thug.

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@Essence711 - I would love to see him in a bad boy role too...something that's so out of his character.

I'm sooooooooo excited about this I just had to revisit this post again and say it! I never thought I would be excited about seeing a scary flick but for Tremaine it's all good!

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@Numba1Hon LMAO!! My brother just said he could hear all the Angels screaming if something did happen to him. He was joking but he said Trey's Angels should plan a Trey Day for opening night and call it Trey Debut, and then he said at the first sign of danger for Trey he knows the angels would fall out. LMAO!!! His mean self thinks that would be so funny, but I would be laughing too. I can't lie and say I won't be fazed by seeing something like that though. But I wonder how many Angels would do a "Trey Debut" lol. That could be the support system if something was to go awry. & OMG @ multigellitinous blue opague carnivorous alien lol

@Essence711 IKR! That would be a sexy look for Trey. Y'all are coming up with some good ideas.

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I would like to see Trey in a role that is so far gone from his real life self. I want to see him in a bad guy role. Something like Tupac in Juice. Or maybe like Lorenz Tate in Menace II Society.
Ruthless, yet, so damn fine, you still like his character in the end.

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@Bobbi Oh no! I didn't know only one survived. Somebody is probably gonna to have to carry me out. I may have to send my representative to see the movie. Can you see anything happening to that face up there? OH LAAAAWWDDD!!!! WHHHHHY???? I can't handle paranormal activity either. Maybe a peak. I got a sneak peak of Piranha 3D and within a few minutes I had to literally run out the theatre. I could not believe what I was seeing thru those glasses. Why Trey? WHHHHYYYY???? The more I see, the more I am beginning to wonder about Trey. He just loves that shock factor. We can kiss a romance goodby. The next flick he stars in, he will probably be a multigellitinous blue opague carnivorous alien. Help us Mama Songz.

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I wonder how he'd handle a paranormal movie. I don't know how eagerly I'd go to see that one though. Insidious and Paranormal Activity 2 scared the mess out of me. & my friend had to drag me to see both of those.

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In the TCM movies that I've seen everyone but one usually dies, especially the last two Texas Chainsaw movies. That's why I'm thinking everybody might go down in this movie. So I'm just going to enjoy him as a lead character in the movie, and hopefully he'll get more leading roles in other movie genres soon enough. I'm really excited about seeing this already. I want to see him on the big screen.

@Numba1Hon You got me waiting on every one of those movies you just created interesting plots for, especially the vampire one. I just need it to not be Twilight crappy. lol & yeah I know a lot of fans would be upset about Leatherface cutting Trey with that chainsaw. They have to let Trey's character have some fight in him. I don't want him going to go investigate nothing either.

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I bet if Trey gets one scratch on him, some fans are going to pass out. If they don’t kill him, I bet they are going to slash him. Please don't let it be his damn face. I am going to demand my money back if they do.

I found we at least have one other brother. Thom Barry will play Sheriff Hooper. He is what I had in mind to cover Trey’s back. I hope they don't kill him off too soon because we already know he ain’t gonna make it.

@Bobbi Don't worry. We are gonna see hella drama from Trey, but it might not be what we were expecting.

Trey played himself excellently in Lincoln Heights so I'd like to see him play a flirtatious LADY'S MAN in the midst of a TORRID romance. He could play a gangster/thug or vampire that finds redemption (the state of being free from the power of evil) before the story ends. A comedy would be good too since Trey is funny, good at clowning and has good timing. Whatever it is, there has got to be some love scenes.

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i can't wait

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@Essence711 LOL Yes they probably will go for him first. With his tasty self. LOL

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@OhSoLuhvlee: I’m hoping he has some input with this role maybe he can ask not to be killed off. LOL I’m not a big fan of gory horror flicks. So Chainsaw isn’t my favorite, but I will brave my fear and see the movie.

@Bobbi: Yes I love those types of movies too.

I can see myself screaming at the screen during the movie. LOL

@Numba1Hon: Yes it would be nice if more black folks were added to these types of films. In real life a brother isn’t going to be the first one to die. LOL But the only way we are going to change things is if we have more of us behind the scenes making decisions. I really want to see Trey being heroic in this film. I don’t want to see his slow self walking in the woods humming “Can’t Help But Wait” and mean while Leatherface is behind him coming in for the kill.

@lisaleigh30: They love killing us off in these films. LOL

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Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see Trey in that movie! I'm still too scared to watch the original Chainsaw Massacre from beginning to end. I've seen the remake of the movie and I wasn't really that scared, but if Trey is in this one...Damn, I might scream as soon as they show him, only because I know that those cannibals are going to try to get him. I can see me screaming for him to run, too.
"Run, Treyyyyyy!! You know dark meat is juicier than white meat!!"

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Yall know they always kill black people on horror films, sometimes they be first. LOL!

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And don't ask me what Um gon do in the movie. The same thing you would do. RUN!!!

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U always see Trey with some big black nucca watching his back and now he gon have this dude name Keram? We need some nuccas like 50 Cent or Rick Ross up in this mutha. How is Trey going to be a hero with this crew, lol. Where are the brothers? I need a revised story. Come on Lionsgate. Change the story. We need some thugs to combat these psychos. Where the sistas at? We need some colored girl attitude up in there. Seriously though, I don't watch blood and gore attall, but if Trey is in it umma watch it, and I want to see him kick some azz. They better not kill him off unless they want me up in the picture.

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I think that is a good idea for a movie @JIMS. I love movies like that. & I would be at the set at least twice if I lived where they were filming @OhSoLuhvlee. lol. & y'all got me rolling with how y'all getting on Trey in Yo Side of The Bed and "RUN TREY THEY GONNA KILLLLLL YOU!!!" lmao!!

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I'm so excited for this. Plus there shooting the movie in my city!! I can't tell you how crazy I went when I found out. I'm going Trey Songz hunting tomorrow with my cousin. But anyway, I'm so happy he's getting into acting. I know he's been wanting to do this for a while. But why couldn't he do a romantic comedy? Why a scary movie?? I don't like scary movies, but I'll go on opening day for him. I think there's a good chance he won't get killed off. I know he's black, so that makes him more likely to die, but he's a main character and has a girlfriend in the movie. Plus he's Trey Songz. I'm hoping they won't kill him off for that.

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i can see myself mow in the movie talkin bout


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you guys i can't wait to see him on the screen, i think he is def gonna do a good job and that cryin scene in your side of the bed was mad extra. but i think he's gonna kill it. i really hope he doesn't die in this movie, but my gut tells me that he is gonna die. but we will see i can't wait i'm so happy for him.

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@Bobbi: Oh I hope you get a chance to see the movie.

Lord you are right I can't with that crying business. He is so extra when he cries. In Your Side Of The Bed video I was wondering what was he thinking of that made him cry like that. LOL You are right he might do well in a drama. I would like to see him do a movie that depicts the positive lives of black folk in the past.

Though this maybe an odd choice I think it is a good one.

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I think it's great that he's doing a horror film because it's out of the norm of what people would expect for him to do. And as selective as he is about things I know if he took the role its because he feels like he really can capture the character he's playing. I'm really excited about this!

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i want some drama i want him to open himself up to whatever makes him happy

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I'm thinking drama might be interesting too. I don't know why but I want to see him lose his temper. Or maybe something else that causes deep emotion & I love him but I could do without some of his facial expressions when he cries. lol

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@JIMS I just found a copy of The Preacher's Kid like two days ago, but I didn't have my card on me so I've yet to see him in that--I'm so mad. But lol to him being dramatic at times because that is so true.

@pritTbrowniiz I know what you mean about him being a perfectionist and he already said he wanted to make sure when he did it he did it right and not just because he had a chance to do it. & that's exactly what I'm saying about them killing him off. I don't want him in only half the movie, but I will take it. lol

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:) @pritTbrowniiz

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I'm so excited to see this movie and I hate scary movies..but I love Trey so he will definitely get my support. I think he will do well. He's a perfectionist so he wouldn't have taken the role if it didn't feel right about it and couldn't play it convincingly. I too would like to see him in action or comedy. He can be so goofy at times so comedy is right up his alley. Oh and if he dies in this film I'll only be mad because I won't get to see him throughout the rest of it, but I want to see how versatile he can be so that's a plus to me. I mean it is acting, so show me what you got Tremaine!