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Making an age limit at Trey's Concerts


  • Making an age limit at Trey's Concerts
    September 21, 2010

    So Ive been to quite a few trey songz events since hes been out ; and each time i'm there i always see young and i mean like 13 - 14 year olds at his concerts . I love how trey performs and if any of yall have seen his shows he tends to get real nasty -- lol . I also did a platinum package thing where i got to meet and spend time with trey and there were young girls there all half dressed . i just dont think that little girls should be attending that . not to mention trey pulls girls on stage and it'd be safer for him as well to know that the female is of age . Some might say if their parents allow it then its okay but usually from experience parents jst purchase the tickets and let their daughters go with a friend ; they dont usually attend . i think they should ID at the door . 16 and up maybe unless youre with an adult or parent or something like that . but jst my opinion though . and yours ?

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on Sep 21, 2010 - 09:59AM

So Ive been to quite a few trey songz events since hes been out ; and each time i'm there i always see young and i mean like 13 - 14 year olds at his concerts . I love how trey performs and if any of yall have seen his shows he tends to get real nasty -- lol . I also did a platinum package thing where i got to meet and spend time with trey and there were young girls there all half dressed . i just dont think that little girls should be attending that . not to mention trey pulls girls on stage and it'd be safer for him as well to know that the female is of age . Some might say if their parents allow it then its okay but usually from experience parents jst purchase the tickets and let their daughters go with a friend ; they dont usually attend . i think they should ID at the door . 16 and up maybe unless youre with an adult or parent or something like that . but jst my opinion though . and yours ?

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...or just do separate shows ; do one for any age and then 16 or 18 and up shows ; it wont be as much work cause at the any age show - they wont have to check ID , only at the 18 and up shows they would ; and upon ticketing purchase make sure that it CLEARLY states that " this show is for ages 16 or 18 and up only please be conscious of that upon ticket purchase . ." other than that , i cant think of anything else ladies , lol .

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@MS.YUUP - i love how you said that , i agree with you because when i was younger my mom wouldn't allow me to go certain places or listen to certain songs , she would change them when they came on the radio or TV etc - & i know they aren't gonna check ID at the door but i think they should - they should have people come like 2 hours early to do so - that would help Trey with his ticket sales anyways because more adult people will buy more expensive tickets so they can get in right away - its unlikely that an adult is gonna purchase expensive trey songz tickets for a minor @numba1hon - i personally think you're right - i just dont see myself bringing my 1O year old anything to a trigga concert , ive been a fan since " gotta make it " - lol , my sister is 16 now - very mature for her age and is BEGGiNG me to take her to the anticipation 2 tour - which is why i havent brought my tickets yet - i am still leery about it ..

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Early on I saw (a YOUNGER) Trey sing some pretty inappropriate lyrics in front of young school aged girls in a SCHOOL (not H.S.) auditorium where he was a guess speaker. School security was on stage and was shocked and tried to stop Trey by pulling on his shoulder signaling that he should watch himself, but Trey pulled away rebelliously. However, more recently on the Morning Show I saw (an older and WISER) Trey decline to do a signature sexy pelvic motion in the front of a young guess of about 16 or 17 because I think he thought it was inappropriate. Then I noticed on Twitter recently, Trey told females fans to bring their little sisters to his concerts. He did not say how old the little sisters should be, but next thing I know a young fan tweeted Treys Angels saying very proudly that she was going to a concert and bringing her 10 year old sister or daughter with her. All of this leads me to believe Trey may be conflicted or not really thinking, and some young mothers, guardians, friends or big sisters may need some friendly persuasion or better information so they can make a responsible decision. So I feel it would be socially conscious if Trey and the Angels team discuss this and agree to come up with some recommendations to post on the Net regarding this issue. At least if no limitations are formally set, the club would have done it's part to encourage responsible decision-making even if the recommendations are subsequently disregarded by some fans.'s picture

I agree with what you are saying 100%! However, I think it would be had to pose an age limit because buying the tickets online or via the phone anyone can buy them. And I don't think the venue would want to check ID for every person that came through the doors. Parents should be more careful in what they let there kids watch on tv, listen to, and what type of concerts they go to. Trey is a grown man singing to grown women. My little girl is seven and love Trey music. I pick and choose what she listen to of his. That is partly what is wrong with society we want to put the problems off on everyone else. Parents if they don't know who Trey Songz is Goggle him watch performances on You Tube. This is just my opinion and please take it for that.

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I think there should be an age restriction when it comes to young persons attending concerts where the artist is too explicit during their shows. The fact is we know youngsters are exposed to situations that they shouldn't be, whether it be violence or sex, but I personally do not feel that it should be accepted as the norm, otherwise where does the line get drawn?
I suppose each parent has a degree of control over what their children watch or listen to and if they feel that they have at least attempted to educate and instill good qualities into them then hopefully they won't be too easily influenced, but for those children who do not have such guidance, it's useful to have some restrictions in place from some sort of authority to protect them.

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Yes, I always feel embarrassed for these young girl's mother's that attend the shows with them. He's too sexual for the kids in my opinion.

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agreed mama=)

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The last trey songz concert I went to was in Dec of last year and the youngest I saw was under the age of 10 and they were with their parent.But that's not the point! I agree that their should be an age limit on his shows. During the show the only thing he did was take his shirt off, and he does that at every show! But I still feel like children so young should not be allowed to go to his concerts. Maybe he can have a concert of the younger crowds but not do as much as he would with an older crowd.

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Im 15 years old. Im going to one of his concerts in a few weeks for the first time so im excited =) I've heard his concerts can get like that. I love Trey with all my heart, but i think it's just nasty for young girls like 13ish to maybe 16 wearing clothes that they shouldn't be to his concerts. I mean yeah you want to impress him, but i don't think Trey goes for underage girls that dress like that. I think age 14 and up is okay to attend his concerts, as long as your mature.

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Hey luv do u have a twitter account im tryin to get in contact with u about being in one of the books that i make for Trey. Of ppl with pics with him. hit me up on twitter @prays4TREMAINE or u can email me thanx

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It is important to care about your community not only because of the negative things that can happen but because it is the right thing to do to help make the world a better place. That is why you have Songz for Peace and Angels with Hearts. The name of Trey's old blogspot "See FurtherthanIam" says it all.

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You don't have to hide young teens from it, but you don't have to give them mixed signals about your expectations of them by openly inviting them to things of a prurient nature. Everyone knows Teens find sexual material and experiment. This has always been the case. I was studious and had read more sexual educational material including illustrated and how-to manuals when I was 11/12 than most adults. I also had access to erotica and porn and indulged in what most teens do. But my mother did not play and I did not get any mixed signals. She was the adult and I was the child.

@CutTiGurl609 We all should be concerned about the whole community and not only what is going on in our own backyard because statistics show that peer pressure is very strong with teens and often outweighs parental guidance. It only takes one wayward teen to influence many others.

The following is not what many people want for their younger teens, but this is what it’s coming to. If we are telling 13 year olds it is okay by giving mixed signals and contributing to their exposure, then eventually we as a society will be forced to agree to make contraceptives, including condoms (male and female) readily available and teach them which ones are safe to select and how to use them. They should already know about abstinence, teen pregnancy and STD’s and that there is no such thing as safe sex and why. But they will need to know about contraceptive failure, teen pregnancy options including abortion and will have to be educated on many more adult matters. The schools, community and the Government have to be involved anyway because many homes are dysfunctional, or parents are ill-equipped and don’t have all of the facts or resources.

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@ BANGZ_TRIGGA "im well over 18 lol as long as the females around me who i love & care for arent being heavily influenced by it" thats exactly the same view everybody needs to have. And I don't remember all of those people being at the tour hear in Trenton. I remember Bobby Valentino was the opening act and then it was Omarion and then Marques Houston. We got cheated lol.

and wut @ AliKJHawk said is like hearing it from the horses mouth. we can't hide sex from them. all we can do is teach them right from wrong and lead them by example and pray they follow in our footsteps.

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Interesting Information about Teens

According to, "teens exposed to the most sexual content on TV are twice as likely as teens watching less of this material to become pregnant before they reach age 20".

The United States has the highest teen pregnancy rate in the developed world. While young people in the U.S., ages 15 to 25, make up only one-quarter of the sexually active population, they contract about half of STDs and almost one-quarter of new HIV infections.

A Kaiser Family Foundation study of US teenagers, 29% of teens reported feeling pressure to have sex, 33% of sexually active teens reported "being in a relationship where they felt things were moving too fast sexually", and 24% had "done something sexual they didn’t really want to do". Several polls have indicated peer pressure as a factor in encouraging both girls and boys to have sex.

Studies in the US indicate that age discrepancy between the teenage girls and the men who impregnate them is an important contributing factor. Teenage girls in relationships with older boys, and in particular with adult men, are more likely to become pregnant than teenage girls in relationships with boys their own age.

A review of California's 1990 vital statistics found that men older than high school age fathered 77 percent of all births to high school-aged girls (ages 16–18), and 51 percent of births to junior high school-aged girls (15 and younger).

Men over age 25 fathered twice as many children of teenage mothers than boys under age 18, and men over age 20 fathered five times as many children of junior high school-aged girls as did junior high school-aged boys. A 1992 Washington state study of 535 adolescent mothers found that 62 percent of the mothers had a history of being raped or sexual molested by men whose ages averaged 27 years.

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@cuttigurl -- it was bow wow ; MH ; ciara ; 5O cent ; omg DJ jus ; i have pictures from it !! ; i was so souped up to go and i remember that naked performance cause my auntie was like the fuck ? ! lol but yeah ; my sis talks abt how cute boys are often and the one bf she had was 17 ; but he went to her school which is a college prep school and you have to go thru a process to get in ; so i let tht one slide ! lol . @aikjhawk -- what you said is exactly what i try to prevent lol ; ' half of the stuff he does we already experienced . . ' id hate for my bby sista to say that & she is almst 16 . and its good you like to read ! keep reading=] but like @crazybeauty said ; its not gonna happen cause at the end of the day they jst wanna sell out venues & im well over 18 lol as long as the females around me who i love & care for arent being heavily influenced by it ,

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I havent read not one of these comments cause there too long.. And I happen to be 13 and if someone invited me to a Trey Songz concert I would go, but Trey is clearly not lookin for a 13 year old girl..WTF..Half of the stuff he does we've either already experienced or know about..So I say....IT DOESNT NEED TO BE AN AGE LIMIT.!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I really dont care though..Im only on this site for the stories..LOL..I love to read.!!!

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@numba1hon nope didn't mean that. guess i wasn't aware of the real meaning of that word.

@bangz_trigga, yes it was the scream tour I forgot the name of it lol and i have a 14 yr old sister that lives wit her mother and she's had a boyfriend for 3 yrs already and he's older *low eyes* I get wut u say cause when she told me that and i saw the chain she was wearin that she got from him for Valentine's Day I felt some kinda way but she lives with her mother in a different city and theres not much i can do

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@ cuttigurl609 ; youre 25 ? & i know what youre talking about with the MH thing ; the FiRST scream tour i went too ; he did the same lol . i guess we can all agree to disagree because everything you said is true as well ; i guess my opinion came from seeing young and i mean YOUNG girls at some trey event i went too ; and we were walking inside & they were talking about omg i wish he would do ths and that to me and it made me think like whaaat ? lol they clearly couldnt have been older than id say 13 . i also feel how i feel cause i have a 16 year old sister ; and shes been BEGGING me to go see trey & im like ehhh NOPE not with me anyway lol & shes mature for her age in certain ways ; but then very gullible & naive in other ways -- i just wouldnt feel right ; i dnt know why ;

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The definition of the word opinionated means:

Someone who is opinionated has very strong opinions that they refuse to change even when they are clearly unreasonable.

Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one's own opinions

holding unreasonably or obstinately to one's own opinions

I was not trying to put words in your mouth or adding to what you said. Opinionated means more than just holding to one's opinion. All of the definitions I found indicate unreasonableness or have the connotation of unreasonableness. Sorry if you think I am trying to twist things around or put words in your mouth. That was not my intention in any part of this discussion.

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Ok so now your adding to wut i said? I said we, as in me too, are opinionated (there is absolutely nothing wrong with that) and I never said unreasonable. This is a discussion about opinion which means wut I'm saying isn't a fact and wut ur saying isn't a fact. No matter how many people agree with u or me the thread says "but just my OPINION though. and yours?" I gave mine and I stick to it even though everyone else that has commented feels otherwise lol doesn't make either of us immature, inexperienced, naive, oblivious, talented, metrosexual, homosexual, mentally unstable, sad, happy, short, fat, black or white.

Its just a discussion.

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@CutTicGurl609 Well there is a lot more than two of us that are saying the same thing and some are much younger than you. I am sorry you feel we are opinionated and unreasonable, but I don't expect everyone to agree. Sometimes you have to see it to believe it. But at least we all know how others feel. I have seen mass destruction and it also affected the best of households with 2 family members middle class with lots of opportunities and lots of money and caring parents. A family can be doing their best but it is not enough because of that village factor. You can not walk around like a ostrich with your head in the sand and be oblivious to what is going on around you and think everything is going to fall in place because you taught your kids properly at home and they would not deviate from what they learned at home. Every part of society and everyone is responsible for what is going to happen around them. A chain is only as strong and effective as its missing link.

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I somewhat agree, but I doubt if it will ever happen, not because of Trey but because the label wants to sell out venues. If most of their parents saw what goes on, they probably wouldn't let them attend, although they've heard his music & should know what to expect.

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So should I change my screen name from Cuttigurl609 or should thread starter change hers from Bangz_Trigga just because we know that minors have access to this site and the names have a sexual nature to them? lol jk I'm done I can agree to disagree cause I see us 2 very opinionated women goin back in forth sayin the same thing using different words lol

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I agree with Bangz_Trigga. I am older and speaking from experience. I have witnessed everything I am talking about so I know what happens to communities when there is too much permissivenes, a lack of parental and community control and apathy. I know what individual parents are up against when they are trying to raise their children a certain way. Outside influences are very strong no matter what a parents does. When kids begin to get older they become more and more independent of their parents and become influenced by what they see around them. Some kids are lucky and navigate safely through the waters but many don't survive it. Nowadays you barely have two parent households so it is even more important for the whole community to be involved and boundaries to be established. Too much tolerance leads to decadence, apathy, death and destruction. We have to stop thinking in terms of own individual cases and look at the big picture and be aware of the impact of our actions on the whole community and the whole society.

Nobody here is criticizing Trey or putting any blame on his individual actions. We are all fans and enjoy his shows. We are just making recommendations on what we thing are best for the whole community and not just our own individual cases. Give us a chance to mold the children before they are exposed to much is what we are asking.

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That last comment was for numba1hon

but @bangz_trigga i'm not immature myself I am a 25 yr old woman with a child I've seen things and experienced things in life as well I've been tempted to have sex at 12 by an older boy that I actually liked a lot everyday on my way home from school but I never did anything because my momma (thank god for her) told me about pregnancy and diseases. I've witnessed and heard friends stories of situations where they were raped or have had kids at 14, experimented with drugs been in or hung out with gangs. All of which couldn't even afford to go to a concert mainly because they didn't have parents or their parents where on drugs, in jail, dead or very promiscuous and had no time for them. Which is why my opinion stays the same. Trey's performances isn't the root to all evil its home. Alot of those friends followed the same paths as their parents whether boomerang was on tv or madonna was on stage.

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Ok all of that u just posted has nothing to do with wut I said. It starts at home with the parents period. But how is this the land of the free when everything someone does we have people butting in and trying to mold it into wut they want. No the world is just not like that. Wut Trey does is no secret to the world and it is up to that teenagers guardian whether they attend the concert or not. The teenager is not gonna go and kill somebody or do drugs cause they saw a man dry hump or give a massage on stage. No matter how much someone try to manipulate the topic to fit their opinion the fact is that its not that serious. Sex is a natural thing that everybody will experience. Me seeing sex on tv or going to Marcus Houston concert where he got naked, literally, did not make me go home and have sex. My mom teaching me and instilling values in me made me wait until I was an adult until I went there.

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i can agree with number1hon ; but maybe its because i am older and more mature & have witnessed a lot of what she is saying . im not suggesting trigga dont perform for a younger audience ; that wouldnt be fair ; but i think there should be a show for 18 & up and then 17 & under or 16 or whatever . i know tht he has done 21 & older shows before . . a lot of times parents dont know the contents of these concerts ; thus they just purchase the tickets and let their kids go . but even still ; im happy to say whn trey did the massage thing ; after the show they ID'd the girl and made her sign some paper --

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@CuTicGurl609 That is why some people are forced to move out of their communities and even the country and why whole communities are ruined. We let our children dictate to us what is best for them and let other entities determine what is best for our children. Next thing you know, children are dressing, dancing and carrying on like pimps and prostitutes and listening to their friends instead of their parents, drug dealers are selling them drugs and the schools become ineffective because the teacher can not discipline them, innocent people are confined to their homes, STD and teen pregnancies become rampant, police become corrupt and I can go on and after a while everyone thinks itis normal. Instead of being parents and demanding cooperation of our children, our schools,, neighbors, communities and lawmaking bodies, we sit by and allow children and ignoramouses to run the show, we allow various industries to make money at any cost, remain silent and indifferent while everything is in decline. Who says changes can not be made. Nothing is static. If enough people unite with like thinking and are politically active and make enough noise and hurt pocketbooks, changes can be made in anything, but unity is required not just the wishes of misguided individuals. That is why they say it takes a village to raise a child. Because of indifference and decadentce whole societies have been reduced to ruins. America is in a steep decline right now.

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I don't think there should be an age requirement for his concerts. If these teens parents allow them to go to a Trey Songz concert knowing the sexual nature of his music then it should be fine. Chances are these kids have been exposed to much more than a little dry humping. This is his job and I say make that money and don't blame him for others poor parental discretion. Trey ain't got no kids. As far as legal issues I think a simple wrist band for fans who are of age would be enough. Which can be mailed or given with the purchase of the tickets.

I say this because these kids see the videos on youtube and alot of em even see family members doin much more. If they can't go to a Trey Songz concert they'll just go to a Rihanna concert, a Nicki Minaj concert, or a Lady Gaga concert and get the same thing and then some. So why should Trey lose out on money?

We can't change the whole entertainment industry so I say we worry about ours and stop leavin it up to everybody else to raise our children.

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Trey’s performances are not appropriate for young teens because they encourage more wayward behavior. Females of all ages love Trey for a lot of qualities, but Trey is also a very potent aphrodisiac. Science has just confirmed that lust shuts down the part of the brain that deals with judgment. That is why many Trey fans including older ones are losing it. So what do you think teens are going to do? Teens with no judgmental ability, raging hormones, panties burning, and plenty of opportunity are asking for Trouble. Once things go wrong, the burden is on the parents. Teens are supposed to be learning discernment at this time. They shouldn’t be participating in adult activities that they hardly understand how to handle. Knowing about sex and having it or having babies is not what makes a teen grown. You are grown when you have sufficient knowledge, ability, and resources to take care of yourself and you know something about life, boys/men and relationships. Otherwise you are still just a kid that is going to be taken advantage of. Even adult women have difficulty. There is an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child and that means others should also help the parents. So limits should be set.