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    June 07, 2011

    So I recently got a twitter, and was wondering if my fellow angel family members could follow me!!....i follow back!!

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on Jun 7, 2011 - 01:16PM

So I recently got a twitter, and was wondering if my fellow angel family members could follow me!!....i follow back!!

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@jaedah_monee i follow back i need to get my followers up to i rather my angel sisters follow me then some strange people lol

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@JamRoC_4eVa,i follow back..

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follow me i follow back.. @dat_gurl_nelly

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Same here @Triggaswifey1.. whoever follows me i swear i will follow back(;

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just follow fellow angels and eventually they will follow back or just ask most times they will....they dont bite lol

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@TSAngel_Ty -Personal
@AwesomeAngel_Ty - Treys Angel page

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Hello Angel my twitter name is

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thanks everyone!!

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Follow me an I will do the same @msmystery317 please state that ur n angel so I will know thx. I'm also on Skype @ candyapple317...lets get some angels on Skype as well. Hope to see fellow angels on Skype.

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I just joined on the 21 of June just for TREY! lol

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@shanellf follow me babes i follow back

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I'm following you now :). I'm @iSparks87


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