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The Stalker Diaries 2


  • The Stalker Diaries 2
    December 27, 2010

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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on Dec 27, 2010 - 03:07AM

More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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Entry 54
Last night Trey did come back and it felt so good to have him back by my side. Ma and Daddy had a late supper with us, and they told Trey that he's welcome here at any time. They told us to feel free to use the house as our own. Ma said that if we wanted more privacy, we could have the apartment on the fifth floor. At one time Ma's brother, my uncle Bobby, used to live with us, and that was his place. He's long gone now, married with kids, in Connecticut.
We slept in my old room, but we didn't make love. Trey held me all night and we talked about the shooting. I told him about the phony message that prompted me to go down to the corner. I told him that it had been stupid of me to go down there in the first place. I didn't even know where the call had come from, and I still went down there. In hind sight I think that the only reason I went down there was because I thought Jasmine had something to do with the call. I wanted to confront her on her craziness once and for all.
"Now I feel bad, because Eric or Charles could have gotten hurt. Or, what if he would've seen me standing across the street? He probably would have shot at me point blank." I ran my fingers over the tattoo on Trey's chest while I spoke. Held me tighter and he told me that he's glad the guy didn't see me.
"As for Eric and Charles, you don't have to worry about them. That's what they get paid for. Danger comes with the job." Trey said.
"I never want anything bad to happen to them, especially because of me." I said. Trey told me that even though he doesn't want to see anything bad happen to them either, he was glad that they were doing their job protecting me.
I told Trey that he should be extra careful from now on because he could be a target just from being with me.
Trey didn't think so. He told me that he thinks that Jasmine could have something to do with the shooting. I told him that I do too. So I'm not paranoid after all. Oh, it's on if Jasmine put out a hit on me. That bitch is dead!

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i'm glad she's out the hospital but i have a feelin things not gunna b chill 4 long. hmmmm. can't wait 2 c what happens next

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Omg I need more!!!!!!!

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great writer you are

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Your stories are really great! I enjoy them!! Keep up the great work!!!

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oh how I've missed my favorite story!!!!! so glad to be all caught up now....even was late goin to meet up with my girlfriends earlier tryin to read....lolololol!!!! once again keep up the great work essence!!!!!

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glad 2 ur talking & home with the fam.. I juss hope the catch who's up 2 this so u & trey can go back to y'all life.. Juss make sure u lock the door when tiff is around,lol..

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Entry 53 cont'd
They all tried to convince me that I would be safe if I left the hospital room. The psychiatrist was brought back in and he said that since I had begun talking again that it would be totally up to me if I wanted to stay or not.
It was a hard decision to make because I didn't know who could be out there lurking, ready to shoot at me again. Then again, there was no real reason for me to stay in the hospital. Physically, I was fine. Even mentally, I was still ok. I hadn't lost my senses, just the will to speak for a little while.
I told the doctor that I would be going home. He nodded, then asked to speak with my parents in private. When they came back in, we all left. We got into my parents' car, and Daddy told his driver to take us to their home on the Upper East Side.
I've been here, in my old bedroom for about three hours. Ma was emphatic when she said that until we left the country, I would be staying with them. Any other time, I would protest, but now I just feel grateful that I have a hideout, in case whoever wants me dead tries to finish the job.
When we first got here, it was kind of fun being in this room with Trey. He's been here before, but this time around, I felt like being bad. We fooled around on my bed for a while, until Trey had to leave. He has to be at an event to benefit babies who are born with HIV.
I was supposed to be going with him, but not now. I would have liked for Trey to stay here with me, but when he makes a commitment for a cause, he honors it. Of course I told him that he could come back here tonight if he wants to. I hope that he does come back here, that way I'll know that he'll be safe too.
After close inspection of my room, I noticed that Tiffany spends a lot of time in here. Her lip glosses and hair things are all neatly arranged on my dresser. I don't mind, but I'm going to need my privacy if I'm going to be staying here for a while. Tiffany's spying little eyes will never catch even a glimpse of Trey's stuff.

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Awww bring Trey part back...It's not so wanted dead or alive...he lightens da mood for E

One of Trey's best qualities by far *story or real sure*

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Entry 53 cont'd
I chuckled a bit at first, but then the thought became funnier and I laughed harder. Before I knew it, I was laughing uncontrollably and loud. My parents did come into the room. Trey stood up, still holding me in his arms. I wrapped my legs around him and laughed even harder. I could hear Trey trying to explain what was going on to my parents. He omitted the part about me wanting him to make love to me there on the hospital bed. Instead he told them that he'd said something funny to cheer me up and it worked.
I laughed even harder when I saw that my parents believed him. I put my head on his shoulder and resisted when he tried to put me down. I didn't want him to let me go, ever.
Ma wanted to know if I'd tried to talk about what had happened. It was like a switch went off inside of me. I stop laughing. When I did, I could here the sound of the gun going off and the glass breaking. I covered my ears, trying to block out the sound.
I saw the man casually walking down the street. He'd been in the street, not on the sidewalk, and when he ran, he ran straight in the middle of the street with no regard for the oncoming traffic. I thought to myself that he must have wanted me dead so badly that he didn't even care about his own safety. But why? Why did he want to kill me?
"Why did he want to kill me?" I asked out loud to no one in particular.
"The police are going to find that out, sweetie. In the meantime, try not to think about it. Don't worry, no one is going to hurt you. I promise." Ma was standing near me, touching my back.
It was really strange because I could see that everyone was concerned about me, and I understood why they were all concerned, but I knew that no one really understood how I was feeling. No one knew what it felt like to be wanted dead.
Daddy was at my side. He wanted me to stand on my feet. He told me that he was going to see if the doctor would let me go home.
The thought of leaving that room terrified me. I didn't want to leave.

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Loving it!!! :D

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I love when u paint Trey like this...He's so loving & caring *tears* ready 4 more plz I love this story YUUUP YUUUP

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Entry 53 cont'd
Trey let me do it, so I figured he'd let me do something else. I reached down to unzip his pants. He caught my hand and moved it away from his zipper. He wanted to know if I was feeling alright.
Of course I wasn't, and I needed to feel better fast. I wanted to feel him giving me pleasure and heat. I needed to disconnect my mind from the images that were invading me.
I moved myself up and down on his lap. He knew what I wanted, but he didn't want to give it to me.
"E, you should be taking it easy right now." Trey told me.
I know that he was right, but at the moment I didn't care. I wanted to feel safe and warm and Trey is the only one who can make that happen for me.
I buried my face in his neck and hugged him. When he hugged me back, it felt as if icicles were melting inside of me. I urged him to squeeze me tighter by squeezing him tighter. He did, and I felt warmth creeping through me inch by inch.
"Make love to me." I barely felt the words come out of my own mouth. It was more like an urgent thought that flowed out of my mind and formed sound.
"I want to Essence, but let me take you home first." Trey said.
I shook my head. "Now." I ran my fingers down his chest.
"Essence, you're still in shock. Lemme take you home and so you can relax. I'll be right there, and later, if you feel better, we can make love." He told me.
It sounded promising, but I wanted him right then and there. I didn't want to wait until we got home. I didn't want to leave that room. I just wanted to feel the fire I feel when Trey touches me. I wanted to feel something real and non threatening.
I tried to unbutton my blouse, but Trey wouldn't let me. He was gentle, but firm when he told me to stop.
"Don't you want me, Trey?" I asked.
"Yeah, but not in here. Besides, your parents could walk in on us."
I heard the words and my mind formed the picture in my brain. I imagined the shocked looks my parents would have if they were to walk in on us. The thought made me laugh out loud.

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Now u got my imagination running if i needed any help lolz ON TO DA NEXT PLZZZZZ

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Entry 53 cont'd
Trey looked as if he could use some sleep too. His eyes were red and I thought I saw him brush away a tear.
I wanted to say something comforting to him, but it felt as if talking would take too much energy out of me. I was glad to see him though. He sat next to me on the bed and put his arms around me. He murmured soothing words to me, and he kissed me on the cheek.
I wanted to tell him what had happened. The scene was so fresh in my mind. I kept seeing the man pull out the gun and in a hurried fashion, fire it twice, then take off like he was in a relay race. I had been staring at the shattered window, imagining seeing my own lifeless body sprawled across the back seat, when the police arrived.
"Baby, you shaking." Trey held me even closer.
I hadn't noticed that I was shaking, but I did feel cold inside. I wanted to get warm. I needed to feel heat inside of me, down in the deepest part of me.
Trey was rubbing my back. His hands felt warm. His arms felt warm. I pressed my body against his and I felt a little bit better. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my face to his lips. He whispered to me and his breath felt warm and inviting.
Trey's lips always taste so good and at that moment, his sweet kiss was my biggest desire. I kissed him, pushing my tongue into his mouth. He kissed me back, but I sensed hesitation from him. I kissed him more, and climbed onto his lap. I pushed his lips down to my neck. I wanted to feel him kiss my sensitive spot. I love it when he does that.
He didn't kiss my neck, instead he pushed back and looked at me. I didn't want him to look at me. I wanted him to kiss me. I wanted him to rub me. I wanted him to make the coldness go away.
I pulled his head close to me and I kissed him again. I began to kiss his neck. I moved my tongue around on his skin. He tasted clean and I could smell the after shave on his chin. I sucked gently on his neck. He let out a low moan and gripped my hips with his hands. I sucked harder.

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omg!!! what??! i can't believe sumbody tried 2 kill essence. i bet jasmine sneaky ass had sumthin 2 do wit it. smh. i'm so glad she wasn't in the car. and i'm glad she has her fam and her man by her side. awwww

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ok i need a new post like now got me checkin this every day lol i luv a good story

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OMG!!! I can't believe sum1 try to kill u.. Girl that chick jasmine really need to move on,u need to post soon..

aisha_11's picture entry please!

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This Is Too Good... O M G I Can't Wait To See Who Is Behind This !!..

Please Keep It Coming !!!!!!!

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&& no more cliff hangers lol

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aww next post please noowwwww i cant wait

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Entry 53 cont'd
I was examined by a doctor, who recommended that I be seen by the psychiatrist. We waited a while longer while a nurse stood close by, I guess she was keeping an eye on me in case I flipped out.
Ma made several calls and I heard her making hotel reservations. She told me that she was going to get me, Tiffany, CoCo and my nephew out of the country as soon as possible.
"This world is insane. Who would do such a thing to you? Who?" She asked, but I knew she didn't expect an answer. The same question had been going through my brain, too. It had happened so fast, and it seemed so deliberate. What if I had been sitting in the car? Chrissy would have been sitting right next to me. Either one of us could have been hurt, or worse.
After the psychiatrist tried his hand at speaking with me, he recommended that they keep me overnight for observation. Ma called Daddy, then she told me that he'd be there shortly.
She asked me if I wanted her to call Trey. I did, but I couldn't tell her. She had sense enough to call him anyway.
She explained what had happened and that we were at the hospital. I heard her telling him to calm down, in her motherly way. She told him that I wasn't physically hurt, but that I was probably in shock, according to the doctors. She told him where we were and then she held the phone to my ear.
Trey told me that he was coming to straight to me, that he'd see me in a few minutes. I couldn't respond. I just felt tired.
Ma helped me stand up and she made sure that I was comfortable on the bed. The police officers poked their heads in to see if I was alright. Ma told them that I was still unable to talk, and that I seemed to need some rest.
"Let us know when she's ready to talk." One of them told Ma. The nurse came back in to get some information from Ma. They stepped out of the room. I closed my eyes.
When I opened them again, Trey was sitting by my bed. He was holding his head in his hands. I reached over to nudge him. He sat up right away.

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Entry 53 cont'd
The whole day went crazy from there. My parents were called and they met us at the precinct. Daddy was outraged when he found out what had happened. Ma held me close and rocked me. She kept asking me questions but I couldn't speak. It was as if the words didn't want to come out. All I could do was think about how I'd just witnessed a man try to kill me.
The police had caught the guy and he was being interrogated. So were Eric and Charles. Our family lawyer, Lia Turner, was there too. My phone was going off like an alarm clock, but I didn't answer it. Ma took it from me and she politely told whoever it was that I was unable to talk at the moment. She told me that she would hold on to my phone.
The police wanted to question me since I'd seen what had happened, but what ever I said must not have made much sense because I saw the officer furrow her brow and she told Ma that I should probably see a doctor.
The next thing I knew, I was being led from the precinct, out to a squad car. I felt myself getting weak and really all I wanted to do was drift off into a long, blank sleep.
I could here the police siren blare as we sped off. I had to be held up by Ma and a police officer as we walked through the emergency room. The officers went up to the nurse's station and spoke. The next thing I knew, I was being seated in a wheel chair, then rolled through a doorway.
A nurse was asking me if I felt alright, was I in any pain, had I taken any medication today. I didn't answer her. I heard Ma tell her that I'd been that way for the last half hour. The nurse nodded. She checked my pupils and my vitals and then she told me that I could sit on the hospital bed. I didn't want to move. The nurse said that a doctor would be in to see us in a few minutes.
Ma closed the door and then she gave me a tight hug. I think that she was trying to hold in her tears. I wanted to comfort her, but I couldn't move or speak.
"This is it. We're leaving town, tonight!" She said.

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OMG!!! I think Jasmine is behind this. Trey is going to flip! No Essence fam about to go nuts. It's about to be a show down. I hope Essence stick with Trey because if it was me that may be the end . Somebody trying to take her out and this is not cool.

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omg!! is all i can say that made my heart stop 4 a quick sec nxt post please

love your story to keep up the good work :)