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What song would you like Trey to remake?


  • What song would you like Trey to remake?
    December 21, 2010

    So Angels tell me what song would you like Trey to remake. I would love to hear him remake Donny Hathaway's - A Song For You . I think Trey would do an awesome job remaking this, he already makes my heart melt with that velvety smooth voice nd I think he would do great at it. So let me hear your choices ladies what would u like to hear him redo ~ #FantasyAngel

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on Dec 21, 2010 - 10:54PM

So Angels tell me what song would you like Trey to remake. I would love to hear him remake Donny Hathaway's - A Song For You . I think Trey would do an awesome job remaking this, he already makes my heart melt with that velvety smooth voice nd I think he would do great at it. So let me hear your choices ladies what would u like to hear him redo ~ #FantasyAngel

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There are three songs I would genuinely love him to redo/cover

1.) Dru Hill - In My Bed
2.) R. Kelly - The Greatest Sex
3.) No Doubt - Don't Speak

I think he could bring so much to the table to redo any of these songs.'s picture

OMG He would kill johnny gill yes that would be heat right off top!! and another Changing faces stroke u up and another Shai if i ever fall in love remix HEAT!!!

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I would luv for Trey Songz to remake Johnny Gill song My,My,My! I love that song and i bet Trey would do a dam good job remaking

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@Chrissy_On_Ice and @Michelle Belle. I agree. “A Song for You” is a GREAT choice for Trey and his voice, but I understand Troy’s reluctance so I came up with these ideas. (FIRST TIME around) Cut "I love you in a place..." and add "I've loved you (great emphasis on ACTION over time) in a place where there is no space or time." Cut “and when my life is over” and add “but if our love is over, remember when we were together. We were alone and I was singing this song to you. (Next time it’s sung) I LOOOOVE YOOOU (present tense)……..but if our love is over” This suggests he still loves her and doesn’t want the relationship to end. But I think this version sounds younger, more relevant/believable for Trey partially because it removes the metaphors that suggest an early "demise" and leaving a "legacy." A few other word changes would make the song “younger” too.

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i would say Ginuwine - There it is

Kiyah Withers's picture

Beat It - Michael Jackson

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man thats a hard question!!! im gonna have to think about that and come back! lol.....can you follow me plz?? lol @belle_rebelle

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Slide Over by Ready For The World ..

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What ever song he chooses. I'm sure it will sound great. I love Trey and his music. Trey is like wine as he gets older he gets better.

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**~Umm this is hard.. Idk lol.. Maybe 6 foot 7 foot triggamix..~**'s picture

YES! I suggested a while back to Troy for Trey to remake some Donny Hathaway songs cause his voice is Perfect for it but Troy thought it was too old for Trey, I don't think so I would love to hear "A song For You" and " Giving Up"..Mmhh I see Trey getting into both those songs and going hard.

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1. Love Scene (Ooh Baby) from Janet Jackson's All for You album -with male verson of the lyrics -Beyond a pantydroppa. Orgasmatic with Trey on it.
2. I'm What You Need - Chantee Moore on Love Supreme album - Remake with male
version of Lyrics. If he could make this believable it would be sexy as Hell.
3. Regret by LeToya -- (a cover lyrics slightly changed for male) - To a Sorrowful Woman
4. Beauty Queen by Next (Remake) - To another Sorrowful Woman
5. Skin by Rihanna (a cover male version of lyrics) - This has Trey written all over it. Even up to the Stare poster. I know he made a cover already. Later with Chris. Where it at Trey Sweety?????
6. When You Think of Me, Eric Benet (Remake) - To another Sorrowful Female
I don't know if his voice is good for these, but I could see him singing a version of these lyrics and the music is good on each song.

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If I could have Trey 1 song for me I would it to be something grown and I am. I would love to hear his version of Keith Washington's Tonite is Right..this song is is like oooh!.

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Chrissy, I love Charlie Wilson's song "You Are" about finding his Angel!

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I'm on an Isley Brothers kick so I'd say Drifting On A Memory and Between The Sheets.

& @Lady Luck That's my song "I Want To Be Your Man". I listen to that every night lol. That and Emotions.

Chrissy_On_Ice's picture

great selections ladies

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2 songs i would love for Trey to remake are Where i wanna be - donell Jones & pretty wings - Maxwell

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Old school Roger's "I want to be your man" with a Trey songz twist or Ready for the world's " love you down"

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@Bbunny952 So Amazing by Luther would be a wonderful love song for him to remake!

Chrissy_On_Ice's picture

@Bbunny952 nice selections girlie

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There have been some great songs listed; s/o 2 bbunny for her in depth selections. What about a remake of 911 r two wrongs both by wyclef w/a female duet.

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Class with Troy Taylor? Oh no. It's "Old School w/ Bunny" time. Pull up a seat...

*drum roll please*

I present to you Five Songs I'd Like to Hear Trey Remake.
I'd love to see the updated spin Trey & Troy could put on some of these awesome slow jams. :D

5. "Are You Still in Love with Me?" -Keith Washington

4. "You Put a Move On My Heart" - Tamia (probably in a lower key & octave)

3. "Never Keeping Secrets" - Babyface

2. "So Amazing" - Luther Vandross

1. "What We Do Here" - Brian McKnight

Of the list, I think the only one that is "Trey's Style" is the Brian song, but I think the challenge of him tackling the rest would be awesome.

Class dismissed.

-Kay @BBunny952

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Good Man-R.L.

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nice comments ladies keep em comin I love them

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I would love for him to remake Montell Jordan's "Whats On Tonight"! I love that song!

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Ready or not by after 7 i would love to hear trey ssing that song..

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I would absolutely love it if he remade the song Stairway to Heaven by the Ojays....i LOVED when he performed it on the BET awards 2009


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