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    August 16, 2011

    so i hear treys 5th album is going to be called chapter 5 i like it what yall think ?

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on Aug 16, 2011 - 08:46PM

so i hear treys 5th album is going to be called chapter 5 i like it what yall think ?

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I think Phaze 5 woulda been great had it not been similar to the name of an old school guy group. I thought it should have been Chapter 5: The Evolution of Tremaine because clearly all of his albums have been a story about his journey's and experiences if you listen to them, this one is going to be different. He said that he has no plan for when it will release because he wants to take his time with it, be different, and have more fun with it but that this one will definitely be cutting edge and that he is feeling very creative and out side of the box at the moment. I truly believe that we will see the real side of Tremaine in this one. Not Trey Songz. This is where the MAN steps out from behind the mask as most artists do at some point in their careers and gives it to us raw and the way it is on some grown man issssh. I am on pins and needles waiting to see what to expect from Tremaine but whetever it is i know it will be the bomb diggy dot com!

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It's different. I hope that he plays on his titles in his interludes. I just can't wait to see the album cover and hear it!

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I just think that it is a new chapter in Trey's life, like a step further in his career. Something new, something we wouldn't expect....Just one thing to say I cannot wait for the album to come out!

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I have loved each of Trey's titles so far, each one has a meaning to the time of Trey's career clearly. I do believe that this one has a meaning to it, we just have to wait until Trey speaks more towards it and lets us know but I really love the title :)..

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i just know that i can't WAIT for it to come out!!!!!
i can't wait to see what it's like

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yeah me 2

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its cool.. I would buy it regards..

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thats gud too sis

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IF it's called Chapter 5 then I like it. My suggestion on one of the previous discussions was Phaze 5 but I guess we'll have to wait and see.