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I want to follow more Angels


  • I want to follow more Angels
    September 11, 2011

    I want to follow more Angels on twitter, so please leave your name so I can.

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on Sep 11, 2011 - 12:30PM

I want to follow more Angels on twitter, so please leave your name so I can.

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@paigejhannel And I follow back. :)

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I'm following you guys

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Follow me @swaggaphreshduh i'll follow back :)

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Follow me @TreySongz_Owns

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Thanks everybody..Iam following you all now & it was a couple of yall I was already following..but thanks anyway.(=

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@Mocha_BabyRN tweet me so i CAN FOLLOW BACK!

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@yupmrstreysongz mention me so i can follow back

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I'm a new member to the angels so you can follow me :) @_Computer_Nerd

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new member :) follow me @u_should_stfu

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@TreySongzAngel5 Follow me!!!

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@DatCreoleAngel follow me and message me/mention me so i can follow u bac

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follow me @babygurlsongz28 ill follow back

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If you want to follow more Angels follow my @OfficialAngelNN page and its a great way to meet other Angels and get your follow on!!!!!! Make sure you tweet us so we an follow back

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not sure if we following each other but my twitter is @TREYedUP

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@ms.yuup, we're already following each other!(='s picture

@justme2905 mention me so I can follow u back.