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Fan talk

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The Taste [OF CHICAGO] Tragedy 5
If you &trey songz were on adate where wuld yall go?2:Wat song of Treys wuld u want him 2 sing 4 ya? 4
New To The site 0 n/a
from 0 n/a
if u could fuck trey where would u do it 10
If Trey Songz came n knocked on yur door wat wld yu do :-) 4
Is it londen and trey or helen and trey? 0 n/a
If you had a baby by trey what would you name it and what would it be? 9
Kiss 2
What comes to your mind when you hear Trey singing his heart out on a track? 25
if trey songz was layin in ya bed wat would you do???? 5
Have Ya'll Ever Had a Dream About Trey 10
What woul you do 1
For people That's Looking For Fanfiction stories about Trey Songz. 0 n/a
Trey Songz Sept. 4th date in DC 0 n/a
Anyone planning to go to concert 9*5*2010 in CT 0 n/a
How many ladies stepped their game up after hearing "SUCCESSFUL" BY TREY? 0 n/a
Did u watch the sneek peak of Trey Songz: My Moment last night? What are your thoughts? 1
what do you like about trey ??? 1
Do you think Trey would rather date a woman that's famous or one that's ordinary and hardworking? 1
trey songz my moment 0 n/a
Honest... What did you think of Trey's performance last night at the BET Awards 2010? 3
If you can spend a whole week with Tery what would you do? 7
Whats One Thing You Wanna Know About Trey? 5



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