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    Happy birthday Tremaine hope you have a good day and a good week... Started by janee'sherrelle


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    Winners for Trey Bday bash! (LA, CA Angels) Started by Angel Lov3

    has anyone been notified about their winning?

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    happy Birthday Trey Started by all about trey songz

    just like sa happy Birthday Trey Songz
    hope you have good day from scotland angel


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    If you can't attend Trey's concert 11/25/12! Now you... Started by Angel Lov3

    hey angels in case you didn't get the memo we including Trey is celebrating Angels with Hearts foundation all month long. And THIS Sunday Nov. 25, 2012 he will be in a concert out here in Los Angeles, CA. I know I know your in Canada, japan, Baltimore, New York? No Worries he will be streaming it LIVE that's right LIVE for $1.99. 2 bucks? YES 2 dollars!!!! How exciting is that? So now no worries you can attend from the comfort of your own home! AWESOME! So tune in @ get your tickets NOW! :) Enjoy Angels!

    Muah XoXo.

    follow me on twitter @HiixxNina (I will follow you back)

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    Can anyone tell me how these meet and greets work Started by LushAngel

    Hi I am going to the December 15th concert in VA beach. My first Trey concert and my first ever meet and greet. My friend was booking a limo for me for the concert since I am coming from VA beach to Hampton. He got it pu drop off 7:30 left it about 12:00 pu to return home. Question is when and where is the meet and greet usually. As I was reading over the posts Some where suggesting that It may be at a hotel or some alternate place? I was under the impression it was at the colessium itself after the concert.

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    Gotta sell my ticket to the concert :( Started by DianaD618

    Hello everyone..unfortunately, I wont be able to attend the concert on December 9 here in St.Louis.I was SO looking forward to going!!But some things came up so i wont be able to make it.If anyone is looking to buy a ticket (one ticket in the 2nd row of the pit),reply to this post please or email me at!

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    For now on I will be on here daily so I won't miss out on... Started by Jamila Washington

    I so wanted to go to the birthday bash but I didn't find out until today. What a bummer :-( Wish an email was sent out regarding it.

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    What was the first song that made you fall in love, become a... Started by JAZZY ANGEL

    For me it was after I listened to Gotta Go. The vocals and music arrangement, and idea behind the song did it for me. I do have my own idea as to how Trey, Troy, and Marvin came up with the song. The way Trey sung the song and the way he talked about no baby leave them on so he could take them off when he get's back. That had me. The smoothness in his voice. From there I was hooked. I knew Trey could free-style yet I was more into his vocals. Trey has grown each year and done nothing but get better with his vocals. He is one performer you must see live.

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    Soooo the meet and greet is Before the Concert?? I sho thought... Started by kirbyjones01 Category: Trey's Angels Replies: 1 Last Reply: 1 year 9 months ago
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    TONIGHT ANGELSSS! LA, CA Started by Angel Lov3

    it goes down, over the top excited! are you ready, see you guys for an early dinner before ! xoxo

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    Selling my tickets Started by Shenny30

    Hey I'm sellin my tix for dec 5 th show bc my girlfriend also purchased tix so now we hve 4 tix section 200 row r u can check the seating I hve the receipt still attached with the envelope email is

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    Trey Concert in Chicago on Dec.1 Started by Mona

    Does anyone know when the ticket are goin on presale or on sale for the chicago concert? Im tryin to get the tickets as soon as they go up. It will be my first time seein Trey in concert so I want to make sure I get good tickets.

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    Chapter V tour - First Stop ATL...How was your experience? Started by Hollywood Barbie

    I was at this concert as a contest winner and I must say the Meet and Greet was not as it cracked up to be. I was left with an unsatisfying feeling. I love Trey Songz and I support what he does, but the record label was unorganized for how they treated the contest winners (for the meet/greet). I am a Trey's Angels and have been for the past two years, if it wasn't for the movement that he stands for I don't know if I would have continued. Based off of my experience last night as a normal fan I don't know if I would have wanted to even stay for the concert.

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    Amazing! Started by Desiree

    Thank you Trey for making my first concert experience amazing! I love you even though you didn't notice me ;)

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    Kansas City M&G partner NEEDED Started by Rosa

    Hey Angels,

    I want to do M&G for Kansas City concert on November 30th. But i am looking for a partner since i cant buy single ticket. Is there anyone interesting??


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