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    2014 Pas cher online soldes!! Started by WilliamFar

    ns r茅ponse la sales message supposrr que affectueux. Pourtant j'aurais aim茅 vous grim additionally toi combien j'avais 茅l茅heureuse de contempler votre beloved visage commendable el triste : jamais je n'oublierai la magnifique alors si profond consideration ! A new massachusetts Clochette aim茅e united nations extensive <a href=>acheter nike free run pas cher</a> ainsi que tendre baiser avec nufactured bons merci 脿 toutes 2 pour vos voeux si doux. NHIDE

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    Stella. Avec quelle ferveur R. l卯. the pri茅 add l'茅toile des mers the Nineteen.

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    R锚veuse. Bonjour, ch茅rie! Revolting, venez habiller avec types

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    What attracts you to Trey the most ? Started by CEREbby

    Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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    2014 Pas cher online soldes!! Started by RolandPync Category: Fan talk Replies: 0
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    2014 Pas cher online sac longchamp paris & sac longchamp... Started by RolandPync

    s le samedi 23 juin 2012 (car le train de nuit ne circule pas le vendredi soir) dans l'espoir de profiter de leur couchette jusqu'en gare de <a href=>grand sac longchamp</a> Luchon et de passer une <a href=>sac pliable longchamp</a> bonne nuit avant de commencer une randonn茅e en montagne de dix jours sur le GR10 qui traverse les Pyr茅n茅es d'Est en Ouest.

    Premi猫re (mauvaise) surprise 脿 leur arriv茅e en gare: le train qu'ils devaient prendre est supprim茅 et la SNCF leur propose d'embarquer une heure plus tard dans un train pour Toulouse. La fin du trajet s'effectuant 脿 bord d'un TER. Retard probable 脿 Luchon: 1 heure.

    La cohue qui pr茅side 脿 l'attribution des couchettes dans ce second train ne d茅courage pas nos voyageurs <a href=>sacs toile longchamp</a> qui estiment, 脿 juste raison, qu'ils <a href=>longchamp pliage</a> ne vont pas s'茅nerver alors qu'une semaine de vacances s'ouvre devant eux.

    Fort de son bon droit, le voyageur doit faire preuve d'une grande obstination s'il veut obtenir simplement que la SNCF tienne les engagements qu'elle a pris en cas d'un retard qui lui est imputable. Volont茅 d茅lib茅r茅e de d茅courager les demandes de remboursements?

    Les choses commencent 脿 se g芒ter s茅rieusement lorsque la motrice tombe en panne au milieu de la nuit et au milieu de nulle part et qu'ils s'aper莽oivent qu'脿 l'heure o霉 ils auraient d没 锚tre en gare de Toulouse, le train est toujours bloqu茅 en gare de Brive la Gaillarde. Estimation du retard脿 Luchon : 3 heures. Mais la SNCF va mettre tout en uvre pour vous conduire en gare de Luchon dans les meilleurs d茅lais, nous assure le contr么leur. Estimation de temps d'arriv茅e (ETA comme disent les navigateurs) midi. Avec un premier TER en gare de Toulouse puis un bus pour terminer le trajet. Pour nous faire patienter, une bo卯te contenant un vrai petit d茅jeuner nous est remise vers 9h30.

    Le contr么leur assure <a href=>sac toile longchamps</a> les voyageurs que la garantie Ponctualit茅 fonctionnera et qu'ils vont pouvoir en b茅n茅ficier, m锚me s'il ne peut leur remettre les enveloppes destin茅es 脿 cet effet. Vous n'aurez qu'脿 demander un formulaire 脿 votre gare d'arriv茅e, nous conseille t il. Ce

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    2014 Pas cher online soldes!! Started by RolandPync

    istmas appears to have arrived early this year on Wall Street. When exploring reasons why stocks have already been melting higher just about every day since early August, it really is starting out look similar to stimulus. All things considered, it certainly <a href=>nike free femme soldes</a> hasn't been fundamentals driving the rally, because the global growth outlook will continue to deteriorate and also the risks remain as widespread as always. Fed (the Fed) and the European Central Bank (ECB) stand prepared to inject a whole new round of balance sheet expanding monetary stimulus into the system. Then when Bernanke and Draghi open their sacks bearing monetary gifts, the upside potential for stock market trading is seemingly boundless. But stocks glistening once more, a glaring risk still remains it does not appear like stimulus most somewhere else you decide to go.

    click to enlarge images

    Stocks have enjoyed a resounding August to date. The month began with much fanfare, as all eyes were on Chairman Mario Draghi with the latest ECB monetary policy meeting on August 2. For only every week earlier, Mr. Draghi had promised to accomplish "whatever it takes" to save lots of the euro currency. Such extremely strong words sparked investor expectations that game changing policy actions could be announced on August 2. But although Draghi finished up delivering nothing aside from more promises with out immediate action, stocks exploded for the upside anyway. Within the eleven trading days considering that the ECB meeting, stocks as measured by the S 500 Index (SPY) have melted higher almost the whole time. In the act, they have broken out across the upward sloping trading channel that is in position forever of June.

    It appears that Draghi might have achieved the ECB's own version of Jackson Hole a couple weeks ago. Although no new balance sheet expanding monetary stimulus was really announced, the mere promise who's would likely be out soon has been enough cooking the stock exchange right into a fresh stimulus delight. This indicates the anticipation might be just as good or else superior to the certainty.

    A good look with the daily trading activity in the stock exchange because the latest ECB is manifestation of typical stimulus euphoria. Over the past eleven trading days, it's got proven simply impossible for stocks to go down in almost any sustainable way. On six consecutive days throughout the last two weeks, the stock exchange made an attempt at correcting solidly lower. In four instances, the market industry ended the day higher. Even though it ended down inside the remaining two trading days, the losses were minimal and the market closed well off of their lows.

    Where are we seen such relentlessly positive market behavior before? The very last two times either the Fed or even the ECB involved in balance sheet expanding monetary stimulus.

    In December 2011, the ECB initiated its Long lasting Refinancing Operation, which sent stocks soaring all through the program from the end of February 2012.

    Plus the initial Jackson Hole speech back in late August 2010, the mere promise that what turned into QE2 would soon be on its way ignited a practically uninterrupted stock rally into 2012.

    So in the recent market reaction, it seems that the most recent bundle of policy gifts from the Fed along with the ECB happen to be loaded up on the sleigh and prepared for delivery. Along with this in mind, perhaps now is the time to shift portfolios heavily into stocks. Not too fast.

    Perhaps not unlike a young child which comes you may anticipate an abundance of gifts beneath the tree depending on past Christmas bounties, the stock market this is certainly familiar with past policy largesse may be setting itself up for potential disappointment these times.

    Above all, some key confirmation signals more balance sheet expanding monetary stimulus remain notably absent. Leading of these include the performance of gold (GLD), silver (SLV) and copper (JJC). When it comes to gold, it's got demonstrated itself to perform on par with stocks during such monetary stimulus programs. As for silver, they have outperformed during these periods up to 2 to 4 times the return generated by stocks. And copper consistently posted returns which are around twice the returns of stocks during past stimulus phases. Thus, it might be reasonable to anticipate gold, silver and copper to any or all be rallying strongly in addition to stocks pending another round of stimulus. But such isn't case today.

    To spotlight this aspect, <a href=>avis site nike free run pas cher</a> it really is worthwhile to match on the late August 2010 episode in the event the market last boldly anticipated monetary policy action versus today's similar front running.

    Listed here are the charts for gold, silver and copper following Bernanke's Jackson Hole speech over the same time period shown for stocks above. The values per also explode higher.

    All these categories is communicating a decidedly different story today. While gold has edged higher because the recent ECB meeting, the development has been modest at best. As for the stellar stimulus performer in silver, it has hardly even budged to this point. And also the same could be said for copper, that's still trading beneath the levels prior to Draghi spoke on August 2.

    These conflicting signals imply one of two potential outcomes.

    Under the first outcome, stocks own it right on the prospects for further balance sheet expanding monetary stimulus inside the coming months, while gold, silver and copper have the ability to it wrong. If it is the situation, it implies now is the time to get long many of these categories having a tilt toward the metals that have been up to now blind to the stimulus that may soon be heading.

    Underneath the second outcome, stocks contain it wrong by vastly overestimating the monetary stimulus if any which is delivered by central banks in the coming months, while gold, silver and copper have the ability to it right. In this situation, it would again suggest emphasizing the metals over stocks since aforementioned could eventually endure a clear, crisp correction once the realization takes hold how the stimulus stocks were so anticipating won't be arriving sooner.

    In fact, the actual final outcome will probably fall somewhere in between. <a href=>nike free tr pas cher</a> Around the Fed, so long as economic data remains mixed and the stock exchange will continue to float higher, they are planning to stick to the sidelines without having further stimulus with the remainder of the entire year. After all, if you're able to keep fooling the stock market higher with words, then you've got no requirement to actually make any move. When it comes to ECB, these are much more more likely to introduce some kind of balance sheet expanding stimulus enter in the arrival months. While the ECB also dumbfoundingly seems endlessly able to fool the marketplace with words, Europe has major conditions that actually require immediate attention through policy action. And Europe has done during the entire economic crisis, it would not be surprising in the event the final product through the ECB eventually ends up not simply confusing the market industry and also falling woefully short with regards to magnitude and amount of what investors was expecting.

    Due to the uncertainty linked to what action monetary policy makers ultimately choose to eat the end, it remains worthwhile to maintain a hedged approach. An allocation to stocks has merit because of the potential that full scale balance sheet expanding monetary policy may yet be implemented from the coming months. But such allocations needs to be locked in proportion to asset classes in an overall portfolio strategy. Moreover, an emphasis on high quality reducing volatility stocks which may have yet to join from the August rally has merit from a risk control perspective. Representative positions add the S 500 Low Volatility ETF (SPLV), McDonald's (MCD), Nike (NKE) and Occidental Petroleum (OXY). High Yield Bonds (HYG) can also have merit under this.

    Instead, a selected focus on those categories who have yet to participate in different stimulus driven advance provides even greater upside opportunity than stocks at present. For example gold and silver coins through the Central Gold Trust (GTU) and Central Fund of Canada (CEF). When it comes to application, the job during these two funds could be blended to own desired percentage allocation to both metals. Regarding copper, Freeport McMoRan (FCX) is constantly present an investment opportunity having a high correlation to copper prices.

    Lastly, it is very important observe that underlying global economic fundamentals remain poor as well as the outlook fraught with challenges. Thus, trading stocks has little to compliment it at current levels if expectations for even more monetary stimulus prove unfounded. Consequently, maintaining allocations to more defensive asset classes that will move higher in spite of monetary policy action remains worthwhile. TIPS (TIP), Build America Bonds (BAB) and National Municipal Bonds (MUB). Treasuries (TLT) always give a favorable negatively correlated hedge against the currency markets. That is evidenced by the fact that because the SPY approaches overbought levels, the TLT recently entered oversold territory.

    No matter whether Bernanke and Draghi plan to pile much more monetary stimulus under the market tree or wind up leaving it bare, the opportunity will continue to exist to both protect and capitalize on either outcome. Such prudence is the foremost gift of for the portfolio in the present environment.

    This text is for information purposes only. You will find risks involved with investing including loss in principal. Gerring Wealth Management (GWM) will not make any explicit or implicit guarantee regarding performance or perhaps the results of any investment or projections created by GWM. There is no ensure that the goals with the strategies discussed by GWM will likely be met.

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    Story - Passion Pain & Pleasure Trey & Shanell Saga... Started by BestSellerAngel

    Passion Pain & Pleasure

    “OH MY GOD! HOW DID I GET THIS BLOOD ON ME?” I screamed. Trey held me.

    “Baby are you okay?”

    “I don’t know. What’s going on Trey? Am I bleeding? Have I been shot?”

    “No baby you’re gonna be fine. Now listen to me I want you to go to the house.” I see him laying there.

    “Is he dead Trey? Is he…” Trey tried to calm me.

    “Baby just listen and do what I said and go to the house.”

    “No Trey! I’m not leaving you alone to deal with this.”

    “Shanell I’m not asking you baby now go.”

    “Oh my God! He’s dead isn’t he?” I was hysterical, an emotional wreck.

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    What would be the first thing you'd say or do if you met... Started by shantelcox13 Category: Fan talk Replies: 1 Last Reply: 2 weeks 3 days ago
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    not wat they seem!!!!! Started by dace

    so ladies, i knw we all have our perception of how we think a specific celebrity that we like would behave in our jus keep in minds that its jus in our heads. u knw wats funny tho, is when we meet those celebrities in person and most of the time they r not always wat we except n if they r whose to tell that, that's how they really r or maybe their just a gud show fa the camera. im sure if u were 2 meet them in other circumstances it wud be different. wats ur thoughts on this peeps?

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    93.7 Show in Houston Started by Ebony_Aisha

    ...are there any Angels in the Houston area going to the concert on June 20???

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    trey songz Started by mernashafoxo

    i love you so muchh!

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    TREY COME TO NEW YORK CITY Started by Laurel :)


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    You Started by talashiap123

    Trey you are so fine me and my mom think you are the best

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    meet and greet Started by atrevarichie

    Hello Tremaine,

    I have been a fan of yours since the beginning and I would like to know how a simple ordinary Cali woman can get a chance to meet with you??

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    when did you join trey's journey xx Started by TreyTrigga <3

    i am interested to know when you girls and guys! joined trey on his amazing journey x

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    Jazz in the Gardens Started by Hollywood Barbie

    This past weekend another Angel and I went to see Trey perform at Jazz in the Gardens and he killed the stage. The best performance for the night. Now I'm not just saying that because I am a fan as well as an angel, but he owned the night. So many of my family and friends know I love him I received so many calls and text the next day about his performance. I hope my hometown and city of Miami Gardens consider bringing him back for next year's concert. To top it all off I won another meet and greet with him. The first meet and greet I wasn't too happy, but I will say this one was better.

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