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    Chapter 5.... isss dope (: Started by latinaa_94

    All i have to say is that i'm so in-love with this album. It's so real and deep... trey officially killed it (like always.)
    Simply Amazing, Almost loose it, Dont You Be Scared, & Hail Mary... and everything else. Damn i swear they all so dope!

    Who else agree?? Which song you guys feelin the most ?? <3

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    Story - Passion Pain & Pleasure Trey & Shanell Saga... Started by BestSellerAngel

    Passion Pain & Pleasure

    “OH MY GOD! HOW DID I GET THIS BLOOD ON ME?” I screamed. Trey held me.

    “Baby are you okay?”

    “I don’t know. What’s going on Trey? Am I bleeding? Have I been shot?”

    “No baby you’re gonna be fine. Now listen to me I want you to go to the house.” I see him laying there.

    “Is he dead Trey? Is he…” Trey tried to calm me.

    “Baby just listen and do what I said and go to the house.”

    “No Trey! I’m not leaving you alone to deal with this.”

    “Shanell I’m not asking you baby now go.”

    “Oh my God! He’s dead isn’t he?” I was hysterical, an emotional wreck.

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    The Stalker Diaries 2 Started by Essence711

    More of Trey and Essence, hope you like it!

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    What would be the first thing you'd say or do if you met... Started by shantelcox13 Category: Fan talk Replies: 1 Last Reply: 4 days 11 hours ago
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    Purchasing stilts in the Amazon . com Started by LynetteFef

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    What attracts you to Trey the most ? Started by CEREbby

    Well for me, I love his LOOKS, but it`s the music that`s won me over. A lot of people can look good but not many can sing the way Trey does. He sings from his heart & you can tell he puts his all into singing. All of his music is great, literally. You can`t find too many artist like that today. I also LOVE his lips lmao! :]

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    treys angels vip club Started by missbrooklyn12

    i have been trying since feb 1 to sign up for the treys angels vip club. is not working. there is no way to select what membership you want,there is no way to enter your credit/debit card number to pay for membership. when is the website going to be fixed? i want to support trey and be a treys angel,but i cant since the site is not working. i would appreciate any help with becoming a treys angel.

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    3 Month Payday Loans Started by joy22thomas

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    We Want to Hear from You! Started by Atlantic Records

    In an effort to give the community a single place to voice feedback, opinions, ideas, and requests on anything from site support issues to suggestions on Trey Songz merchandise and anything in between, we've created a new "Feedback and Suggestions" category. We will be checking this section regularly and look forward to hearing from you.

    ATTN ANGELS: If you have questions about your Trey's Angels membership, welcome package or fan club events/ticketing you should reach out to Be sure to include the name and email associated with your membership.

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    gamma blue 11s Started by flakyKali

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    New Album Started by Model_Dame

    The new single.

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    Find Reputed Packers and Movers in Delhi Started by deeksha11047

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