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    November 12, 2012

    Is in like two weeks! I don't know what to wear!!!! any ideas ladies? help!

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on Nov 12, 2012 - 12:10AM

Is in like two weeks! I don't know what to wear!!!! any ideas ladies? help!

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I'm going to the NYC show I plan on wearing some cute nice fitting jeans.. Nice sexy shirt.. Cute wedge sneaker shoe boots..lots of accessories.. Hair and make up flawless... The perfect all Purpose outfit... Lol

Natassaja10's picture

That sounds really cute love. Take lots of pics, I wanna see!!!

kmab91's picture

Nice! He's gonna love it! Have fun at the show. Take lots of pictures.

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I think we're all having this problem. It'll be cold when I go see him. I really want to wear some Jays, but I want to be sexy also. I think I'll be in something similar to what KMAB91 is wearing. I'm sure what ever you decide to wear, it'll be cute!

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Aww, same to you girl! What show you going too?

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The Birmingham, AL show. I can't believe that tickets aren't on sale yet. Have u met him in person yet?

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I'm having the same problem!! Nothing ever seems good enough to wear to meet him lol. I had the same problem the first time. lol I was thinking dress too

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I know right,even tho It's going to be freezing I'm pretty sure the dress is my outfit for the night. Lol are you going to the show by yourself?

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I am going through the same thing angels !!!! i only have a few days left the tour kicks off in my home town !!!! ATLANTA !!!!

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I'm having the same dellimma. I want to wear my angle t shirt so Trey can see that I'm an angel but then I wanna be sexy and u can't really be sexy in a t shirt lol