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Disrespecting women


  • Disrespecting women
    December 05, 2011

    I'm wondering how most women feel when there are songs calling women the b or h name? I try not to be offended by it because I don't feel like I am either one of those. Women had to fight for so much in this country to get to where we are today. So many women around the world aren't so lucky to have it this good. I never thought Trey used those words to descibe women until I heard his mixtapes and not this new single. I would just like to know what other women think about this topic. Thanks!

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on Dec 5, 2011 - 12:02AM

I'm wondering how most women feel when there are songs calling women the b or h name? I try not to be offended by it because I don't feel like I am either one of those. Women had to fight for so much in this country to get to where we are today. So many women around the world aren't so lucky to have it this good. I never thought Trey used those words to descibe women until I heard his mixtapes and not this new single. I would just like to know what other women think about this topic. Thanks!

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*stand and be a person of

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Personally, when you have the privilege to make a mixtape and showcase your artistry, this is your chance to show the real you and not who the record company has marketed you to be. This is your chance to show the world who you want them to see. That being said, I am disappointed and disgusted that Trey Songz would not use his mixtapes to truly write from the heart and write and produce something of SUBSTANCE that people could look back on for years to come. I am sooo tired of the same 'ol same 'ol. Can somebody say something positive before their awards acceptance speech? Like maybe on the RECORD?! Can somebody not think because they do a few good deeds that they're ok, but actually be a person of character? Can somebody stand a person of moral code in the face of opposition and at the risk of losing money? When is who we are gonna be more important than what we want to attain?

I'm tired of people requesting clean versions of a song. Can you just not make it in the first place? Use your music to do some good for the kids in the hood. Use your music to uplift young girls without a father or a true representation of a man instead of telling them that they have to give you head and snort coke off your navel--I mean, really?!! Come on, now! Can someone actually write and produce a song about something they have experienced? Creativity is cool, but not at the expense of character. Be an individual. No one who ever made a mark on His-story (for those who understand; note the capital H) did it by being a carbon copy of someone else. They did by staying true to who they were created to Be. I know who I am, and that is why I don't worship any man. Trey, you still have a way to go, but all hope is not lost. You can truly do something great, but first you have to know who you really are :)

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It does not offend me at all because I know that I am none of those names. Its sad to say but the women who Trey and any other artist refer to by that name act as such. No man can call me by that name because I do not carry myslef in that manner. And as someone stated previously it has becaome a part of the hip hop culture.

And I feel like me or any other woman should not be offended, if they are none of those names. And I personally dont worry about what Tremaine or any other artist refers to other women as, just so long as it isnt me, his mumma, or daughter (if he ever has any) or any female family member! And if any man feels like all women are b*tches n h*es then he has no place in my life and is very irrelevent.

The women that Trey and other male artist deal with rarley have respect for themselves and will go to any length just to say I slept with so n so! Like nothin else in their life matters except how many artist theyve slept with and what they were able to get out of the deal.These women will stoop to any level and I do mean any level to get with these guys.

Tremaine isnt talkin about me in any of those songs. And yes women have fought and come a long way to get respect from men, but a lot of women really dont care about that. Just remember that u are none of those words and that Trey is not talking about you but the women that throw themselves at him!

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I felt a little uneasy too hearing Trey so easily refer to women as b*tches and hoes, and I was somewhat surprised by the sex sounds and the racy sexual imagery. My take is Trey could make “cleaner” versions of explicit Singles---especially for younger fans and concerned parents and for adults that like Hip Hop but are more comfortable with less explicitness. This would also be good for award shows. Trey said that when he performs live on BET, he will clean it up.

Trey is one of our most beloved under 30 R&B artists and I hope the impact of the explicitness does not tarnish his image. To me he is a bad boy, but he is also sweet and attentive and loving towards woman. He has his moments though where he likes to express himself with choice language. He is also very sexual but most of us are not complaining. As previously stated, the explicit language, dialogue and sexual imagery is true to the Hip Hop genre and Trey has a Hip Hop and R&B fan base. His hip hop persona is Trigga.

I think Trey was flexing his wings, having fun and creating freely without inhibition, and I think feeling free must be exhilarating and probably helps him to create and be stronger lyrically. Overall, the music is very good including lyrics, beats and arrangements. I think he outdid himself on a lot of it. Also, a redeeming factor is that the EP, Inevitable, is raising money for a good cause—the work and charity of Angels With Heart.

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@mekaloves86 Exactly! It isn’t all women, but sometimes for some men it’s hard to separate a woman that carries herself well and one that doesn’t. Although some of the roughest brothers know a respectable woman when they see one. It doesn’t help that many women refer to themselves as bitches and hoes either. I know we are in a do you type of world now but I think more young ladies need positive examples of how a lady should carry herself.

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@JIMS you are so right some women just allow it but what are we as woman doing to change that you just have alot of women out there giving men reasons to call them that but its not all women.

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It may feel like a step backwards but we can play a role in changing that.

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Women have come so far and I feel like this is taking a step backward.

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It kinda bother me too hearing Trey describe women as bs and hoes because I never heard him use it this much in songs but you have to seperate the artist from the man
Trigga Trey when he rapping he another person and Trey Songz is the other if you listen to Anticipation he very sweet and sexy and never uses the words and Lemmholdatbeat hes a little hardcore like most rappers and uses the words alot and the man himself he's very respectful no matter the woman that's how I look at it I dont judge either way because I know it's the artist and not the man.

I grew up in a very small town where women were respected and I never been call either one but I think if a woman is then she still shouldnt be call bs or hoes she's a person too and should be treated with respect regardless I hate both words personally but its become apart of our culture and that's sad just my opinion great topic by the way :)

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It is sad that some men uses derogatory words to describe women. This is why we as women have to teach the next generation to do better.

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Thanks for your insight ladies:)

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I guess you're right about using the b word to describe other women sometimes. I know I have done it. It just seems worse coming from a man for some reason. It does seem to be in a lot of music and that makes me wonder why. I don't think women will ever be treated equal. It makes me sad.'s picture

I thought it was just me. I was kind of let down when I listen to the mix tapes. I don't think it is right. But that is what they do in Hip Hop music. I thought Trey would not took it there but he did. But I know what I am and what I am not. I am not a bitch nor ho. So I take it for what it is music and Trey is putting out music that he feels people want to hear. I am a grown woman but don't want my little girl listening to it. I have a people with young kids listening to that kind of music. Just my take on the whole thing.

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Well when I first heard Trey use offensive words to describe a woman I wasn’t surprised. He is just like a lot of men in his generation that use questionable words to express themselves. However I don’t want to past judgment on him or any other man because they use those words. It’s obvious that many men come across women that carry themselves like bitches and hoes and know Trey sees a lot more than the average man. I truly believe that Trey knows who to direct those words to. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t think every woman he comes across are bitches and hoes. Do I personally wish he could use other words to express himself yes but I have now control over what he does.

CutTiGurl609: I think we all have our moments when we can be a little bitchy. LOL

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I think we can do with out the name calling. Unfortunately its kinda become apart of the hip hop culture to use that language in songs. Also, from a personal point of view I have used both words referring to both women and men in conversations. It was my way at the time of expressing how I felt about whomever I was referring to, whether I thought the person was loose, mean, a punk or even in a joking manner to a friend. So just imagine if I, a regular person, had a microphone and an audience at those times. It'll be just like those rappers, rockers, comedians, and reality show stars.... regular people with a mic and an audience expressing themselves.

I do agree it can be very offensive especially towards people who doesn't use that kind of vocabulary but I generally don't get offended when hearing those names cause I know that those people don't even know me. But sometimes I do kinda feel disgusted wit people when they say things like "black bitches" or "them hoes be on Trey" cause I'm black and I love Trey but I'm not a bitch or a hoe..... well maybe sometimes lol

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and now this new single (What I Be On)