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[ - Do Trey Songz Got lauren London Pregnant )


  • [ - Do Trey Songz Got lauren London Pregnant )
    October 04, 2010

    i Dont even No juss Askinn Causee iKeep Hearinqqq it.

tremaine wifeyy's picture
on Oct 4, 2010 - 11:14PM

i Dont even No juss Askinn Causee iKeep Hearinqqq it.

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i know one thing im gonna be trully devestated..if its TRUE #thatisall :""""(

auritosweet's picture

it's funni i did research lol and i can't find anything lauren london said about the topic. one saya no the other says nuthin!

Missunderstood3's picture

i thouqht trey songz had a girlfriend??? i think its a rumor as well.

auritosweet's picture

i think it is just a rumor becus i read it off media take out and they always telling lies they take a pic of 2 people and turn it into a story. But who knows he probably did hit that though! Lol if he did Lauren is lucky! and if she is pregnant they baby should be cute.

JesusIsMySavior's picture


Yep that's basically what he said.

tremaine wifeyy's picture

thaaank .Yall . i Was Hopinn it Was NOt truee

Ibelikeyuppp's picture

I pray it's just a rumor.. I'm not ready for Trey to be a daddy, lol. Although, in this interview I was watching he said he can't wait to be a father.. but not right now (or something of that nature..)

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All I can say is WOW

comfystennisYUP's picture

lmao mediatakeout SMH! shame on them

JoyDaBest's picture

OMG!!!!!Noooo!....of course not!! and besides that would be bad for his carear at this point if he was in a situtation like that and had a baby,and had to stop working on his music!!

TheRealShareeAmor's picture

Girl NO!!! She Wishes!!! LMAO

laBELLEnicole's picture

She tweeted and said it was just a rumor...