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    January 23, 2011

    if trey songz has a girl friend would ya'll still be his dedicated fan are would ya'll feeling change?

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on Jan 23, 2011 - 04:25PM

if trey songz has a girl friend would ya'll still be his dedicated fan are would ya'll feeling change?

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Yep. I always have.'s picture

Ride or Die Angel til the end.Trey Songz or Tremaine either way he's gotta have a life also.

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uhhh... yea, duh. lol its silly if someone even has to ask that. like c'mon.

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I was dedicated fan because of his music/voice, so him being single or boo'ed up doesn't matter to me.

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ABSOLUTELY! I was a fan when he had a girlfriend back in 2005 when his career got off the ground! I respect Trey Songz as an artist, I respect Tremaine as a man! I hope he finds that woman that will love him for HIM (Tremaine) & not bc he's Trey Songz! He deserves NOTHING but the best! Much love!'s picture

I would still be a fan because I love Trey Songz music and what he stands for. Trey's personal life would not make me change the way I feel about him.

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@ohsoluhlee that is one of the realist thing i heard so far i like that

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Of course I would still be a dedicated fan. I don't just like him cause he's single. I liked him first for his music, and I'm always gonna like his music as long as it's good. I can't just stop liking him cause he gets a girlfriend. That's no reason to start liking some one's music. So as soon as he gets a girlfriend I'm suppose to throw away all my Trey stuff. I don't think so. I still liked Usher when he was with chilli, and when he got married (and divorced). And I'm gonna keep liking him. I'm be the same way with Trey no matter what happens.

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well he is single but he dont wanna up set his fans by saying he has a girl so hopefully he do stay single even thought i am for one love him single or married and i will forever be his biggest fan

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It's already a possibility that he does have a girlfriend yet I still love him and remain a dedicated fan.

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I would still be a dedicated fan as long as Trey is happy....I might be jealous & hope they break up & dnt stay together long...LOL!!!...But eventually I would get over it::))