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Finally an Angel


  • Finally an Angel
    December 15, 2012

    Yay! I finally signed up. How long does it take to receive the welcome package? lbvs

mwitherspoon87's picture
on Dec 15, 2012 - 10:22PM

Yay! I finally signed up. How long does it take to receive the welcome package? lbvs

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Worldclasssangel's picture

Welcome to the family if you have twitter my name is kiiabharlem :-)

blazinstar86's picture

Hello angel. Im Rachel. Dont have a twitter and i feel like i should lol. Great to meet u. :-)

raychelle_andrews's picture

Welcome to the family I just became and Angel my twitter is SigKapGirl19

DtownCougar's picture

welcome to the family sis!

mwitherspoon87's picture

Thank you ladies for the warm welcome :)
My twitter is @1derful_McAwsme

andrekaworley's picture

welcome angel!! it takes awhile for it to come i am still waiting on mines, bu i guess it will get here soon ! my twitter is @foreverlynlyn

dahotmonica's picture

Welcome angel!! Took me about six weeks to receive mine but it was definitely worth the wait when it finally came! My twitter is @Simplymonbon :)

princesstangles's picture

wellcome angel :0 my name is samantha and twitter @princesstangel

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