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    July 23, 2009

    What your fav. song on the genesis mixtape????

Ciera Songz's picture
on Jul 23, 2009 - 11:58PM

What your fav. song on the genesis mixtape????

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Aquagrrrl24's picture

*Best I've ever had
* My Love
* If It were Yesterday
* Dopest Chick

I know you said one favorite song but it was sooo hard to chose one.

MissJ_4's picture

If It Was Yesterday...thats my joint!!! lol

P.Renee's picture

My fav's "Girl I'm Gone" & "What Do You Want"

Teamsongz23's picture

Thats where it al started from. I must say coming from a guys point of view, you have to give this man his props. Grinding for a long time.

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Ciera Songz's picture

Lol, Dopest Chick, Ya Da Chick and You Da Best

Ariel @COOGIdown's picture

track number 6, 12, & 13. idk their names tho; i just listen to them in the car.