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    September 14, 2011

    This is for all the Angel on Google+ to post your names so we can add each other to our circles. 

    Mines is Amanda Sturges

    39's picture
on Sep 14, 2011 - 11:07AM

This is for all the Angel on Google+ to post your names so we can add each other to our circles. 

Mines is Amanda Sturges

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Ms Matara's picture

I have added a few of you ladies. But I am not finished.

Ms Matara's picture

Matara G

SexySagLuvSongz's picture

Tron Frazier

kikiunique088's picture

Khaliah Ford

Monae Gillespie's picture

Monae Gillespie

DaBaddestAngel's picture

My Google + is Lakenya Judkins

Ms_ChinaDollLes's picture


Narquita Steanhouse

5_StarShey's picture

Shevonne Worley's picture

Ashley Sweet add me!

Beautifulgirl92's picture

Lawhornsymone's picture

Symone Lawhorn add me ladies :)'s picture

TiaJ add me to your circles!

CoNel Cyber Angel's picture

Nicohya McAllister on Google+

nykasimone's picture

Selina Scott on Google +

Lilone786's picture

My google + is Erin Fleming

NELLZ's picture

my google+ is nelly cov

Ultimate_Beauty23's picture

My Google + Tammy Ingram

AriesChild's picture

My google + is Ariyanna S

yesenia's picture

Yesenia Bruton. Yall gotta help me out girls I'm new on that one

VirgoBrnEyez's picture

LaTonya Lang

TreyLatinAngel's picture

mine is Tanya Salgado's picture

My google + name -TrueHeart Angel :)

ladyt1980's picture

shannon harris

SplendidAngel's picture

Anscia Brown's picture

I'm listed as Va Angels

TreyDee's picture

Dehavite Desuze's picture

Mines is TiaJ idk know how to add people so would u all add me or tell me how lol but still add me to ur circles

mizzshay2010's picture

Shaunelia Sewell

TaleciaW's picture

Talecia Womack


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